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Found 100 results

  1. After over a year of waiting the shop expansion is finally underway. About a month ago which was a year later, I got the footings dug so we could ready to pour them and the concrete slab all at the same time. I had to move my electrical going to the shop before the footing and slab could be done so I got that done and a new box in the shop to give me more circuits and additional power. So with the footings dug, I could finally get the concrete guy lined up and thankfully he was where he could get right on it and pour the footings and slab all in one pour. After it started to setup, they got on it and put a smooth finish on the concrete so it will make a nice shop floor. Also installed the "j" bolts to anchor the walls to the concrete. Today all the material got delivered so we can get started framing the walls. Of course the weather has gone super hot now. It is in the upper 90's with about 80% humidity so we have weather you can wear. I got out and worked for a while and got all the old vinyl siding off so I can start framing the walls. On the end where the door is will be my office. In the middle will be a lumber or scrap wood storage area. It will have double doors to get into from the outside. On the left side will be the finishing room. About 12'x12'. It will have french doors coming in from the end and windows on this side so we get lots of natural light in the room. Once I am framed up and in the dry I will open access from the inside of the shop to the storage and finishing room. I'll update you further as I move along in the southern heat!
  2. hindy

    Wood Turning Shop

    From the album: Hindy's Projects

  3. Even after the rearrangement of the shop after the first of the year, we are still just too tight for the work we are doing. So we have decided to add on to the side of the shop. I am planning on adding 12' by 32' to the current shop which is 24'x32. I am afraid it will still be too small but I guess you can never get them large enough. We had a maple tree die and had to take it down so the shop is going where the tree was. About all we have been removing are roots. The digging has been quite hard. Even with all of the lines located, my son hit the gas line that was going to the shop. Fortunately it was going to have to be relocated anyway so we just turned it off at the meter and will deal with it when we finish. My Internet line came right through the middle of where we were going to be digging, but AT&T came out and made a temporary connection for me till we get this done and them they will come back and do a permanent connection. This way I don't lose my Internet at home. My son have been running the CAT and I got on it a while Monday afternoon and squared up the area a little bit. We are going to get a backhoe in there this coming weekend and should get it all ready to have the concrete people in to form up and get it ready to pour. So at least with everything else we are doing, we also have the area outside the shop tore up, but it should be better in the near future. More to come as we get the shop ready.
  4. This weekend we took out one of the old garage doors and replaced it with a regular door. As I get ready for the shop expansion, the entrance door was on the side of the shop. When we dig all of that out and the get ready and pour concrete I wasn't going to have a way in and out of the shop without raising the garage door. Long story, but it was going to be way too much trouble and the door was in bad shape anyway. So the old door came out and we Josh and I framed up and install a new door to the shop from the front. When I a ready to open the side up and attach the new addition, I will take down the siding over there and put on the front, so this is just temporary for now. We set to the door off center so it will give you a straight path into the shop. Also as I bring in a long board, it will come straight in and be in line with the SCMS. So no turns and or twist or spinning the board around to get it on the saw. Also when we are bring a finished project out now, it will come straight out and we don't have to go around the side of the shop to come out and then turn back into the driveway. So it is not happening as fast as I would like, but we are getting there. We had a couple of days of good weather and the hole was starting to dry up, but there is rain in the forecast today so we will be further delayed. we will get there soon though, I am sure.
  5. Here is a new panoramic view of the shop taken the other night.
  6. I know this is not a shop tour or anything like that, but I was going back in my time warp and a couple years ago I shot a quick video of our two dogs playing with each other, it's amazing how our bigger dog Jessie lets our little dog Woody just take over, the two love each other, and they play like this all the time, I thought it was pretty funny, they were actually going at it for a good 10 minutes before I shot the rest of their wrestling adventure. And the names? You ever seen Toy Story? Woody and Jessie? My kids named the dogs, what can I say.
