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Found 21 results

  1. My Army buddy Howard Gage, I call him Gage, because as you all know we call out last names in the military, and I just got used to calling him Gage. His family calls him Howard Gage is my ol Army buddy from way back, after Panama Just Cause I ETS'd out and he continued on to Kosovo, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, he did his time, paid his dues with PTSD and all the troubles that go along with it, and I need prayers for my friend. We have been in touch and hung out since we met each other in 1990 while in the Army and just a few years back he moved to within 1hour of us and we vis
  2. Our newly graduated US Army soldier, Private Tiffany Morris. This day was the actual graduation day from Fort Jackson on January 30th, after the ceremony we found ourselves exploring Columbia South Carolina with our new soldier, and we found this beautiful river called the Congaree River, we took a walk along the riverside and under the Gervais Street Bridge, almost a century old the bridge is, the architecture was really wonderful. We had a great day with our soldier, hours later we had to drop her off and say our goodbyes, then she left to AIT.
  3. Looks like we got a soldier on her way to graduation! Congratulations to our daughter Tiffany Morris on her completion of the Forge and a big congratulations to all her buddies too! The last big test is The Forge, where all their knowledge and training comes together, during a 4 day ruck, 4 days in the wild with nothing but what's on their backs and the food supplied by staff or MRE's. Nearly 40 miles of hiking, navigating, live fire, night exercises, and a ton more, with very little sleep, and all of it is being observed by scorers, to make sure you are doing what you were trained to do corre
  4. I do miss her very much. At the same time I'm very happy for her. She was glowing with pride and confidence! She is back at training now, we'll see her soon at the end of the month for her basic graduation.
  5. It feels so long ago, and in a different world, rarely does it even cross my mind anymore, but I just realized today that our 30th Anniversary came and went for OJC Veterans. I had not even put the dates together over the Holidays, actually the anniversary was a day after our daughter arrived from Army Training Camp to visit us, I was a tad busy December 20th. Two great events came out of my service in this Central American country, we liberated a people from a dictator, and tyrant, and I met my most beautiful and awesome wife while there. Still in my thoughts to this day though are tho
  6. Random Draw Recipients We'd like to congratulate the following recipients of the items contributed by our fabulous sponsors. We also want to thank all who participated in this wonderful project, we raised more than our goal, and our adopted family is set up for a wonderful Christmas morning, thanks to you all! And, a hearty congratulations to the winners of the machinery and tools donated by Laguna Tools, Woodcraft Supply, and Easy Wood Tools, we can't thank them enough. Please, each recipient, contact me via messenger and leave your shipping address, thank you all once a
  7. Our youngest girl is taking a big test today, she's heading down to MEPS to sit for a Cryptologist/Linguistics test for the US Army, yep, she's getting serious, and ready to serve, so very proud of our baby girl. I hope and pray that she does well, this is the MOS she wants, with a rich career after service. I am apprehensive as most parents would be, but very proud. Our plans have not aligned with her plans after High School, we had a dream of all our kids furthering their education after HS, but our youngest daughter has her own dreams, I am a bit quicker at accepting her ro
  8. until
    Introduction Every year The Patriot Woodworker's adopt a wounded warriors family for Christmas. We do this through a great veterans support organization named Operation Ward 57. The Patriot Woodworker's apply to Ward 57 to be accepted to receive our family for Christmas, and each year we are chosen to participate. And each year, our sponsors donate wonderful items for us to raffle for this cause. We use 100 percent of the raffle proceeds to purchase gifts for the kids, and a Christmas dinner for the family. Our Mission We need your help to accumulate funds for our Gold Sta
  9. We have two Army Medics among us. I just thought you would like to know each other, and shake hands. @Lissa Hall, meet @MaDeuce And thank you both for your service.
