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Found 8 results

  1. I have had a Porter Cable 20V drill for 8 years and it has been a good one. It was not a cheap drill. Lately I have been so aggravated with the hand tightening chuck, it comes loose and whatever is in it........falls out. My attempts to get the chuck off had failed. It has a torx LH lock screw holding the main screw in. I broke one torx. I got some penetrating liquid spray and gave it a good spray.....then let it set thru lunch. I couldn't believe how easy it came off. After I got the chuck in my hand, I poured alcohol in all places where I could get it it, blew it out and repeated. I didn't think anything with oil should be used. I measure the thread so I could order a new half inch chuck with the proper thread. Today I installed the chuck and it works great, even to locking down too tight, requiring a lot of effort to loosen it. I suppose all those years and the dust that got in from drilling all kinds of material didn't allow it to fully tighten. This is my first experience with hand tightening chucks, Did I do it right? Any advise?
  2. Wood is my biggest problems...too much of it back when I use to make lots of auctions . I don't get the planer out and set it up very often but when I do I run lots of boards through then trying to get them stacked and stickered is a big mess... This is the first time in a few years my sink actually looks like a sink. It was the first area I started cleaning and the bathroom is full of wood I can just barley get in to but hey it don't need to look purty. All parts of my shop looked like this when I started And I did free up a few HF clamps I had on the resawed wood for a bunch of years... If you ever resawed any 3/4" hardwood and just laid it over somewhere and forgot about it for a year or so when you finally needed some of that wood and didn't have it clamped back together to keep it straight then you know why I clamp all my resawed wood I resaw myself. This is only about half of the clamps still in use but I hope to get them all free by tomorrow night... And this is the first time in three of four years I can see the outfeed table rollers I built about 18 years ago. I had brought a box of 500 gocart wheel bearings with me before I sold our business and this out feed table took 64 of those bearings. Its kinda hard knowing what I was going to do after I retired but I had way too much inventory to leave for someone else... I also brought a few old antique coin operated video games that was popular way back when pac man and galaga first hit the scene. Thinks to my son for he knew what everyone would play. We opened that part of our lives in 1984 and the video games were still a thing to do for no cell phones had come on the scene I don't think? I also have a sit down mrs pac man which we put in the house from time to time.... much better than messing with a phone which I don't touch at all. Wife bought me one and it has never been used in a few years now. She makes sure the batteries are charged but I don't know why.. The reason I started cleaning was I dropped a couple of small pieces of the pictures I am working on and couldn't find them so cleaning some of the area was needed. Sure glad I don't have my shop in a basement!
  3. My shop is a small,15x15 area. No windows. I did clean up, a lot, before the photos. Don’t know what else to say...it’s small.
  4. Planning on adding a Oneida Dust Deputy to my DC system. Looking at the 4 inch at $210 or the 5 inch at $219. This will be on the shop floor and the DC is in the attic. Hopefully I will never havr to empty the attic bag again. The question is how bog of a difference will the 5 inch make ? And does anyone have experience with these larger units? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BEXBWS6/?ref=idea_lv_dp_ov_d https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y37FF9D/?ref=idea_lv_dp_ov_d
  5. I have been putting off a rearrange, sort out and clean shop day. Today I got round tuit. Today was the last of our really warm days, we had 78 and I could have all the doors open. I got all of it done and some honey dos too. Tomorrow the hi temp will be near 40 with rain, snow and slush. The main objective tomorrow...........keep the doors closed.
  6. After all that work to clean the place, how about a quick "Walk-through"? Walk down the steps to the shop, being sure to duck your head about the fourth step up from the floor....and this is what you will see... Ugly rug and all. You can then look around the corner to the left.. Take a couple steps out, into the shop and look towards the North Wall ( you are looking East right now) Walk towards the wall, until just past the bandsaw... Everything "Needful" is within an arm's reach. A few steps more, then turn towards the east wall.. And find the "Work Zone" of the shop. At least the floor is still clean ( Wipe yer feet!") Always something going on here. And that be the $0.05 tour for now.....
  7. I'm not much of a hand tool guy, but today I picked up a Disston D8 panel saw. It appears to be a 26", 10TPI, crosscut model and really has no damage other than poor care. You can barely make out the Disston markings on the blade, and I'd really like to restore this for occassional use as well as just the cool factor of having it. BTW, this saw cost me the princely sum of $2.50 plus Ohio ransom at the Restore. Is there a way to clean the blade of the rust and not damage the markings?
  8. I'll tell ya something, you don't know what you have till you clean the old shop up! I am stripping out my cabinets of supplies, the finishing supplies cabinet, the hardware cabinet, the spray gun cabinet, and I forgot I had half of what I am seeing! Not too mention I am coming across items I forgot I had, yet I went to the big box store to buy anyway, I am finding 3 of the same items simply because I either forgot I had them or could not find them, and I went and bought another. Right now I am going through the finishing supplies stuff, about a dozen Minwax cans that must be 8 years old, since I don't use Minwax anymore they are old and crusty, going into the trash. I cleared out my hardware cabinet and half of that is going to dad's home for his "catchall" bucket of fastners and hardware. I just fired up the compressor so I can blow the cabinets out, came in to escape the noise. Ok, back out we go! CHAARRRRGE! What prompted this? I went out this morning to get reacquainted with my and realized, I need to get organized, this is ridiculous, I cannot work in chaos! Wish me luck!
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