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Found 11 results

  1. There is a guy in a facebook group I belong to who has been posting pictures of birds he's turned, I'm sure Lew knows who I'm talking about. They are kind of stylized and I can't say they really like any real bird I've ever seen. Even so, they caught my eye and I wanted to try doing some. These are on a sycamore limb. Birds are spalted maple the beaks are ebony.
  2. End of January already. Friday is Groundhog Day and in 2 weeks it's Fastnacht Day! Our Patriot Turners- @Steve Krumanaker posted images of a bird turning. This one is different than the small birds he adds to his bird house ornaments Check out Steve's post for his description and inspiration for these lovely likenesses. Keeping with the bird theme, @HandyDan posted some awesome birdhouses/gnome houses Dan has gotten those tiny birds down to an science! See his post for more images and additional information about these fantastic turnings! @Fred W. Hargis Jr posted a safety oriented video that reminds us there are dangers lurking when using the lathe! I, for one, will take this video to heart. A few things were added to our "What's On Your Lathe" continuing thread. You can catchup with all the comments and more images starting at- A gorgeous ring box made by @calabrese55 An incredible lighted turning from @teesquare And a walnut bowl along with a white oak platter with a Pewa patch What’s Coming Up- Click on the above image for the link to more information and preregistration. For The Newbies- If you are considering using traditional tools for bowl turning, you may be confused by all of the different "grinds" or shapes for the bowl gouge. In this short video, Lyle Jamieson discusses his signature grind and why he uses it. Here are a few more resources for learning about the various grinds- https://turnawoodbowl.com/bowl-gouge-basics-beginner-guide-parts-use-sizes-grinds-inforgraph/ https://turnawoodbowl.com/bowl-gouge-sharpening-angles-illustrated-guide/ https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/video-understanding-bowl-gouge-grinds/ https://stuartbattytools.com/free-videos-%26-articles#11a33c77-bf25-4de7-9257-fd1dbc667a1c When you first start down the slippery slope of turning, it is tempting to purchase expensive exotic woods for those beautiful pieces you've seen. In these two videos, the common thread is to use "green" (freshly cut) wood. Green wood turns much easier than dried wood. It is less expensive than the exotics. And, you'll often be surprised at the beauty hiding within the pieces. Expand Your Horizons- Add some finesse to your next lidded box with a finial! Lyle Jamieson discusses finial design considerations- Mike Waldt has started a multi part in-depth guide for turning a lidded box- Part#1 New Turning Items- Woodturners Wonders has become a dealer for Easy Wood Tools Check out the products at- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/easy-wood-tools?_kx=gV5SF2As_3IwtBi5TrpHVQM0F3UvGVbQKzhWGippDlk%3D.VJvU8R Everything Else- Safe turning
  3. I live in Colorado at about 6000 ft altitude. I have built birdhouses since moving here and I used the Cedar fencing material thinking it would last longer than any other wood, it is used exclusively for wood fences here. After a couple years I can see sun damage and after 4/5 years they start to come apart. The sun's ultraviolet light just eats up all finishes here. I am looking for suggestions on wood type or finish type that will help make them last. Do you have any thoughts on this? The picture shows some of my bird houses when I built or refinished them. I overhauled the cuckoo clock today and it is in such bad shape it fell apart in my hands. Maybe I am asking too much for the wood to endure out here in the light air and intense sun.
  4. We are almost there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woodcraft, one of our generous sponsors, is helping us reach our goal by spreading the word on our annual campaign. Check out their blog- https://www.woodcraft.com/blog_entries/woodcraft-supports-patriot-woodworker-to-thank-veteran Our Patriot Turners- Member @Larry Cutlip posted some of his awesome turnings for us to drool over. Larry's designs cover a wide spectrum of shapes as can be seen in his post- Our resident ornament designer, @Ron Altier gave us a look at one of his earlier works- Ron explains a little about this red beauty- @Gerald gave us an update on the bowl job on which he was working. These beauties are ready for shipping- @forty_caliber also finalized his monkey pod bowl for a customer- Check out the fancy laser engraving on the bottom! What’s Coming Up- From the AAW- https://community.woodturner.org/events/event-description?CalendarEventKey=af6fae66-aa2c-45ce-bf24-18e8c3a5c442&Home=%2fevents%2fird-demonstrations&_zs=ceDib&_zl=bTDs2 