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  1. First off welcome to all our new members. Hope you will join in the discussions here and share what you are working on. This is a post I have been doing every Friday for several years so please jump in. It is raining here again so no work on the shop expansion this weekend. Most of my time is going to be cleaning up in the shop and putting everything away that I have been using on the shop expansion. Shop is a mess right now. So while it is raining and I am cleaning up, I am also working on a chair repair job. I have two of eight chairs in the shop to repair.
  2. I noticed when I got online how much I have missed this week. I've not been on hardly at all due to a serious sinus headache. The weather here has been so crazy for the past couple of weeks. It has rained every day, I know many of you have not had any, but we have had less days with no rain. Anyway it has my sinuses all messed up and when I bend over my head feels like it is going to explode. We had Rain on Monday. And More Rain And today it looked like it was going to rain and it finally did. Then the sun comes out and i
  3. With the hot weather comes the humidity and with that comes the thunderstorms. It has been hot and we have had rain everyday this week, sometimes a lot and sometimes just enough to make it feel like another layer on your body. My shop expansion is coming along but with the rain this week I haven't accomplished as much. About the time I get things out there and ready, here comes the storms. So I worked on a few other projects such as making this walnut table top for a Bistro table. All things were going good until I plunged the router into the top and made abo
  4. This week about all I have done in the shop is make a mess. I have been working on the addition and taking things in and out and just laying them wherever I could. You can read about Part 4 of the expansion here. I did manage to work into the week some cutting boards. I ran two large, two medium and two smalls with this patch. I will cut out another batch over the weekend to have for First Friday next week. As always, we here at TPW love to see and hear about your projects. Share with us your plans for this weekend in your shop or with you
  5. Not sure what it is like in your part of the country, but here we are having severe heat. Yesterday the heat index was 110 and what really makes it bad is the humidity is about 85%. So you walk outside and you are soaked. I will be working on finished some cutting boards that I glued up in the final glue up yesterday. These are all large end grain boards. I got in a sheet of Cherry Ply and the rope trim arrived yesterday for a night stand I am working on. I probably won't get it going this weekend but it will be at the top of the list for next week. For the
  6. It has been quite busy around here the past couple of weeks. After getting the footings dug for the shop expansion, we got ti framed up for concrete and got it poured. Took them about a half a day to pour and put a smooth finish and it and remove the forms. So I am about to start framing up the addition and get on with it. Hope it doesn't take me too long. I may have to have an old fashion barn raising and get lots of help in here to knock this out. Anyway, I am excited to finally see the pad and ready to get on with it. While this has been goin
  7. Beautiful weather here in the South, lower temps this weekend and lower humidity also. Looking forward to getting outside and not wearing the weather. Looks like it the weather holds off they will pour my concrete Tuesday and should be finished with it on Wednesday. Can't wait to get started on the addition on the side of the shop. Now I have to really get serious about floor plans and where I want things to be. I have been thinking about it so long but haven't put anything down on paper or in SketchUp but that is about to change. This week I got a good bit done in the
  8. A very nice weekend coming up and no woodworking planned in the shop. There will be lots of work in the shop, it just won't be making sawdust. Last year in May we took down a Maple tree next to the shop and planned on expanding the shop. Well after waiting on several backhoe operators, finally I got a call from one this week and said he would be here on Thursday morning at 7:00 am to dig my footings. So I had to get busy and take out my electrical service to the shop since it ran right across where the new footings would go. So no power in the shop, no woodworking. But at 7:00 am t
  9. Getting ready to head out for First Fridays Florence. Hard to believe it is already June but time sure seems to be flying by. I've been retired two months already and it seems like, well two months and it is AWESOME!!!! So I spent this morning cleaning out a path to get my new 24" Grizzly Sander into the shop. I had my sanding table in front of the garage door, so everything had to get moved. Shop is now a bigger mess than normal. So I got a path cleared and the UPS driver helped me to get it in the shop. Weights in at about 490 lbs
  10. Memorial Day weekend and a great time to spend with family and friends. Also a time to remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I am on the road this week on vacation. Yes I got a vacation and am retired now. We have spend the week in Virginia visiting Montpelier, James Madison's home and Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home. Wow both were great visits and if you haven't been I highly recommend it. If you go to Monticello, take the "Behind the Scenes" tour, worth the extra money. We left there on Thursday and spotted by Black Dog Salva
  11. It have been busy week in my shop getting ready for Arts Alive here in Florence. A two day show in the park downtown with over 100 artist. We had such a good First Friday we had to make more inventory. Included are cutting boards and iPhone and iPad stands alone with Pizza Peels. I also finished the Cedar Chest and it will be featured in our booth. I'll be working the show all weekend so I hope you all get a chance to get out in your shop and make something. Have a great weekend, see ya on Monday!
  12. Here it is Friday the 13th and nothing wild has happened in the shop today. Still have all my fingers and it has been a productive day. I finished the assembled of the Cedar Chest I have been working on and now it is ready for the finish. With any luck, I will get it done this weekend and have it ready for a show next weekend. I have a batch of seven large end grain cutting boards to sand and I have got to make a batch of medium and smalls to have ready next weekend. So for the next week I will keep the shop lights on and stay pretty busy.
