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Found 164 results

  1. Just a great site by a chair maker, who also makes his own tools, very cool.
  2. These run 25 dollars each where I live. http://www.leevalley.com/us/wood/page.aspx?p=74528&cat=1,43838,74528
  3. Went this morning to buy a used Delta 46-460 and got a great deal. Lathe,stand,and G3D Chuck for 400. The chuck needs a lot of cleaning of rust and cosmoline. Had a little rust or heavy dirt on the ways but otherwise near new and probably only used about 10 hours. I will not use much , mostly for demos and off site turning of which I do not do much. Then I figure when I decide to sell could get all I put into it and maybe more.
  4. Stage one is done, at the moment. Moved a few corded items out of the way.. I moved the grinder to a new spot, the scrollsaw is just resting there, for now. Had to move the Brace/drill till to get this far....whew. When I moved the scrollsaw, found a mess under it.. Guess I used it more than I thought. Unloaded the plane till ( onto the Boss' washer..Shhhh) and took the till away for a bit. Had to move one more power tool, and needed a spot to place it, for now At least it is out of the way, for now. Not sure about where it will set up at, or even which level. I may do away with the lower level, all together. Once the spot was cleaned off, I could go about installing both tills in their new home.. Brace till went in first, then the plane til. Still have a bit of room to the left side. Will leave that door alone, kind of handy way to store LONG handled items. Oh, and I also cleaned off the top of the tool chest.. And gave it a rattle can of shine up. There was an old E-Cord hanging overhead...didn't work. Got it untangled from the rafters, coiled up, and hauled away. Will replace with a new one. Stage 2 will be later today, maybe. Afternoon Tea will happen first.....then maybe back to moving things around. Have to figure out where the power tools will go to help out with the work-flow. It will do for now, even the camera is tired....
  5. Getting tired of banging my legs against a tool chest I don't even open up anymore. Sooo, it, and a few other items will either be removed from the shop, moved to a different spot, or... Tossed into a drawer in a chest of drawers I still need to cobble up, out of pine. There is an old dryer down there, right now covered in boxed up toys..er..TOOLS. Thinking I can have a couple kids with strong backs (leaves me out) to haul the old dryer out of the basement, andoff to the salvage yard ( they can spend the $9.60 at McD's) They can also haul the Tool Chest #1 upstairs. I'll clean it out, air it out, and call it a walnut Hope Chest. I intend to move the power tools to the north bench, where the plane till is. Plane till and the brace till will take their place at the end of the work bench, where an old dresser sits. Now, what will go where the dryer was? Well, how about a 5-6 drawer Chest of Drawers? I can stash all kinds of items in the drawers. Might even have some storage on the top? Will need to set some blocks down on the floor, to keep the dresser's feet dry. Chest of drawers won't be anything fancy....just a place to stash shop items. The Tills are being moved, due to a water line that goes overhead. Sound like a plan?
  6. Alloy Artifacts is an online tool museum and resource center for information on 20th century hand tools. You'll find thousands of high-quality photographs of different types and makes of tools, with background history on the tool companies that helped shape the industry. We also provide tables of patents and trademarks, logo images to help identify unfamiliar tools, a timeline of tool industry events, and finally a Site Index to help find everything.