https://community.woodturner.org/events/event-description?CalendarEventKey=ddc59ff8-1a11-42f9-9043-155bb3347a48&Home=%2fevents%2fird-demonstrations&_zs=ceDib&_zl=cTDs2 From Cindy Drozda- http://www.cindydrozda.com/?fbclid=IwAR0LRPwo1BK3tK2rFy6PhTYyqqdWuwxBk1kte7gpG41BQGgFsxqNZ1fNp3A For The Newbies- Ornaments are the thing to do this time of year. A couple of videos recommended by the AAW- @Gerald gave me a heads up on the Richard Raffan YouTube channel. There are a few videos posted there. Not so much of "how-to" but just watching how efficient a profession turner works is a real pleasure- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2tEGrCP1GiVwfaT4K9bcNw/videos Want to turn a bowl but have some questions? This video from "Turn a Wood Bowl" may have the answers your answers- Expand Your Horizons- Our own @Steve Krumanaker recently posted his birdhouse ornaments. Steve is kind enough to share his knowledge with anyone who would like to have help making these. Here's a video from Mike Peace and his take on making this type of ornament and one on making his little birds- Steve also creates beautiful little birds to adorn his ornaments. This is from Steve's YouTube channel about putting the birds together- OK, get a cup of coffee, or your beverage of choice, and enjoy Frank Howarth make a Christmas ornament- Many of us follow Lyle Jamieson. He has a series of videos called Tuesday's Tips. Check them all out at- https://www.youtube.com/user/JamiesonLyle/search?query=tuesday Jim Rodgers has made yet another improvement in his technique for turning a scoop. The why and the what are explained in his video- New Turning Items- This is not a new turning item but a change in a turning product. This video, starting about halfway through, talks about Niles Bottle Stoppers and something that can now be made public- Everything Else- Rick Turns must be on vacation as he did not post his usual roundup of YouTube woodturning videos. Hopefully you can find something interesting within our post, this week. I finally put the finishing touches on those rolling pin holders. There is no lathe work involved with these so I'm going to bore you with the flat work. These start out as 3/8" x 2 1/4" x 23" pieces of walnut- Using a template for all measurements the pieces are marked Before they are shaped into ellipses, a dovetail is milled into each end to accept the rings to hold the actual pin. The rings are milled from maple and have the corresponding dovetail shape The top maple piece is an open ring- The bottom maple piece has a recess cut made with a Forstner bit Both are glued into place. Nine more to go, only took a couple of days- I'm not @steven newman Finish is next. 2 coats of oil based poly, steel wool rub down and an application of paste wax Next to install the hangers Locate the holes using the same template Drill for the nails Well this sucks. The shortest nail is too long. As Steven would say- "we have ways..." Hanger...Done! ...and finished- Safe turning and stay well
  5. This happened to our family in 2016, myself, my wife and my granddaughter Alisabeth who was staying with us that summer. She was 21 years old at the time. I wrote and placed on the computer to have a record of what happened. This was a very heart warming experience for all of us. At first it was just myself, my wife and my granddaughter Alisabeth. Our friends, relatives and just anybody who had heard would show up and we would tell the story. I will put a copy of how things fell into place. I will enclose 7 pictures. The 3rd pic shows the duck tape at the top[ of the picture. The grey thing at the bottom is the nest. It is very small. Anyone has question-ask away. Preston & family June 25, 2016 at 700 N. Dewey St., Middleton, Id at about 10 AM we decided to trim and prune a London plane or Sycamore tree at our back door. My wife, Judy took a long handled pruning saw and cut several low hanging branches. They all were in a big pile in the yard; well it was about time to eat so we retired to the house and ate lunch. Well it was about nap time (that happens when you get old and good looking). About 2 ½ hours later we went back outside. I went into my shop and was working on some molding for the shop door. My wife, Judy and my granddaughter, Alisabeth went to work on the pile of branches cutting them up to take to the burn pile. I’m working away in the shop when my wife comes in and says I have something to show you. So I follow Judy back to the yard and there is Alisabeth on her knees looking at a branch about 3 feet long on the ground. I get down and look and they were, 2 baby humming bird chicks. They were so small and helpless. Alisabeth wanted to know what to do with them. Alisabeth was real concerned to say the least. So between our 3 brilliant minds we set to work. We didn’t want to leave too much of our human scent on the baby in fear of mama rejecting the baby chicks so