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Found 20 results

  1. I have a Dewalt 733 surface planer that needs two rollers. I don't see any available. Wondering if there are any options for substitute or possibly a rebuild
  2. Well got to do some milling and glueing and clamping this morning! Some Canary wood for some end table for the daughter….now comes the fun part… the sanding lol
  3. About last Thanksgiving I noticed that the table that runs under my cutter head on my Dewalt 735 was loose. You could see that shavings had gotten under the table so I gently lifted the corner, blew the shavings out and added a bit of double back carpet tape under it. I ordered a new table (at $60) and figured it would arrive in a week at most. Well, today it arrived after multiple back orders so I pulled the old one off, scraped the old glue off and gently sanded the surface. After a bath of acetone, I read a brief article on reassembly and was ready to install the new one. When I unwrapped it I was shocked at the mirror finish it had. I wrapped and taped every thing in sight and sprayed two coats of DuPont 90 contact cement on both surfaces. The placement was a bit trickier than I expected because you have to feed it in from the end but I sneaked it in, lined it up and dropped it in place. I only got was shot at it but I was successful. After a quick coat of paste wax the planer is good for a few more years.
  4. Interesting votes https://www.protoolreviews.com/who-makes-the-best-tools/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=our_audience_tells_us_the_best_tool_brands_plus_more_news_and_reviews&utm_term=2022-12-11
  5. I bought this combo at a pawn shop. I thought I'd try the plunger out on the poker table. It's difficult to get in the router in the plunger base. Is his normal for his model?
  6. Hey guys…I know I have been kinda MIA but work has been stupid crazy. It has been fun seeing what everyone is doing. I will be upgrading my miter saw. I currently have a 10 inch. Is there a distinct advantage to move to a 12 inch? I have narrowed to the Bosch or Ridgid with articulating arms to save space. Have a great weekend
  7. I got two drills from an estate plus a saw , Dewalt 14.4, with six batteries and two chargers. One drill sparks so it is not worth any effort. One battery seems fine and one I would say a step below that. No others want to give a good spin to the drills. Looked at replacement costs and thinking NiMH but what I read said that using NiCad charger for those will cause battery failure. Question is has anyone tried this? By the way ain't no cheap batteries out there , but cheaper to buy new on Amazon than rebuilt.
  8. Just saw this. DeWalt recalling 1.4 million electric saws WWW.MSN.COM CHICAGO - The tool company DeWalt is recalling nearly 1.4 million electric miter saws. The company says the saw’s rear safety...
  9. Started it up and heard a loud knocking sound. Totally disassembled it. Found the cause. A loose nut. Tightened it and, reassembled it. Took about 6 hours, over 3 days. Those with more mechanical aptitude....and, the proper tools... coulda done it in far less time, I'm sure. But, it's all together, now. And, runs like a top. It came to me with several old, used blades. I put one in to just run it. Now to order a selection of flat and spiral blades. I'm anxious to start the long road to semi proficiency.
  10. OK, so today I listened to my wife and stopped at the new in my area Habitat for Humanity store. Well, I ended out getting a Rockwell 15 inch bench mount drill press (15 090) and a Dewalt 12 inch sliding miter saw. Here is where I am questioning my actions. The drill press runs fine with the exception of the quill return spring. The spring is missing. I did a quick check for one on the net and they want about $65. I'll check again and look for a used one. Other then that it works fine. Keep in mind that I already have 4 others and really don't need one. I only gave a quick look at the Dewalt and decided to buy it. When I got it home I noticed that the cord was not even present. Someone had cut it off right at the rear of the saw. What I originally saw was the rest of the cable as it snaked through the saw. So now I am questioning is it even works. I know it not a big deal to check I can just remove the existing wire and jump it. The saw was not sliding on the rails so I had to adjust and lube (OK, so not problem). I then noticed that the table was just flopping around so I disassembled the saw. What I found is the aluminum casting had been broken at the pivot point and no longer worked. So this requires some studying. I am thinking that I can do a decent repair by turning a piece out of aluminum or brass and make a press fit on one end and a running fit on the other. I will need to set both the table and base on the mill and bore the two pieces to ensure they are clean and perfectly round. I may be able to Lock Tite the upper table section to the new piece as it is pressed in. At least that is what I am thinking right now. I really don't want to spend any unnecessary money on this project. I guess the first thing is to make sure the motor works. This is another project that I really did not need. I already have 3 chop saws, but none are sliding. I have a radial arm, but it is hard to keep in alignment so I don't use this either. Its a good thing that I did not spend a lot of money, $50 total. I just did not need the additional work. I'll let you guys know how I make out. Paul
  11. I was just down at Lowes to buy some epoxy and they Have a Dewalt 12" dual bevel sliding compound miter saw on sale for $399.00 and get a free stand with it. Seems like a deal if one needs it.
