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  1. Ok, a start on filling this thing up. First off, needed a way to hold the lid open. Trimmed a piece to length for along the back edge of the lid To keep the lid from going too far back. Glue and screws to install Sorry about the fuzzy photo. Seemed to work. Ok, lid will stay open, so I can get a little work done on the inside. Set up a corral for the four braces, and a drill bit holder A 1x1 screwed to the floor. A 1x upright to keep them upright. A diagonal brace to keep the divider upright. Whew. Had to keep working on the top of the divider to get it below where the trays will slide across. Yeah, a few handplanes showed up, wanting a place to hide. As for the bits for these braces And an eggbeater drill, too. I already had the 2x4 block made up. Was going to make a drawer like thingy for it. Screwed to the side of the chest. One last look at the crowded floor There is even a pair of rails installed for the next tray to slide on. Then, the battery on the Makita died. Bummer. Oh well, BREAK TIME! Need to plan a few trays anyway.
  2. a little tool chest varnish/BLO/walnut stain. insides are filling up quick. Might just be a decent chest. From a pile of old bed parts
  3. Well, at least the lumber is being cut, lines being drawn. The BOSS stated she wanted a new screen door for the back door, since that is the one everyone uses. The old metal "thing" is falling apart, just will not do. So, a trip to menards to pick out some Pine 1xs. Turns out the price was HALF of what Lowes wanted, for the same boards. Got a couple dowels, too. Started to layout some parts, it is a might crowded in the shop, right now Three steps from the bottom of the stairs, still time to turn back.. Well, someone scribbled SOMETHING on a piece of paper, might be something called a"Plan"? Eeeeh..could be. Laid out the 1x4s, well at least the straighter of the three I bought. Cut to 80" long. Marked and cut another for the top rail, marked and cut a 1x8 for the lock rail, and even a 1x 6 for the door sweep rail. Laid the parts out on the benches. BenchES because this takes up both of mine. I also dug out all the toys, er, TOOLS for the next few chores A couple small saws, some chisels for digging deep narrow holes, a few extra squares, and a small chisel beater. See anything that looks firmiliar? Layout lines are carried all the way around the 1x4 stiles. Will dig out the through mortises, and then make a groove for a raised panel, or two. Due to FleaBags in the house, everything below the lock rail will be solid wood. Will be a center stile to help hold two raised panels. Will also have to groove that stile on both sides, then Mortises and tenon joint to set it in place. Just a might crowded right now.. This may take awhile.....
  4. Had a request for a coffee table, and thought it was a good opportunity to use some reclaimed lumber and auction finds. The pine top cleaned up from several old boards that came as extras from some walnut I bought at an auction, and the legs came from another auction. The phone image doesn't show the color contrast as well as I'd hoped, but the darker legs really set off the amber of the pine once I was done with the third coat of poly. Will
  5. PIP of that Pine Table project. Brought the table up out of the Dungeon Shop to "air out" a bit. I can figure out what finish to apply. More to let all the dust and stuff blow off That is actually two planks for a bottom shelf. The gap is for one or two things: 1) space for one's feet IF they sit there, or 2) space for all them Xbox cords between the wall and the shelf. Again, nothing real fancy, once he loads al the stuff on it, be hard to see the table anyway. Be dated whether to breadboard the ends of the top.....but ran out of enough good wood to do it. So, awaiting a stain and finish.......Just an old pine table, nuttin'fancy
  6. Rust Hunting today, so not too much was done on the Pine Table. All the legs have eight "flats" four at the top, and four near the feet, mostly rough sawn, too. Clamped each leg up, and smoothed each flat, using the Little Guys The low angle one mostly. The square areas on each leg, like where an apron will go, were smoothed out. Do one side, release the vise, rotate, and repeat. The Knuckle cap was used a few times, as well. Nice change of pace from them big old Jack planes. A Wards #78 had snuck out of the Tool Chest, too. The one in back of the crowd. That orange thing is the Handyman after a clean up. But why the 78? Well I clamp an apron blank to the bench top. Set the fence and depth stop on the 78 and run it back and forth a few times. Then use the VIXEN rasp to clean up a finished tenon. Takes longer to clamp it up, than the make one. Might get the long aprons done tomorrow? We'll see...
  7. Is getting a bit full, now made a run today for some barn Siding, and got about ten pieces. Also found a 2x10 x 24" pine board, a 3x3 x 24" Spalted something or other, and Someone asked about a 2x4 x8' made from Oak? Got one today, only I think it is Red oak. Photos after the thunderstorms go away Brought home most of the small tools out at the old Pole Barn Shop. Cleaned off the Table saw to get it ready for Craigslist. Found out that old rip blade in the saw is still VERY SHARP! A-yup, that blade. Was running a belt sander around to clean off the rust, got a cut on the forearm. Wiping the top down after the clean up, palm of the right hand, near the wrist, found two teeth on the blade. Now have two holes there, as well. Now, about that 2x4 in Red Oak........