Alisabeth put a finger underneath the one baby and it crawled on and Alisabeth put the chick back into the nest. By the way the nest was very small, well both of the chicks fit and they looked like they were at home. Alisabeth was holding the branch and we came up with the idea of using duct tape on one end with the tiny hummingbird nest and wrapping it around another branch on the tree where they came from. Well we found a branch and snipped back the leaves on the tree branch and the leaves on our branch with the nest. This took a couple of ladders, 3 people and some duct tape. We positioned the nest branch to the tree branch and duct taped away. We got the branch with the nest in the up position. We only had the nest about 6 feet off the ground. The main thing the chicks were safe and in their home. Now while we were eating and napping the 2 baby humming birds were on the ground. Did momma feed them or know what was going on? We cleaned the area up and sat down in our chairs by the back porch and waited. The new spot for the nest was a lot lower and back toward the house several feet. When I work in my shop I have a box fan in the window to help cool down the shop. Well momma came looking for the chicks in their new location and was not having any luck. Finally it dawned on me; shut the fan off and maybe mamma can hear the chicks. It worked when she came back she found them but everything was different. It took her several minutes but she zeroed in on them and she fed them right away. By the time we went to bed she had made several trips to feed. Oh by the way, the 2 babies are named Trim & Prune. JUNE 26, 2016 The chicks slept good as they were still with us. Oh by the way the chicks are Alisabeth’s god babies. We cut another small limb about 3 feet long and held it up to the limb that the nest is on and we cut leaves off to accommodate the shape of the nest limb. We tied the new limb to the old limb with the nest with bread bag ties keeping in mind for the new leaves to shade and camouflage the chicks. JUNE 27, 28 & 29 The chicks are sleeping good and mom feeds about every 20 minutes and she knows when about 30 seconds feeding time is up. We have cut several limbs to replace the old dried out limbs. Mom’s activity around the nest is increasing, so something is up, maybe time for the young ones to go into the world. They are a joy to have around and we will miss them. Maybe next year they will remember our good nectar and return to raise some more chicks. JUNE 30, 2016 There is about the same amount of activity as the last three days. Mom does act a little different. She flies around the nest as if she is giving flying lessons. JULY 1, 2 Same activity as previous days. JULY 3 Mom is very busy today compared to the last few days. Maybe this will be the day. Mom is flying around the nest again giving flying lessons. We went into the house to eat around noon. We came back out about 2:30 PM and guess what an empty nest and I wanted to be there when they flew off. Already we were missing the chicks. We sat down and watched the tree where the nest was and saw mom doing her feeding thing. The kids were in the tree. Mom was taking nectar from our feeder and taking it to the chicks in the tree. From time to time a young one will check out the nest but not stay. This has been a great experience for all of us. We tried hard to not humanize ourselves with the young hummingbirds. They seem to be doing fine and who knows; maybe we will see them next year.
  6. I ran across an old picture of a bird plaque that I made my daughter years ago. I made a large clock and it had a form that reminded me of a bird. So I refined the form and made 2 birds in flight. I used Yellow Hart and scraps from the clock I had left over. Can't remember the wood types. I think the circle is about 12"
  7. honesttjohn

    Loonie Bin

    From the album: from honesttjohn's Lab

    Everybody has a room to hang one of these!!
  8. honesttjohn

    Duck Scene

    From the album: from honesttjohn's Lab

    Carved from 5/4 - 24 x 20 pine panel. This was auctioned off at the last Ducks Unlimited dinner here locally.
  9. Look what they did to my bedroom window screen? Not sure what kind of birds, looked like a wren in size with a reddish red. I'll have to get it re-screened using aluminum screen. Danl
  10. As you know, I get some off the wall ideas. Yesterday I got another. What if I did this and added that. My wife took one look and didn't say much...........just "weird." Anyway those are birds sticking out those special holes. You know how I made the holes. I'm thinking it will need some help
  11. I made a large clock that featured a lot of art shapes. The more I looked at it,the more I thought two of the shapes looked line a bird in flight. So I made a wall hanger with that thought in mind.
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