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  1. I few weeks ago I asked if anyone might know what kind of wood this was. We kind of decided it was a myrtle/sycamore of some kind. I cut that log into 4 blanks. I've managed to lose one of them on a shelf somewhere in the shop. I rough-turned one of the three remaining blanks this morning. Any further ideas on the species seeing the grain and coloring? Whatever kind of wood it is, it was a pleasure to turn. Very easy to cut. Had a crisp clean spring woods smell to it. .40
  2. My wife needs some bottle stoppers for work.
  3. 7 1/2 x 3 pecan crotch. Has been drying for about 6 months. Areas were hard as a rock for the 2nd turning. Had to slow down and mind my P's and Q's to keep it from tearing out.
  4. RustyFN

    New bowls

    Have a couple of new bowls.
  5. I made a cutting board that came apart. I took one of the smaller pieces and made a plate. Almost went too far. When I blew it off I could feel airr going through to the other side.
  6. RustyFN


    Working on a vase for my wife. I started with a piece of cherry 6” by 6” by 12” long. I think I will need to build a steady rest to hollow it.
  7. RustyFN

    New bowl.

    I had four rough turned bowls drying in bags with chips. They have been there long enough I figured they had to be dry. Two of them were warped too bad to save and ended up in the burn pile. One is not finished yet. This one is done. It is ambrosia Maple.
  8. RustyFN


    Turned a pen today. I bought a piece of quarter sawn sycamore and cut enough off the end to make a pen.
  9. I had a small piece of Bradford Pear given to me. I made this small bowl 5.5 inches by 1.5 inches.
  10. I got on face book the other day and saw that my nephew had mentioned me in a comment. Well, he had replied to a guy wanting a wood turner to make some carvers mallets for him. The guy said he would supply the wood. Since my name had already been mentioned I sent the guy a PM and we hooked up. All I can say is WOW! This guy lives about a mile from me and I have never met him, may have seen him at a festival before but that's it. He is a hardwood carver and very accomplished. I was able to get three mallets out of the wood he provided. Waiting for him to check handle diameter before I finish this one. Osage Orange, very distinctive color. Hard, but even so it cuts pretty nicely. Larry's work. http://www.decatursculpturetour.com/artist/doc - lawrence a.-wiedman, phd/14
  11. Gerald

    Eucalyptus Vase

    From the album: Hollow Forms

    Eucalyptus has a story. This is the regular side on the other side iot is spalted. Was working on this and I left in a plastic bag and the down side spalted but not the top.
  12. I am getting bored beyond tolerance routering those ceiling tiles. At end of day I decided to put a chunk of firewood on the lathe and turn something. It turned out a mallet. Something about turning that soothes the nerves. Paul
  13. Inspired by last weeks Wisdom for Woodturners post I made a hinged box. I watched Mike Waldt's video and remembered I had harvested some of those hinges from trinkets purchased at the Restore with plans to use them someday. The hinge sets are cheap when purchased this way since the price for one of the trinkets is usually around $0.50 at the Restore. I collected them together and hadn't realized how many I had acquired until they were all in one place. The nick in the lid makes room for the hasp. I filed the bottom of the hasp flat and didn't have to cut out the bottom piece.
  14. Learning to turn can be intimidating, more so (I suspect) when you don't have anyone local to turn to for advice. So I come here and glean what I can. This is my latest endeavor....another not-very-big-deal, but a handle for a parting tool. The shank is installed with a combination of epoxy in the bottom of the hole and a slit cut in the end under the ferrule. The victory in this is that the hole is aligned with the handle. I had managed to work out a method for this with a screwdriver, and this is another attept (that worked). Anyway, the handle is loosely styled like a Henry Taylor chisel I have and this was actually just puttering around. Since I was just puttering, I tried the burned rings that Dan described in another post. It's hard maple, and if it falls apart I still have the OEM handle to put it in. I did give it a couple of coats of wiping varnish. Forgot to mention, one big screwup was that my tenon for the ferrule isn't long enough, it's too short by almost 1/8"! I think I can get my tubing cutter and shorten the ferrule to the tenon length.
  15. My current putzing around project with the lathe is to make a handle for a lathe chisel (parting tool, to be specific). So the shank of the chisel is 1/2" and so is (presumably) my hole for it. The chisel is a sort of slip-fit, it slides in without undue pressure and I have a collar for it once finished (1/2 of a 3/4" copper union). The collar will be a very tight fit, but I'm wondering about how tight the shank should fit in the hole. Maybe you're supposed to put a little epoxy on it when inserted??? Or do i need to try and get a tighter fit?
  16. My neighbor lady is going thru cancer treatments and it is a very exhausting, prolonged process. I thought I'd make her an ornament to cheer her up. She always loved the deep red color woods. I made this one out of Blood wood and a bit of Yellow Heart.
  17. Rough turned oak crotch. .40
  18. I haven't had much lathe time for a while. Between honey dos and lawn work, most of my time is out of the shop. Today the temperature dropped down to a comfortable 70 (instead of 100+) and I spent some time on an ornament. I used some Yellow heart and acrylic, then started turning. I have to cut slowly with acrylic to avoid the small chips that can occur. Maybe there is a secret to avoid that issue, I haven't found it. Anyway I enjoyed creating another one.
  19. Off to the races with turning my first vessel. It took a lot longer than it should have and I made plenty of mistakes but I had fun with it. Didn't really have a plan going in and just let the design suggest itself. Wood is European Beech. Used a coat of shellac as a sanding sealer and it's been sanded to 320 so far. Still need to reverse and get rid of the tenon. .40
  20. I finished this Curley maple vase. It stands about 11 inches tall. I sanded it to 12000 grit, then hit it with triple e and the final finish was Aussie Oil. Once I finished this, it gave me an idea that I may try for another vase....
  21. Yesterday it was chilly, but the sun was shining in my shop (garage) I cleaned up the place and in the process, I picked up every scrap piece of exotic wood I could find. Some are left overs, some are old projects I stopped and the rest are odds and ends. I will make something out of most of it and I hope to get some more wood soon. I don't go out to shop much, but I do go when the crowd isn't there, very early in the morning on a week day. I go pick what I want and get out quickly. I can order wood delivered, but I want to see what I buy first. I have all my Christmas gifts made, so I think that if the weather holds up, I'll go after Christmas or New Years.
  22. I was goofing around today with some scrap wood and decided to make an effort at turning a spoon. I had some ideas how I was going to do it. I decided that the crude spoon I made was not something I'd be proud of. It isn't glued or finished and it is as far as it is going to go. I've seen some guys on youtube make spoons with elaborate jigs that required a lot of time and set up. All I could think of was,"Wood spoons are cheap, so why make one" I now know what a challenge it is. After making this one, I have ideas on better methods, but this is most likely the only one I'll ever make. I enjoyed it and it helped another day in isolation
  23. Three more segmented ply birdhouse ornaments. Probably the last of these for a bit.
  24. I have made dozens of segmented plywood Christmas globes for ornaments but had never done a birdhouse ornament with segmented plywood. I like the idea but this one is a little clunky I think. Will have to explore this further!!
  25. These are all Indiana hardwoods, walnut, maple, spalted beech, and cherry. May even be a piece of ash in there.
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