  7. Last mid year our PC took a dive, and we had to purchase another PC for our home, and it was kind of a blessing in disguise as this PC I am now typing on, is pretty danged cool, it's like a new pair of glasses. Our old PC was purchased in 2006, so it was old as far as PC's go, but a good PC, a Gateway, heavy as heck too! This is the 3rd time we have replaced a PC in the 23 years we have been married, so we are doing pretty good by making them last. And as we replace them, we'll hold on to the tower for a couple years till it finally just gets in our way, and we'll run down and dispose it at the electronics recycle yard across town, minus the hard drive, I hold onto those. I held onto our last PC, and yesterday, (I was supposed to be working on my rocker) I plugged it in and decided to do some first aid on it. Long story short it works pretty good. Good enough to make it a shop PC, not too worried about dust and such, I'll break open the rear panel and blow it out every other month, and I am keeping it covered during non use. The only problem was I did not have internet, these days a PC is virtually useless without some communication to the world, so I was scratching my head, thought of hard wiring internet to my shop PC from our box in our home, no, too lazy to do that, then I came across this device, NETGEAR N600 Dual Band WiFi USB Adapter WNDA3100 I purchased it at Staples office supply locally for 38 bucks, inserted the disc into my pc, followed the instructions and plugged in the WiFi USB and in 5 minutes I had internet in my shop! This is a pretty big deal for me on many fronts, but I am a really happy camper now. I may get a voyure camera now and podcast activity in my shop! The old PC had limited wireless options, and connecting with a router wirelessly was not one of them, it was too early of a PC to have it. My wife has a laptop that hooks right up to our WiFi, our two older children who have cell phones hook right up to our household Wifi, but that old PC just did not have the capacity. Download and Upload speeds are the same out in the shop as they are at our family PC, I do not notice any deprecation in internet speed at all. That being said, the shop PC is not that far away from our WiFi, as the crow flies it's about 25 feet, through one wall. But hey, a very cheap way to get Wifi to a PC that is not set up for wireless connections! The old PC is running Vista for your reference.
  8. Well my shop ReDo is complete with the exception of hooking up the DC to the table saw, jointer and router table. I had planed to do that last night and picked up the PVC pipe but when I got home I realized I didn't have any PVC glue. Plenty of cleaner, but no glue so I decided to do a few other things and finish that tonight. I flipped the table saw around from where it once was giving me more open area behind the saw and a place that when we bring wood into the shop we are at either the chop saw or table saw to start. The Band saw stayed close to where it was but is now on wheels and I can push it back against the wall and pull it out to make cuts. By the Band Saw is one of my Display cabinets with some of the wooden planes and inside are some of my old wrenches. My jointer now sits at the end of my table saw giving me room to run longer boards across it and to use it without being in the way of someone at the drum sander. I just realized I didn't take a shot of the router table, but it now sits right across from the jointer and again gives plenty of infeed and outfeed room. My Planer is now in the middle of the room and connected to is own DC. This way I don't have any DC pipe work on the floor and it keeps the center of the room open from pipe hanging down from the ceiling. I moved my lathe out of the corner to give me better access to it and the clamps so they wouldn't fall on my when I stumbled into the tight corner. This also moved my sharpening station up closer to the lathe. . I moved my sanding station to the very back and against one of the pull up doors. We haven't open those doors in years so I might as well make use of the space in front of them. The drum sander has been moved to the back of the shop in an area where the planer occupied. I have done away with the legs that came with it since they stuck out and took up lots of room. Right now it is sitting on an antique Cherry Gate leg table. Nice Planer stand right? As soon as i can I am building a cabinet to put under it with storage for the rolls of different grit paper to use on the drum sander. I still have a few more areas to organize a little better. I have lots of plastic bins now to put things in and they are clear so I can see what is in them. Now I am ready to get started working in the new area and see if it works as good as it looked on paper.
  9. Held the FIRST ever Meet & Greet in the Dungeon Shop today! Two people came to see "all the, toys". A Beka, from Columbus, Oh and also from Lumberjocks Forums. A Mr. Chris hatchet, also from columbus, and from Saw Mill Creek Neanderthal Forums. Chris had a few planes to swap, Beka was promised three saws to show up. Rainy, nasty weather outside. Dungeon was all nice and spiffy clean...for about ten minutes. I did take Chris downtown, as a Logan Auction sale was going on, walked around, didn't see anything worth bidding on. Back to the shop! Beka showed up about that time. Got a might crowded down there! Held a few demos on using planes, sharpening, making a raised panel with just a couple planes, and even showed a few jigs to build. Chris liked the leg vise, and a few other items in the shop. The "aftermath" Well the floor WAS clean. Lots of shavings were made, as almost every plane down there was tried out. Both "toy chests" were gone through.. A-yep. "Where does he get all those toys.." As the Joker would say. Swapped a jack plane ( parts plane) a Stanley made eclipse #4, and another jack