  8. Last week we wrapped up our pine cabinets and the final coat of pain on them, and final rub down of the interior shellac finish. That weekend I was able to get the cabinets installed with the butcher block counter tops over the lower base and over the washer and dryer. Here a couple links of the cabinet build from an earlier time. Pine Cabinets Shaker Style Part 1 Pine Cabinets Shaker Style Part 2 How to Make an Adjustable Sawtooth Shelf System Photo below is the upper cabinet, doors yet to be installed. I like to back my cabinets, most folks do not. They'll leave the backs off leaving the wall behind exposed. I don't like seeing walls, I like seeing something really nice behind the dishes and glassware, in this case it is being used for storage in a wash room, but I'll still pay the same attention to detail, Photo below, I just set one of the doors in place so we could see what is going in. I cut the doors the exact same dimensions as the openings, then I planed each one down to fit exactly in its assigned opening. The doors are inset flush so the reveal (gap) around the door had to be perfect, if not it stands out like a sore thumb. There are advantages and disadvantages to the inset door, as mentioned, the reveal has to be perfect, but the advantage is easy hinge application, in this case I used colonial style butterfly hinges surface mount. Photo below, the two main cabinets installed, the lower and upper along with the butcher block counter top. These are shown with out any trim-out to hide the unsightly gaps at the ceilings and walls, where the drywall is undulating. I trimmed it out with 1/4" by 3/4" strips of wood. Very simple, no crown, the entire home is Early American, the customer is an antique collector and loves simplicity. Photo below, butcher block counter over the appliances. I routed in some 3/4" dadoes at the bottom ends of the counter tops and secured cleats to the side walls, the counter tops are sitting on those cleats, I was able to get the counter top virtually on top of the washer and dryer by routing in those dadoes and resting the top on the cleats in that manner, also since the top is only resting on the cleats, it can be removed for appliance service if need be. Since these photos were taken, I have installed all the trim, back-splash's at the sink cabinet and the appliance counter top, the doors are installed, and it looks very nice. I also built onsite the upper cabinet over the appliances above the window two weeks ago, and I'll need to go back and install the door for that cabinet, at that time I'll get some finish shots, it looks awesome right now. Thanks for hanging in there!
  9. Well we got the rear boards up on our base cabinet, the front feet on the base cabinet, and we also go the upper cabinet constructed with the rear boards installed and the face frame ready to go. Pine Cabinets Shaker Style Part 1 I cannot install the face frame yet as I need to install the saw-tooth shelf supports and put the floating shelves in first, then the face frame can be attached, coming along! I almost got to the doors this weekend, it'll have to be next weekend. During this week I am going to start construction on a shaker wall shelf for the Laguna Tools auction event to help our veterans. Here are a couple shots of the base cabinet with the rear installed and the little feet in front. Rear of the cabinet, individual pine boards, random widths, I like random widths when doing the rear panels like this. Evenly width boards bore me! The upper cabinet, with face frame leaning up against it. Thanks for looking folks, this has been a really fun project, I forgot how fun pine is to work with, and how forgiving it is!!!
  10. I am starting on a job, this past Friday I headed on out and picked up about 200 bdft of pine from my favorite lumber dealer Reel Lumber in Riverside CA. My customer wants a solid pine lower cabinet, and upper as well. The lower overall height is 36" and the upper overall height will be 41". There will be another smaller cabinet at the other end of the room as well. All the cabinets will be painted antique white with the interior's left natural, and we will have a dark color butcher block for the tops. Saturday I completed my cut list and glue up of the 12" wide boards, then yesterday Sunday I started assembling. The first lower cabinet case is complete, I need to install the rear boards, and the doors of course. The photo below is a 10 length of butcher block that will be cut in two, one piece will be installed over the cabinet above, and the other piece will stretch between two walls and over a front load washer and dryer. I am going to strip the finish off the butcher block and stain it a dark color, perhaps a cherry stain. Of course I had my helper by my side most of the time, below is my hard working 8 year old son taking a break and drinking a juice after we unloaded some of the pine. My son liked to hang out under the shade of the pine boards, you cannot tell but it's hot this day, and the sun would peak out and with the monsoonal clouds, the humidity would hit the upper sphere of the barometer. After a while my boy took to using a hand saw to cut some pine boards and with a Veritas low angle block plane, he squared up the ends to each other. He and I have really been working closely this last year in the shop, and it's paying off, he understands, and he knows the steps, and he is using hand tools with a lot of pride. It'll be a matter of just years before he passes up the ol man in the skill of woodworking. After planing the boards flush to each other I was very proud to notice him pick up his square out of his pouch and check for accuracy. I was in the shop quietly observing him, he did it perfectly, planing, and checking for square till it was all perfect and 90. He is light years ahead of me already when I was his age. I'll keep the pics coming as I get the work done, and hopefully my son will be out there with me.
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