  13. Weather is getting nice and I got to spend two days in the shop this week. I am hoping to get to finish some of these projects and work on a few other new projects. The past couple of days I cut out enough pieces to make up 12 Edge grain cutting boards. I got the first six glued and removed from the clamps. And six more glued and clamped. I hope to get these all finished tomorrow and them work on these pieces I got cut to make up six large End Grain Cutting Boards. So for right now I am in the full swing of g
  14. I have missed a couple of Friday post lately. We had a visit from Ron and Dorothy Dudleston a couple of weeks ago on Friday and this past Friday my Brother in Law passed away. He was my wife's brother and served in the Air Force for 24 years. It was a busy week and then on top of all we both came down with bronchitis and have been down all week. After shots and meds I am finally feeling a little better today and up and moving slowly around. So there has been no woodworking in the shop for a couple of weeks and I do have a couple of projects on the bench but they will wa
  15. I got a little busy yesterday on Friday and didn't get my post up. This retirement stuff gets busy somedays. So I got setup for our April First Friday and had a good show. Beth and I were busy at the booth right up till we shut it down and started packing. We had one more item out to pack up and a guy walked up and said I need four of those, so we took care of him and ended the night with a good sale. I have got to cut a juice groove in a cutting board that will be picked up today and then it will be time to do a little yard work. Grass is already greening up so out come
  16. Today is Good Friday and even better for me it is my last day at work. I now join the ranks of the retired. Not much going on in the shop for me this weekend as I will have family here and Celebrating on Sunday our Risen Savior. I hope you all have a great weekend and get time to spend with family. I'll catch you all on Monday as I start my new schedule..
  17. The countdown continues and next Friday I will be officially retired. As I understand, it really just means I change bosses. But for a while I will be here by my self during the day. We'll see how it works out. So a few weeks back I posted a picture of a couple of Poplar tables I was working on to become Lego building tables. At this point all I had to do was put the trim piece around the top that helps keep the pieces from falling off the table. So this week I got all of that finished and got the tables painted Lego Red and added the Green 10"
  18. Down to two weeks to "work" and then join the ranks of the retired world. This week I have gotten in a little shop time. I got two Lego tables together all but the trim piece around the top. it sits 3/4" above the top to keep the pieces from sliding off. So I will get the trim on then get it painted and attach the Lego bases. Maybe I can finish that this weekend. I am doing a wine and cheese open house Saturday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. I sure hope they are buyers and we can sell some boards and cheese boards. So
  19. First Friday in March and it starts the show season for us. I'm here and ready to setup and get it going. This is an outdoor show and the low tonight will be 34 so we will run our heater. Been working on finishing cutting boards and a couple of cedar chest. so what what is on your agenda? We here st TPW love to see your projects. Post them and share with us. Looking forward to to seeing them!
  20. Here we are already in the middle of February and only days away from Valentine Day. I hope you have taken a little time out to pick out something really nice for your valentine. So I have been out of the shop for just over a week. But I am ready to go again and look forward to getting into the shop this weekend. We should have really good weather here and I am ready. I have cutting boards, and furniture pieces to either work on, cut out or finish so I can just take my pick this weekend. The main thing is I will get in some shop time. So what is on your
  21. Well I have to start off and say a big ROLL TIDE to the National Champions once again. But that has nothing to do with woodworking so I have it out of the way and now on to woodworking. As i mentioned last week I got my bench put together and was all ready to start to finish and realized I was out of Zinnzer Seal Coat. It is a de-waxed Shellac and I like to spray it first under the Varnish finish I am going to put on. I checked the Big Box stores and they no longer carry it. I went to the local Ace Hardware store that is locally owned and they ordered it for me. It is so n
  22. I have been working on this Walnut bench for a while and I am getting real close to finishing. It is now all assembled and just needs a final sanding to smooth everything out and have it ready for a clear spray finish. I had a horrible mistake earlier this week. I turned it upside down to put the piece for the top in. I put it on the flat plywood so everything would be flat and level. Well when I turned it over the pocket screws were coming out the top of the center cross pieces. Thankfully it was those and they were easy to replace. Had it been the end pieces I would
  23. Happy New Year to all of our Patriot Woodworkers! I hope that 2015 was a great year for you and that 2016 will be even better for your woodworking. I took several days off from the shop. Well sorta, we cleaned up the shop and put things away from all of the last minute jobs. I couldn't stand it today as I had a project that needs to get finished so we went to the shop today and worked on this Walnut Bench. The frame is all mortise and tenon joinery and today we got all of the mortises and tenons cut and fined tuned to a nice fit. We'll get it glued up in the morni
  24. Merry Christmas to all of our Patriot Woodworkers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve and that you have a great Christmas Day with family and friends. I also hope you got all the wonderful gifts you were expecting and got all of your shopping done for those you were shopping or building for. Our Christmas has turned out a little different than expected, our son and daughter-n-law presented us with a new Granddaughter the 23rd. So right now they are still at the hospital and we are waiting to see when they will get here. My daughter and SNL are flooded in at his parents an
  25. Wow, is the push on to finish projects for Christmas. I hope you all are getting some time in your shop this last weekend before Christmas. I have been in the shop the past two days all day and looks like it is going to be a busy weekend. I have the first two of three Green Egg Tables almost finished. I have the third one cut out and ready but it will be for a Komota Joe smoke which is a Green egg look a like. I am also working on a 24" Oak Lazysusan. Used my router to cut it out. They wanted it to look rustic, so these boards looked quite
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