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Found 20 results

  1. After seeing Lew's dust collection for his lathe I'm keen on adding it to my lathe. One problem I have is the distance from my lathe to my dust collector. It's 30' horizontal and 11' up from the dust collector to the rafters. You can see the lathe in the background. I've tried to come up with an idea to fit the lathe in the wagon circle of wood working machines but fail to find a way to make it fit. One possible location is where the press brake and shelves are which is not too far from the dust collector. I don't do as much metal working as I used to and with Revere Plastics closing down the local plant I might not do any more metal working... This is another view showing the present location of the lathe. Right now I have an octopus setup with the dust collector with slide gates for each machine. The shop has 12' ceilings so there's a pretty tall vertical before the 30' horizontal run, do you think I'll loose much vacuum over that run? Or should I relocate the lathe closer to the dust collector? JT
  2. On another site, chisels seem to be the rage...which ones to buy, how to sharpen....so...I thought I show (off?) my little selection.. Along the back edge of my bench,,,there is a rack for the users...Narex Mortise chisels, 2 sets of Aldi's...and a few others Went and emptied the rack of all the other chisels... Including the "Bigs" There is an OLD Harbor Freight just out of the picture on the right. Near the center of this mob, there is a triangular file someone else had made into a chisel....and 2nd from the left is a 12mm Mortise chisel from Okinawa, Japan. In the process of cleaning tools out of the tool well...found a few screwdrivers to put away, too.. Bear in mind, bench, counting tool well, is 16" wide.... I seem to have a thing for wood handled tools... Need to go and finish cleaning things out...
  3. https://blogs.va.gov/VAntage/95184/debt-management-center-what-you-need-to-know-about-vba-debts-and-debt-relief/
  4. Quite honestly, dust collect isn't something I thought much about when I first started woodworking. In fact, the Building Construction Trades shop in high school barely had any provisions for dust collection other than the floor and horizontal surfaces. For years my basement shop didn't have any, either. Then I used an old furnace squirrel cage fan in a little window to vent air to the outside. A little later I added a Craigslist Delta dust/chip collector system plumbed to the table saw and jointer and some of the other worst offenders. Then came the Wen ceiling mounted air circulator/dust collector. My lathe dust collection setup was woefully inadequate. My old Delta lathe was benchtop mounted which didn't help much in allowing flexibility for design. Last year, when I upgraded to the floor standing Jet lathe, I could do things a bit different. But, in my haste to get turning and some pressing projects, I decided to "make do". This "hillbilly" hack was quick and easy. Not Pretty or very efficient. I wanted to improve this. The clothes hanger wire didn't stay in place. The hose opening was't in a great location. As @steven newman is fond of saying- "we have ways...". My first priority was that I didn't want to drill any holes in the lathe for mounting. Secondly, the mounting location needed to be somewhat flexible but at the same time hold securely. Some sort of clamping arrangement was in order (disclaimer: I over engineer everything)- This is made from scrap white oak and designed so that when the bolts are tightened, it clamps the mount to the lathe frame View from the underside- Next, I'll need to figure out how to attach the hose and I 'm thinking about some sort of hood that will allow for efficiency yet not interfere with a variety of turning items. As Stephen says, Stay Tuned!
  5. Lew wrote about redesigning his lathe vac system. I was already tossing it around in my mind and wrote about a header, etc. Then it hit me, why go thru all that. I used thick cardboard and sheets of plastic. The thicker plastic came from the Dollar 3 for a dollar and are about 11" by 14". It cuts easily and can be taped to make larger sheets. I made alterations as I went. I installed my shop vac 2 and half inch hose in the lower left and formed the bendable plastic to fit. This prototype has worked really good so far. I also have in mind a divider made of the same plastic that can be moved to shorten or lengthen the coverage area for more effective pick up. I like it so well, I may just go ahead and use it as is. If not, a permanent set up will be much easier using what I have for plans. I used hot melt glue and clear packing tape to make it and things went fast. I altered as I went.
  6. I have a soft spot for awls, ice picks and pin vises. Seems I can't pass one up when I see it at a sale. It does have to be reasonably priced though. If the tip needs replaced in a pin vise I found auto brake spring links can be reworked for use as seen in the upper right corned. The end from a long stemmed spring will work too. Get the Dremmel out, cut it to length, chuck it in the drill and sharpen it on the belt sander. For the Exacto knives the sharp end of a big safety pin works well. I like to use it when trying to get the release paper off the double stick tape. I have one ice pick that is new old stock and has a protective cardboard tube still on it. Here is a couple pictures but there are more I didn't gather from the metal shop out back.
  7. My first one was really clumsy. it was mostly wood and nothing I did would hold up well. I used 3/8-16 threads and huge knobs and still I couldn't get a solid positional clamp; it kept flopping. Anyway this one is all aluminum and steel. I made it tool-less. There are knurled knobs for everything. I had an extrusion I mounted to the back of the lathe and hung it all from that. The threads in the aluminum are all helicoils.