  7. Dad couldn't make it to our Thanksgiving dinner, he was feeling under the weather and the drive down the mountain would have been a tad precarious, as he was feeling dizzy from the medications he's on. So we told him not to fret, we'll bring him some Thanksgiving the next day. My wife packed up a nice care package of food for him, and my son and I headed up the mountain with his food. We like going up there, it's the mountains. I thought I'd share with you all my Dad's place, it's a neat home, situated up on a ridge over looking some wonderful scenery. Dad showed us some of the bird houses he's been working on. These are his creations that he will sell locally at the gift shops and to individuals as well. Here is pops, with my son, his grandson. Dad lives a nice no nonsense life, he's been a bachelor for about 45 years, he doesn't have much room for the frilly stuff, he uses that stove to heat his home, and when the electricity goes out, he'll put a pot of stew up on that old stove. Since his appliances are all electrical, when the power goes out, it's the stove! He has some birdhouses sitting on the side waiting to be painted, he paints them in his home where it's nice and warm. Don't worry, the stove aint on right now, the paint is fine! Here is a view from the front of his home. This is looking out the window at the stove area. He has birdhouses all over his property, he built this wind screen a few years back and put a bird house atop it. By the way, the dog is Suzy, his Beagle, best friend, and profound varmint hunter. Dad standing in front of the shop he and I built back in 2005. This is where he'll hang most of the day, building, inventing, and just staying out of trouble. This day, I have never seen his shop look so clean, he typically has about a half foot of shavings and dust on the floor. Here's a shot of his cutoff table and general work bench. An ol Unisaw we picked up at a garage sale, and we outfitted it with a Biesmeyer. His assembly table for the birdhouse and other crafts and woodworking. His ol Delta scroll saw. Old Craftsman band saw, I gotta tell ya guys, this ol saw has a ton of features on it, I can't name them right now, but I remember there were just some really cool things going on with this old saw. Another shot of his work bench and wall. He uses this PC belt sander to shape and smooth edges with. Here is a neat view looking out of his shop to the front. Dad's home, an ol single wide built in the 60's. We've had a ton of fun, in this old home. My dad and I lived in a trailer a third of the size of this one throughout my teens up to the point I joined the Army. After I ETS'd out of the Army, I returned to live for a while longer in our trailer till I was steadily on my feet. Dad was and is always there for me. Some more of his birdhouses. These stairs he made from leftovers he found around the neighborhood, they get us down to the lower level of his property. My dad does things like this, he'll build for minimum needs, and it works! He is a true minimalist. Here is a nice image of his home, with the shop. A couple more birdhouses he built Thanks for following along my pictorial of my dad's place and his shop. There isn't much he can't do. He's from the old school of thought, and I love him dearly for it. His philosophy is "use only what I need, nothing more nothing less". I have seen him stretch a pot of stew over 5 days, and make a 20 dollar bill last a week. He was raised on the farm in New York and his family later moved into the city of Aurora ILL. where his dad blue-collared a life. My dad served in the Navy, he was a corpsman stationed in San Diego's Balboa Medical Hospital in the late 50's. He's just a great ol soul, I love him.
  8. More camera issues today....started to install the hinges on that Cherry box, just about got it done, and the camera acted up. Oh well, laid out some toys for this job Had a bit of trouble with those push drills.....changed to a different drill later. Had these two to install.. And I used the square to set how far in from the corners to start the hinges at. Marked a line on both halves of the "joint".. Used that chisel, and a couple others, set it at each spot, smack it twice with the mallet, and move along. Wider chisel to level the playing field. Pencil to mark the holes using the hinge as a guide. pilot holes for the screws.. And repeat until all rebates are done. Waxed the brass screws,and installed the lid. Found a jig to hold the lidded box up enough to add a coat of 50/50 mix. So, now a PIP? This is the front, needs a latch yet...rotate 90 degrees Side #1, rotate.. Ah yes, those hinges. Rotate again.. And the other side. Oh, about that other drill I used for pilot holes? That Buck Rogers drill was having "issues" with holding onto that small of a bit. This was the second eggbeater I tried. First one wasn't able to tighten down enough. The only markings on this drill is a "No. 5" on the crank. Seemed to work well enough. On Dec.15...I will be going through same day surgery for them to scope the knee. Have a lot of "junk" floating around in there. They will also be "sanding down" all the rough spots Uncle Arthur has been leaving. Waiting on the Hospital to tell what time to show up that day. Hoping to get this box done before that happens...
  9. WOW! Yesterday delivered to my door was the full book version of the Lee Valley Fine Woodworking Tools Catalog. Over 490 pages of great drooling reading and bedtime dreams. I love the front cover, they are all Router Planes, look at the fantastic craftsmanship in these hand made planes, do you see the frogs!
  10. This forum shows a variety of shop made tools to perform a vast array of things. The tools include a little of everything from soup to nuts. If you need a special tool to perform a task then this may be the best site to find a solution.
  11. I was a little worried about EZ Wood tools after Jorgenson bought them and then they (Jorgy) went under. But I guess the firm has been sold again.