  12. Looks like DeWalt and Porter-Cable (brands of Stanley Black&Decker) are starting to share some. No mention though of the motor / bearing / etc. differences inside, though, other than the variable speed on DeWalt https://atelierdubricoleur.wordpress.com/2019/05/22/tool-brands-compatibility-good-news-compatibilite-des-marques-doutils-bonne-nouvelle/
  13. If this thread needs to be relocated by the powers that be, no problemo. I seem to remember Gene having a post on replacing the stock knives, on a DeWalt 735 planer, with the Byrd Shelix/Helix head. I have a 735, it’s never been plugged in. My meager WWing talents are improving to the point where I am considering trying some projects that involve using a planer. My shop is in the basement of our townhouse. The noise from the SS DC, Jet air filter, and router/table saw/whatever tool I’m using has driven the Missus to have to retreat to the upstairs on occasion. From what I’ve read the only negative to the Byrd upgrade is paying for it, a small adjustment to the depth of cut gauge. So to the long winded point of my screed, there appears to be two heads for sale, one is slightly smaller in diameter so it can be installed without having to remove the cutters, the other head is standard size, but involves the removal, and installation of the 40 cutters. Thoughts on this by anyone? (Preferable with experience). Amazon sells the smaller one for $425, anyone aware of better price anywhere? I’m thinking of swallowing hard (bank account wise) and learn how to use a planer with the Byrd head, from the get go. I tried to find Gene’s thread, looked under his profile (Gene you have a creepy stalker named Artie LOL) and went back 35 pages, and couldn’t find the thread, so here I am. I appreciate any info, thoughts, advice and opinions. Another question (I have an infinite supply), I have read where if you have a glued seam do not put it through a planer if the knives will come in contact with the glue True/False? Is this also valid with a helix/Shelix head? These are the thoughts that stop me from sleeping some nights (I wish I was being funny, but it’s true) Thank you to all. Artie PS any other thoughts on planers that anyone wants to share with me are also sought/welcomed.
  14. Dear folks, I have been in a quandary lately, I have some extra funds for this year, and I would like to purchase a table saw. But I cannot decide which one I want, so I am coming to the membership to help me decide. You'll see a poll I created with the table saws I have in mind to purchase. Can you please participate in my poll, and vote for the brand you find most reliable in your experience. Thanks! This is a test topic for our new polling feature, please see tutorial at:
  15. I keep getting e-mails about free DeWALT (sic) tools, samples, or something. E-mails end up in my SPAM folder, right among the offers for girlfriends, or pictures thereof, from various parts of the world, Viagra pills from CanadanPharmcy (sic, again), insurance and tactical flashlight offers. If it seems too good to be true, it probably isn't. Or am I missing out on something?
  16. I bought it new in 1997 and used it off and on for the first 17 years but in the last 3 I have used it a lot, sometimes daily. It has always run fine but today I turned it on and it ran for 1/2 a second then quit. Here's what I know: 1) It is getting power, I even switched to different circuit altogether 2) I pulled the switch out to verify that it is good 3) The brushes, though original, are still 1/2" long and show no signs of chipping or abnormal wear 4) The wires on the brushes are intact and the springs have plenty of tension 5) The motor is easy to spins (took the side covers off to verify) 6) The 18 amp built-in breaker on the top of the motor is in the position it should be in 7) In shining a light onto the commutator I see no chips or bridged arcs between segments I don't really want to spend the money on a new planer and would rather get this one running again. I can order new brushes just to rule that out but again, the current ones look fine to me. Ideas? David
  17. Sunday afternoon and I'm planing off about 1/32 of an inch in two passes to a beautiful 8' piece of 10" wide Red Oak. Going to take two 1/64" slow speed passes on one side, turn it over and take two more passes on the other side. To my knowledge, the procedure is correct for this species and width of wood. This piece is going to make a "Table Top Nativity" set. First side come out beautiful Smooth with no defects. Time to do the other side. First pass goes as planned. OK - you KNOW what's coming next ! ! ! ! Second pass grinds to a stop and before I can get to the On/Off switch, the lights go out. Reset the breaker, take the board out of the planer and here is what I see: Hmmmmmm, not to so pretty good. That is one heck of a gouge out of the wood. Time to see what the planer looks like. Take the top off and get to the planer knives. Hmmm, the plastic cover is broken on the right side. Investigate a little deeper OHHHHH, crud - - - so NOT good. That is the stiffener sticking up in the air. The bolt on the end is in place and the second bolt has lost its head. I removed the rest of the bolts to see what else happened. A better look at the stiffener and knife. What hurts even more is that this planer is only 4 months old. Fortunately, we have a DeWalt repair center about 10 miles from my house so I will take it down there tomorrow. Warranty job???? IT BETTER BE. Will report more when I know more.
  18. I have had some time with my new DeWalt contractors saw now and I must say that it is super at about every thing so far. However there is a problem............me. The start switch is on the left and I am right handed and so was my old Sears saw. I keep going to the old switch that is no longer there Then there is that very innovative fence. I love the idea of how it works, but it takes me time to figure it out because I seldom need to make it expand. There is that old "me" factor again. I installed a new remote switch for my vacuum. It has two controls, one on my DeWalt saw and one on my Jet band saw. Now when I start either saw, I still reach for the old switch hanging from the ceiling that activated the vacuum. But now I just laugh at myself, because all the guys my age are doing the same type of things. AREN'T WE?
  19. I needed a new shop saw. I have limited space and it had to fold away, yet be a really good saw. I did my research and the chose the Dewalt. It had terrific reviews and I could not believe its versatility and accuracy. I will miss my on board router, that my old saw had, but it is worth it. The only down side on it so far was the assembly instructions. They could have done a better job. Check out this video.
  20. So I am in the market (finally) to start better outfitting my wood shop. Found a Facebook post of a guy I know selling pretty much everything he has. I got extremely excited and went to call him up. Then I realized that the post was almost two years old. Man I felt like an idiot. When I discovered my mistake I had already left him a voicemail. Long story short he called me back and as it turns out he had only sold the table saw. Well I've already got one. I scored on a Dewalt 735 planer and a porter cable 3 1/2 horse router. Picked them both up for $600. He threw in 2 brand new sets of knives for the planer as well. I thought I did good. Then he tells me since we're both public servants (him a police officer and me a firefighter) that he isn't advertising it anymore and if I wanted anything else just pick it and he would hold it for me. I'm going back when funds are replinished and snagging a 14" bandsaw, a jointer, and a mortising machine. Possibly his lathe as well. All are delta and he only wants $650 for the lot. I was on cloud 9 yesterday to say the least. Felt like I did good. What do y'all think?
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