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  1. I am starting a bookcase This is the beginning of the base unit and I've finally taken a short vod of my slot mortising machine / milling machine. The head tilts the power head is a Triton plunge router The miller Some components of the bookcase little tenons I can make 'em any size I need
  2. Yep, drawer Wars. As in, a fight to the finish between me and that evil dovetail jig. Fought to get the router set up, fight to get the jig set up. Fight to get two drawers to go together..... The Jig in use I figure at least I could try to do both drawers at the same time.. Not the greatest of fits, Got the sides and front ripped and planed to size, then this mess starts up. Well, coping saw to close a few gaps. BIG ball pean to close others. Getting late Well this morning, I moved that jig out of my sight, needed to room on the bench. Drawer sides were almost 3" too long. Trimmed them for length. Ripped and crosscut a board to get two pieces for backs, and set them aside. Set up another router, hoping it would do it's job. Needed grooves for the plywood bottoms. Set up the fence and the height of the bit. Then hunted for the cord to plug the router into. Yep, that $23 router table and router. Had the bottoms cut to size and even sanded it a bit. Needed that to check on the width of the groove. Took a second cutting. Then two clamps, and a bunch of glue for the front, and some glue and screws for the backend. Once I had found how wide the back needed to be. One screw to hold the bottom to the back, two on each corner, The doveatils were on their own, though sat the completed drawers in their new homes, once I figured out which went where. Needed to make something for them to slide around on. Some OLD 1x2 strapping, with the staples removed, four pieces were cut. Drilled three pilot holes in each. Set one end even with the front runner/stretcher, and finger clamped it in place. Set the combo square to set the height for the rest of the runner, three screws, and some Elmers. Finger Clamps? By Visegrip of course.. This was after the fourth runner was added. Next? Well, the BOSS wanted a cabinet on one end, so Had some extra plywood and some cleat stock sitting around, cut one panel for the drawer end. Had to notch for the runners, as the front one would be where a few screws would wind up. Panel is a bit shy of full width, by a 3/16" or so. Screwed to the legs and the front runner. One end is done, needed a back as well. It needed a cleat or two, but it is now in place And have added a cleat for the other side panel...that I still need to cut out. Then maybe, just maybe, build a DOOR for this thing? I am thinking this will be more for "Cookie Sheets and the like" and might not need a shelf inside. Don't think shelf pins will hold in 1/4" ply, anyway. Still have to final fit the drawers, and sand them to paint grade ( Guess who wants to paint it?). Even found two Kanoobies that match the ones in the kitchen! Have until Thursday afternoon to get something else done. On Med Leave right now...
  3. Awhile back, picked a router table at a garage sale...$20. Not great, but I thought i could find some room for it in the Dungeon Shop. Made by SKIL, had a few fences and other goodies included. sat for awhile, My NEW Craftsman router would not fit it, way too big. Went to a Moving day sale.... and picked a B&D Industrial Heavy Duty 1/4" router. Hmm, maybe try it in the table? Found out real quickly, B7D and Skil just don't mix the well. Adapter plate wasn't even close, holes were way too big. So, I flipped the table over, onto it's top. Took the base plate off the B&D router ( LOTS of caked up drywall dust under it?) and laid the base plate in it's place. Drilled the three mounting holes through the table. Flipped the table back upright, and countersunk the three holes. Tossed the base plate away. was broken anyway. Three small bolts to attach the router to it's new home.About like this. Tried to get the dang thing centered as best as i could. The three bolts are quite small, too you can just make out two of them here. Attached the fence.and dug up the miter gauge that came with the table. Plugged the router in for a test drive.....worked good! Mitre gauge is junk, though. So, now I have a $23 router table with router. That means I need to go and buy a new E-cord to hook it up with. Table has two outlets, one for the router, one for a shop-vac to hook to the fence's outlet. And a 12" cord.... Cord on the router is way too long. I think this might work a wee bit better than the other way I was doing thingsYa think??
  4. Router and a SKIL table needed to be some place besides on my tool chest. Still had a couple 3x3 metal posts, and and end panel from a Loft bed. Had a few 12" wide by 1/2" thick plywood scraps, too. Cut the two posts down to 27" or so, whatever to make four "legs". Hacksaw tried to get it square on the end, failed. Grinder and beltsander did make it a little better. Circular saw to cut a few 4" wide strips of plywood. Trimmed down the end panel a bit. Found a box of 1-5/8" drywall screws. Time to make a bench for this thing. Screwed one leg to the plywood strip Found out that IF the screws drill thier own holes in the plywood, then pull the trigger on the drill to "Full Speed Ahead" screws will drill into the metal legs. Three screws per leg joint. Once the front and back assemblies were made, time to add a piece of "grid" I attached this just to the plywood. Note the vise grips? Nice to keep things in place while the screws do their work. Added the other side to the grid Then cut two more strips to length for the ends. High Tech Miter saw to cut things down, again. Then making sure the legs are square, Three screws per leg, but not in a line, staggered a bit. Once both ends were on, stand this thing up on it's own four feet Not too bad, about 27-1/2" high. I like the open grid top. Dust and chips from the router can just fall on through to the floor. Added a couple strips to attach the Router Table unit to the new bench Top of the table is just about the right height. Thinking about adding a lower shelf underneath the top. Maybe add a rack to hold router items? Might need a place to store a few bits, too. Parked the unit out of my way, as i have to lay out stuff for a tool chest chisel rack, to hold the rest of my chisels ( IF I can stop buying them ..) Make an afternoon of screwing around in the shop? Just using up some scraps on hand. Not too bad?
  5. Seems there was a "Moving" sale. Two days, everything must go type of sale. Was good enough, I came back and got the Other Half and took her along to it. She found a few things for her. And what did i find Wellll, not too much, for $9. A small B&D Heavy "Pro" 1/4" all metal router@ $3 A Stanley Victor 8" sweep brace@ $5 A Stanley clone, 1"+ ( haven't measured it yet) Bevel edge chisel. @ $0.50 A 2 pounder+ Ball Pean Hammer head @ $0.50 A closer look at that $5 brace Has some decent wood handles, have since removed all the black dirt& grime from the wood. Don't think there was ever any springs in that chuck. If there was, they be gone now. Ratchet parts work good. The Chisel? Seems to be a Stanley wannabe? No metal end cap. You can almost see that hammer head laying there, too. Will need a BIG handle attached to it. Still has the epoxy plug in the hole, too. Near the end of the Yard Sale Season around these here parts, got to go and check a few out..... This sale said something about "Barn Finds"..........Love those barn finds...
  6. From the album: Gene's Stuff

    Tapered, walnut cane. Topped by a brass hame. Made on a shop made router lathe thingie.
  7. From the album: Gene's Stuff

    Made as gifts for a family reunion.
  8. From the album: Remote Caddie

    plywood layout and routing template

    © Lewis Kauffman

  9. From the album: Remote Caddie

    1/4" bit

    © Lewis Kauffman

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