  12. I love my repurposed Silverware tray! Had some odds n ends that needed a home for some time, and now they do!
  13. My original shop plans to finish the bandsaw project this weekend didnt quite pan out. Yard work, time with kids at the county fair, a wedding reception and other misc. family activities took priority and it was a fun weekend although shop light. I did get a few minutes to dig through this weeks plane purchase and a few items from a garage sale a week ago. The planes came from an antique mall that is having a retirement sale. Forty bucks for 9 planes didnt seem too bad. I think 7 of them are easily going to users and are complete. Number 8 is missing an iron. The 9th is really a donor and i will use it to make wedges and to replace boxing on some better planes that I have. I am getting closer to a set of hollows and rounds. The garage sale misc. is a bit of a strange mix. All of the porcelain knobs were 3 dollars. The rest of the items I wound up getting at a quarter each. I am not sure why I bought the plumb bobs. I had several already but for a quarter for the two??...you know!! I have plans to make a parts cabinet in the future with multiple drawers and this much matching hardware will come in handy when the time comes. Hope everyone had a good weekend.
  14. Introduction The Patriot Woodworker community is proud to bring to you the MWTCA "What's It" department of images related to hand tools and implements. If you are not familiar with the MWTCA "What's It", please see the current page at https://mwtca.org/whats-its/ We are in cooperation with MWTCA to bring this fun event to you, on a quarterly basis as it is presented by MWTCA quarterly in their publication "The Gristmill". We contacted MWTCA and asked them if we could perpetuate the "What's It" here in our woodworking community in order to bring more awareness and appreciation in the area of hand tools and implements. How it works We will post the "What's It" as they become available through the MWTCA, usually on a monthly basis here in our community in the What's It Forum. Your job is to research the content of the image and tell us what it is, and prove your answer by references and sources and or patents. Answers will be submitted to the Mid West Tool Collectors Association for verification and approval or rejection. The grand prize See the current months "What's It" Runner up prize A one year (calendar year) membership to MWTCA and all of their benefits and publications. A 25 dollar value sponsored by The Patriot Woodworker. Rules This project is open to members of The Patriot Woodworker community only. Sorry, but only members who live in the United States can participate. (Please don't be offended, out of country memberships cost more than our budget allows) All (U.S.A.) members can participate, including our forum hosts and administrators. If an accurate answer cannot be arrived at by the end of the current calendar month's project is posted, a random drawing will be held to include anyone who participated in that months "What's It". One winner will be chosen to receive a calendar year membership to MWTCA and all of it's wonderful benefits of membership. Participants are only eligible to obtain one membership per year. (What would you do with two memberships?) Participants can correctly answer, and reference the "What's It" and wind the Grand Prize multiple times. Current "What's It" will be closed after an answer has been verified or rejected by the MWTCA. The MWTCA only accepts a verified source to support your answer, so one should be submitted with your answer, such as a patent, catalog entry, tool book reference, or a respectable website on the subject. Do not let these requirements prevent you from having fun and submitting educated answers on the subject without verification, we can worry about references later. All answers are welcome, as well as healthy debates regarding "What's It". Links of interest Mid West Tool Collectors Association MWTCA What's It page Tools dealers featured at MWTCA MWTCA Tool Meets Donate to MWTCA MWTCA Facebook page In closing The Patriot Woodworker's wish to thank MWTCA for their cooperation and spirit of sharing, learning, and preservation of our hand tools and implements for generations to come. Our wish is to spread awareness of MWTCA and all it stands for, and to help grow membership in the MWTCA through the "What's It" project here in The Patriot Woodworker community. Please spread the word, tell your friends, join us, and participate in the preservation of history. I'd also like to wish a heartfelt thank you to the following folks for approving this action in our woodworking community. MWTCA President, LeRoy Witzel MWTCA Vice President of Membership, John Walkowiak MWTCA Chairman of "What's It", Rob Hartman MWTCA Treasurer, Vaughn Simmons Thank you gents, and here's to a long productive future between us.