plane for these three items The center one is a 416 Fulton by Sargent. Gave a demo on sharpening an old blade, the Sargent's one, and had it making see through shavings in about.....10 minutes. The other two biggies seem to be from Ohio Tool Co. Gave a class on raising a panel with just two hand planes....a Millers Falls #9 and a Wards #78. Beka fell in love with the #78! Each person did get handed a plane to try out. A class on USING a handsaw was held for Beka. TWO instructors, too. She also was given three handsaws fitted to HER hands. Seemed to be a FUN time for everyone. All my "jigs" were hauled out and shown off. A Shooting Board, a plane stop for the bench, and a special fence for powersaws and routers. Sold another saw, and a block plane. Seems someone liked a Stanley 9-1/2 so well, he could NOT set it down..... So, anytime someone wants to show up...let me know, and I will work around my work schedule. Price? YOUR gas money to get here is all.
  10. I am making progress on the shop redo but it is going slow. I am only working on it when I get home at night so it is about 6:30 to 7:00 when I get into the shop. To make things worse, it has been raining here everyday so I couldn't move anything outside while we moved things around. I have moved somethings at least a dozen times just to get to where I needed to be. I was never good at rubik's cube but that what this feels like. I know you can't tell much about what is going on but we are getting things close to where the tools will be located. This layout is giving me more room about the tools and more open space in the shop. My shop is a two car garage separate from the house and is 24' x 32' So here in this picture you are looking toward to back and across the shop. I moved my table saw to the opposite end of the shop where it had been and moved the sanding table that was in the middle of the shop to a place behind where I am standing in the picture. So now I can bring in lumber and cut it to size at the chop saw and them move right over to the table saw and the jointer is at the right end of the table saw. So without moving all around the shop all of those actions can take place right within a few feet. I have moved my Grizzly Planner to the middle of the room and it has it's own DC on it now. The Drum Sander has also been moved to this end of the shop and I have removed the rolling legs that came with it and I am building a rolling cabinet that takes up less room and has storage to sit under it. I am still working on where I am going to move the router table to. With better weather expected the next two days, I am hoping we can get everything not needed out of the shop and have room then to actually sit things down and see how the work flow will work. It is a huge mess, but I am really enjoying looking at how we work and making the flow hopefully a lot better and give more open space in the shop. Since I don't have to share it with anything else I am not too concerned with having to move the machines very far. Several of them are on mobile bases so I can move them if I need to. More update as we get there.
  11. Last year was a great year working in the shop but it sure pointed out many short falls in the layout. But we were so busy and I just didn't have the strength after the surgery to change things. Since Christmas rush is over we are taking a break and redoing the shop. A better flow from bring the wood into the shop to working through the process and back out with the finished project. Right now on paper it looks great, I'll let you know how it goes when we put it all back together. This weekend I got everything taken apart and started the process of moving things several times. I would have like to taken tools outside and then brought them in as they were ready to be placed but it has rained here everyday. So we are working around things and just moving as we can. Right now the Delta Table saw is upside down and I thought I was going to replace the base with an original base but it doesn't fit the model so we are back to the make shift wooden base. The top is off the saw and everything is getting a good cleaning and checking then all realigned. About the time I really got all of this taken apart I started to wonder if this was really a good idea. Oh well it is started so now I have to finish it. I sure hope the after pictures look better than this mess right now.
  12. I'll tell ya something, you don't know what you have till you clean the old shop up! I am stripping out my cabinets of supplies, the finishing supplies cabinet, the hardware cabinet, the spray gun cabinet, and I forgot I had half of what I am seeing! Not too mention I am coming across items I forgot I had, yet I went to the big box store to buy anyway, I am finding 3 of the same items simply because I either forgot I had them or could not find them, and I went and bought another. Right now I am going through the finishing supplies stuff, about a dozen Minwax cans that must be 8 years old, since I don't use Minwax anymore they are old and crusty, going into the trash. I cleared out my hardware cabinet and half of that is going to dad's home for his "catchall" bucket of fastners and hardware. I just fired up the compressor so I can blow the cabinets out, came in to escape the noise. Ok, back out we go! CHAARRRRGE! What prompted this? I went out this morning to get reacquainted with my and realized, I need to get organized, this is ridiculous, I cannot work in chaos! Wish me luck!
  13. From the album: The Shop