  8. Well I guess I'd better start thinking about doing some Christmas shopping, maybe on Saturday... Thanks to all of the woodturners who participated in our Gold Star Christmas Family raffle. It's going to be a great Christmas for those kids! Please continue to tag your posts. It really does make site navigation easier. @Steve Krumanaker posted a really beautiful walnut bowl. The finish is absolutely flawless. Checkout this post! @HandyDan made a BUNCH of string tops- Check out how he did it and his great repurpose of some of the wood- @Joe Candrilli posed a question about turning and dust collection. He is turning Alumilite and the curlies were not being collected by his dust collector. A great conversation about this ensued- We have discussed different dust collection techniques here, in the past. While looking for help on Joe's question, I did run across another solution that may work for other dust material collection. The video is a little long but you may get some ideas from it. While on the subject of Alumilite, turning, shavings and Christmas, Rick Turns creates an acrylic Christmas tree- Some of us may be lucky enough to get a little cash from Santa. If you are looking for a new lathe chuck, Mike Peace has posted a video comparing/contrasting some of the chucks on the market. While the information has presents is great, in my opinion he has overlooked the best chuck available anywhere- the Easy Wood Tools chuck. Buy the EWT chuck first and you'll never need to buy another. Merry Christmas! Safe Turning
  9. Hi all. I hope you can provide a bit of advice. I just started using Alumilite full time in my shop. Love casting with it, love turning it, but my dust collection system hates it. I have an Oneida Dust Deputy with its own dedicated shop vac. Up until this point the system worked flawlessly, everything in the bucket and little into the shop vac itself. I was going to build a shop vac silencing box last weekend and took the system apart to measure the shop vac. I opened it up and was surprised to find it full of long, thin ribbons of Alumilite. So I set the system back up and did some testing and found that the ribbons are so light they just spin at the top of the dust deputy and eventually find their way into the shop vac vice falling into the bucket. Of course I did what any respectable tinkerer would do and attempted to fix it. I found some screen door material and put it over the center suction of the dust deputy and voila! No more ribbons in the shop vac. Now they gather on the mesh and clog the suction limiting the suction at the point of collection (lathe). So now I have to stop every 5 minutes or so, stop the shop vac, smack the dust deputy (or worse, take it apart again) to clean it, then go back to work. Am I the only one having issues like this? Wood, acrylic, and everything else works as intended. Alumilite seems to be so light and thin that it just goes right up the top suction and out to the shop vac.
  10. Looking at tools and machinery the other day: Cabinet saws are Walker Turner at least 70 yrs old, Craftsman drill +, Powermatic 65 cabinet saw- probably at least 50+, wife- married 54 yrs, but she's 39! I know these machines can't last forever, but I have a personal guarantee to! North American Missionary that cannot retire until the devil does.
  11. I'm at that point where I'm ready to start that final opening at the lathe for DC. What do you have why -- do you like it what would you do different? Got pix?
  12. I got my DC to each machine but the lathe and the router are open questions What do you do for DC at those stations, what would you prefer - - - and why? Post pics pls thx
  13. Lew I saw in your "turned round" picture, your set up for your vacuum when turning. Does that work well? Do you use all the time or just for sanding? I've been thinking about a vacuum set up, but haven't come up with much yet.
  14. The other day I posted a lathe project which prompted a question about my dust collection system. First off, I have to say I am the worst when it comes to dust collection. I just simply forget to turn it on. Anyway, the question was about the lathe collection. I have a 4" collection port at the lathe. It does a pretty good job of getting most of the dust as shown. I also have a short 4" hose (not shown) that can be positioned nearer the turning to make collection even more efficient. I use a couple of bungee cords to hold the extra hose in place. The main collector sets next to the lathe- The metal garbage can contains a shop made Thien separator. To help control overall dust, I made an exhaust fan from an old furnace blower and mounted it in the basement window- You can see from the dust on the filter, it does pull the air to the window. In fact, it does such a fine job that I have to make certain the furnace isn't running when I fire it up or it will pull the fumes into the basement. Also made a similar device that sets over head, near the lathe. Currently the filter needs to be upgraded to remove finer particles, but you get the point. A couple of more connections-
  15. lew

    Window Exhaust

    From the album: Dust Stuff

    Exhausts to outside

    © Lewis Kauffman

  16. lew


    From the album: Dust Stuff

    Shop made Thien separator inside metal garbage can

    © Lewis Kauffman

  17. lew

    Saw And Jointer

    From the album: Dust Stuff

    floor lines for equipment

    © Lewis Kauffman

  18. lew

    Lathe Collection

    From the album: Dust Stuff

    Lathe Port

    © Lewis Kauffman

  19. lew

    Chop Saw Collection

    From the album: Dust Stuff

    Chop saw connection

    © Lewis Kauffman

  20. We have been cleaning up the shop the past few nights and so I laid out all the hammers. Some are old some are newer. The one on the far right is a Williams, early 1900's. And when you need a hammer, there is never one close!
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