  10. Winners Announced On behalf of The Patriot Woodworkers and the Bassett Family, we want to congratulate the following raffle contributors for their win, and we want to thank all for participating. I wish all could receive something for their contributions, but as you all know folks, this is a raffle, and the cause is the reason. Thank you all once again! We raised $2205.00 !! Please PM @John Morris with your shipping information so that we can get these wonderful sponsored prizes out to you immediately! Laguna Tools $500.00 Gift Certificate - @p_toad E
  11. Introduction Every year The Patriot Woodworker's adopt a wounded warriors family for Christmas. We do this through a great veterans support organization named Operation Ward 57. The Patriot Woodworker's apply to Ward 57 to be accepted to receive our family for Christmas, and each year we are chosen to participate. And each year, our sponsors donate wonderful items for us to raffle for this cause. We use 100 percent of the raffle proceeds to purchase gifts for the kids, and a Christmas dinner for the family. Our Mission We need your help to accumulate funds for our Gold Sta
  12. Just heard on the news, that the Army is now going to overlook mental health issues during the recruitment process, including substance abuse and other personal issues. I guess they are not hitting their recruitment goals these days. So they are now just opening this up to troubled youth? Hmmm, I'm just trying to figure out how the hell I got in then!!! I must of really fooled em!
  13. For anyone who has served in the Armed Forces, you all know that you meet folks that you'll know for a lifetime, they become brothers, sisters, and they become family. The experiences you share while serving together form a bond deep and long. I have one such friend I have kept in touch with since we parted ways in 1991. I ETS'd out, and he stayed in. We have never lost touch after all these years, we met while serving in Panama back in 1990. I was shipped to Panama right after AIT to participate in the Invasion of Panama (Operation Just Cause) and shortly after, we met.
  14. We had a great time at the Sgt David Mayer Home Build with Homes For Our Troops. There were 100 plus folks there and everyone was getting into the dirt and having fun. This was the landscape day for this home build. Thank you Homes For Our Troops, thank you for providing a way for us to actually help in real time in real life. This pic was taken by our buddies Tami N Allen Worsham, in the picture is Patriot Woodworker John Morris, his three children and awesome wife. If you would like to help build a home in your area, please go to our interactive Homes For Our Troops Map.
  15. Howdy folks, does anyone know if my old roll film that I took pictures with back in 1989 through 1991 can still be developed? I have a bag full of undeveloped cans and Kodak 110's with images of my tour in Panama. I just never had an interest in them being developed, when I ETS'd out and came home, I threw them in a plastic bag and put them at the bottom of a box where they sat for the last 25 years. I have an interest now in seeing them, does anyone know if they are trashed by now, or is there hope? Thanks
  16. From the album: Awards for Veterans

    These are the emblems we used for the awards, they looked very cool.
  17. Memorial Day, a day of remembrance and honoring those who have put it all on the line and who paid the ultimate price while serving under the flag of The United States of America. I have mixed emotions about this day. As we roll through the daily grind of holding down a day job, we all love to have that "Monday" off and spend it with our families, and with hobbies such as woodworking, boating and camping and many other activities we Americans enjoy during this extended weekend. It's the official kick off to summer as well. But as I walked through the front doors of a major home center this m
  18. Another one from my Brother - Young folks won't even know who this is...... -+ It was well recognized that Martha Raye endured less comfort and more than any other Vietnam entertainer. I did not know this, I bet you didn't either. Don't let the sun go down without reading this about Martha Raye. The most unforgivable oversight of TV is that her shows were not taped. I was unaware of her credentials or where she is buried. Somehow I just can't see Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, or Jessica Simpson doing what this woman and the other USO women, inc
  19. With the technology the way it is today, and with the support our men and women receive, it's no wonder that anymore a lil ol thing like an amputation isn't going to keep a soldier from serving on the front lines. Who would of thought! These Three Soldiers Fought Their Way Back To The Front Lines After Losing Legs  
  20.   Today, the United States Army announced that the 2009 Fort Hood attack was indeed a terror attack, and that the victims will receive Purple Hearts.    According to an Army media release today, due to a provision in the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act of 2015, the attack that took place in 2009 will now be considered a terror attack because the perpetrator of the attack “was in communication with the foreign terrorist organization before the attack,†and “the attack was inspired or motivated by the foreign
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