  15. So you never know from one weekend to the other what you'll find nor year-to-year. This year's festival where I typically go had several new vendors from years past and some of the "old-timers" didn't show. Decent selections depending on what you were looking for (or not looking for), but prices were much steeper; Quantity was there; quality not so much... Here's what followed me home.... Stanley 41Y, far left...$3; Miller Falls #100- $2, K-D tapered hand reamer $1; "kids" egg beater drill $1; Rugol Block plane in original box, paid $10 -- Stanley handle and cap really rough like it had laid in moist debris for years but had 6 bits two were 1/16"; one new other broken about 1/2 way down -- M-F (Buck Rodgers) 6 bits in original pack, not the splines type, but straight; there are some in the handle, but need to lubricate & free up to get to rotate -- K-D Tools (Automotive) reamer is new with minor surface rust on edges; will clean up easy with Scotch Brite & WD40 -- Eggbeater drill needs some serious cleaning, but does rotate; No markings other than Made in USA; I suspect it is from a Child's Tool set. Once cleaned up likely will go to my oldest grandson with a small set of H-F bits. -- Block plane has seen some use, but not much. Similar to a Stanley 220, but iron is thicker; tote know threads on but different than Stanley also I'd never heard of Rugol Tools; I DID NOT need another block plane, but it had the original box and is in very good condition and was sitting on the shelf all by itself Only paid $10 for it Same booth had a few Stanley 220's totally rust they had priced $6-8 /ea Note the original marked price of $2.95 on box lid corner Appears to be painted vs Japanning but a heavy enamel based paint; from what little I've found so far about Rugol, this is probably from the 1950's to maybe early 1960's era???? Minimal rust on blade iron or mouth openinig Still learning how to use new phone camera features; sorry for blur; little more rust on this side of iron; sole and sides of plane light surface rust; should spruce up very nicely; there are some scratches from light use on sole; iron appears to have original edge; no dings, burrs or the like; appears to be 250 angle...looking forward to "scary sharp" edge
  16. I got a Rockler sale note today. They have their 3 piece set on sale for about $100. I paid more for them a year ago on sale. These are quality tools and are small 13" total length and shaft sixe 4", for small or mini lathes. I like them a lot. I also like that I can sharpen the cutters. I do it by using a diamond sharpening flat stone set, does a good job of returning the sharp edge. Warning; They don't keep their edge well...............when you hit the chuck
  17. Industry Shakeup: Major Tool Brands Up for Sale | Tools of the Trade | Manufacturers
  18. If this is out of line or in the wrong place I apologize. I've been kind of hankering for a midi lathe for awhile. Jet would be my first choice but have also considered the Delta. The Jet has been in the 800 dollar range and the Delta 550-650. Today on Amazon the Delta currently is listed at $361.00. It was $375.00 when I first looked at it a couple hours ago. Every time I look, it's cheaper. Is something going on with Delta? I haven't really notice the price dropping any where else though? Steve
  19. Finally got out to that estate sale south of town this morning.....feeding frenzy of both buyers and relatives......"Picked" three tools that I could at least carry around.. There was a rusty and krusty 1" chisel( to use with the oil stone post) that Stanley Powerlock 25' tape ( in GREAT shape) and that rusty old saw... Well, I think that MAYBE I could do something with the saw? While I was out on some errands, the saw plate got a Simple Green soaking. Then I took the handle off. Polished the brass fittings, BLO/Varnish mix on the handle. Plate was sanded clean. Tried to find an etch....all I found was a 7 stamped into the plate. handle was dry, All the brass shined up, put things back together.. 7 ppi skew back crosscut plate. I'll need to work on them teeth a bit. Handle? Handle seems almost a walnut flavour now? Bolts have been "clocked". Handle is an older "open top" style. Has a chip in the top horn..meh... There is a divot on this side of the handle. Medallion is a recessed AAA one by Atkins. You can also see the "7" stamp. Spent $5 on the three tools today......twas a good thing I don't have a "Line Shaft" power plant in the shop....I would have need a BIG flatbed truck....the lathe in that building was almost as big as my Town & Country van! Sale is still on tomorrow.....and I'm broke.
  20. Kind of overflowing right now.. Underneath? Makita Sawzall I picked last year for $10. Black case below that? Is a tool box FULL of wrenches and sockets. Craig is supposed to be using that one. Taped up Makita needs need batteries...that WILL hold a charge longer than 10 minutes. The other is almost as bad. Rest of the toys? Mat need to do an inventory first..... Need to find a spot for the latest rust hunt item... $20..after I talked it down by $5. Emerson made, No. 113.226423. I now need to buy a sanding belt for it, and a disc or three....might find some use for this.....maybe.
  21. Easy Wood Tools is creating some fantastic videos lately!
  22. There is a lot more in those photos that I post about working on a project......look in the background of the photo.....and see how many tools you can ID. Maybe one like this? But, IF I rotate the camera a bit.... You might see a mitresaw? Keep an eye peeled, as there is a lot to see in a very small shop.....
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