    Rear view before rebuild.
  14. From the album: The Shop

    Rear view after rebuild.
  15. From the album: The Shop

    Right side view after rebuild.
  16. From the album: The Shop

    Right side view before rebuild.
  17. From the album: The Shop

    Left view after rebuild.
  18. From the album: The Shop

    Left view before rebuild.
  19. From the album: The Shop

    Front view after rebuild.
  20. From the album: The Shop

    Front view before rebuild.
  21. The other day I posted a lathe project which prompted a question about my dust collection system. First off, I have to say I am the worst when it comes to dust collection. I just simply forget to turn it on. Anyway, the question was about the lathe collection. I have a 4" collection port at the lathe. It does a pretty good job of getting most of the dust as shown. I also have a short 4" hose (not shown) that can be positioned nearer the turning to make collection even more efficient. I use a couple of bungee cords to hold the extra hose in place. The main collector sets next to the lathe- The metal garbage can contains a shop made Thien separator. To help control overall dust, I made an exhaust fan from an old furnace blower and mounted it in the basement window- You can see from the dust on the filter, it does pull the air to the window. In fact, it does such a fine job that I have to make certain the furnace isn't running when I fire it up or it will pull the fumes into the basement. Also made a similar device that sets over head, near the lathe. Currently the filter needs to be upgraded to remove finer particles, but you get the point. A couple of more connections-
  22. Yesterday I was driving about a mile west of me when I saw an older gentleman putting this out by the road. It's a Cabboose Stove made by the Excelsior Stove Co. of Quincy Ill. Since my shop is a converted 24' trailer, this should be just about perfect. It needs a little work, the top is broke by the chimney pipe, and the doors are rusted shut. I got the lower draft door working today after a few hours in the electrolysis tank.
  23. Here's a link, here on the Patriot Woodworker, to my little basement shop- Thanks for looking!
  24. Well a start anyway. Got all but three planks ripped down to 1x4'' by maybe 5' long. Started to remove the T & G edges. Back at the old Pole Barn Shop, this was easy to do, just set up the table-saw and rip away. Now? Well, I guess we might be having a bit of a Barny Stanley #31 and a Corsair C-5 Scrub Jack and plane away. Lots of shavings to rest my tired feet on, too. Corsair runs along the tongue parts, until a wide shaving appears, the #31 takes over and joints the edges straight. Might be worth the trouble, if the boards all look like this when I'm done If the #31 gets to be a might big, we have others awaiting their turn All Stanleys. L-R: #31 , a #5-1/2, a #5, and a #5-1/4. Note the pile of shavings? I plan to have all the edges jointed straight, and then work over the faces. Hope these all turn out ok..
  25. First I have tell you I have a half garage that is unheated. Then on super bowl Sunday, just before the game, I discovered our side by side frig/freezer had quit and everything was nearly thawed, So much for the game. It took an hour to get the stuff taken care of and most was in coolers...........where else, but in my half of the garage. Then the bottom dropped out of the temperature with highs near zero. This meant that I had to be sure stuff didn't freeze in the garage. One thing I didn't have to worry about was ice for the coolers since we have about 10" of snow in the yard. So what am I going to do in my shop? The new frig came today and so did the temperature. It will be in the 50 range and I will spend time doing something in my shop............. even if it is nothing.
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