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Found 59 results

  1. Good Monday Morning! And what a wonderful week we are heading into. Firstly, what have you been up to over the weekend, what accomplishments, or setbacks have you run into in your shop? Or in life! Whatever they may be we'd love to see some images and we'd love to read about your adventures over the weekend and for the week ahead. As far as your beloved Patriot Woodworker community is concerned we have a couple things brewing as of late.   Just in case you have not noticed, over the last few months we have had a re-appearing link at the top of our navigation bar here on our website and it is titled "Wiki (Under Construction)". If you click on that link it will take you to The Patriot Woodwiki. This is our official wiki portal for our community here. We are finally coming down the home stretch to opening our knowledge base portal. The portal still needs some work, but we are on the way to opening soon.   Here are a few links of interest: The Patriot Woodwiki What is a Wiki?   The Patriot Woodwiki will be open to all for editing, collaboration, creation and sharing. The wiki is by default a software that allows anonymous entries and editing, so you don't even need to be signed in! In other words it's an open knowledge base open to the world. But, we do hope folks will sign in and leave their mark for the creations and editing they perform. Currently a separate sign in is required, but we are working on a single sign in, so if you login here at The Patriot Woodworker, or there at The Patriot Woodwiki, you'll be signed in to both. That will come later.   Also   We have fired up the MWTCA "What's It" campaign to help encourage membership and the preservation of historical hand tools and implements. More information can be found at the MWTCA topic here in our community. We will be coming up with the first What's It later this week! So stay tuned!   So that is the excitement for us here in TPW, back to you, what's on your plate for the week and what did you do in your shop over the weekend? Have a terrific week!  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use. These old Workbench Magazine's were fairly light on the detail, but with some prior knowledge and experience you can use this plan as a great jumping off point to build this wonderful piece of furniture history.
  3. Thank you to all who have served, and all who sacrificed for our great nation, I truly pray that our nation is and will be worthy of your service and sacrifices. In the United States, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May. It falls near the end of Armed Forces Week, which begins on the second Saturday of May and ends on the third Sunday of May (the fourth if the month begins on a Sunday, as in 2016).[4] First observed on 20 May 1950, the day was created on 31 August 1949, to honor Americans serving in the five U.S. military branches – the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard – following the consolidation of the military services in the U.S. Department of Defense. It was intended to replace the separate Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Days, but the separate days are still observed, especially within the respective services.[5] The first Armed Forces Day was celebrated by parades, open houses, receptions and air shows. The United States' longest continuously running Armed Forces Day Parade is held in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 2016, Chattanooga celebrated the 67th year of the Armed Forces Day Parade, which also began in 1950.[38] Bremerton Washington Held its 78th Annual Armed Forces Day Parade on May 21 2016 so that is the Longest running. That one was held in 1949 and actually was the reason that An Armed Forces Day in the USA was created!!!! Because of their unique training schedules, National Guard and Reserve units may celebrate Armed Forces Day/Week over any period in the month of May. Source:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armed_Forces_Day#United_States
  4. My goodness, time is flying so quickly, again! My first thoughts of the morning are of our friend Cliff, who's family is dealing with a loss of a great man in his family. Cliff's father-n-law passed today, and it is obvious he was a very important and integral part of the family. If you'd like to drop on by and wish Cliff and his family your thoughts and prayer, the original discussion can be found at A Tough Spring. Of course if it moves you, please leave your thoughts and prayer here too. So, what have yall done in your shops over the weekend! Let's see what you got done, what you threw into the firewood pile, let's see your shops! Lets see a machine, a hand tool, let's see something about you and your shop life. We are nosy, we like to be voyeurs in your shops, and the only way we can do that is to send in a team of top secret Patriot Woodworkers and install camera's in your shop, but that would be too expensive, so we'll have to settle on your images and your commentary. I wish I had something to show off from this weekend related to woodworking, but our life here at home has been centered on a girl and her senior prom. The image below is my daughter, her date and close friend, and his dad to the right, and ya, that's me, the knuckled head at left with my girl. This was the dad with kids shot, as you can imagine we have about a hundred photos of the kids before they left for the prom. The misses and our daughter worked on this event for weeks, and it all finally came to an end Saturday night. Ya I know this is not woodworking related, but hey, there are big trees in the background! I gotta tell ya guys, I love the fact all our kids are highly involved in life, and projects, and events, but with 3 kids active all week long, each with their own schedule of events and fun stuff they are doing through school, and us parents being there for each event and driving them here and there, I have one thing to say, I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER!!! Even up till the last gasp of a Sunday evening last night I was at our younger girls riding lesson, sitting in my truck waiting for her to wrap it up, I had my laptop and I was doing Patriot Woodworker website maintenance while waiting for her to finish up her lesson till 7pm. I took this cell phone image of our younger girl and her trainer riding by the truck. About a half hour later she showed up at the truck, threw her riding boots on the floor and got in, then we took off for home to eat a late dinner. I love being a parent! So, how about you all, show us your projects, and happy woodworking ahead folks!
  5. Seems as though the weeks are just flying by. Here we are at the end of May already and jumping full into Summer. I hope you are getting to spend some time in your shop. I hope to get to visit in my shop a little this weekend, but I will be limited to what I can do and for sure don't want to trip over anything in there. I am working on the rehab of my new knee and it is going well, but yes it does hurt at therapy. I was able to get 85 degrees of bend today which is excellent since it has only been a week and two days since the surgery. Today they put me on the bike and told me to try to get it to go all the way around backward. I could get close but just couldn't get it to go all the way around. It looks so easy, but it just doesn't happen sometimes. Yes I was almost all the way to the top but it just wouldn't make it over. But as I have been out of the shop for a few weeks, my sons and DIL and my wife have been keeping things going and making cutting boards and other projects to keep us on schedule. My son and I were talking and came up with this polka dot cutting board. He also has three other boards with some variation in the layout ready to get glued this weekend. I hope I can get out there and maybe help do a little glue up or run the drum sander. I can sit on a stool and work on those items for a little while. So that is what is happening in our shop right now. What are your plans for this coming weekend in your Patriot Woodworker shop? Are you working on a new jig, starting a new project, finishing up a project, working on Father's Day projects, organizing the shop, doing home improvement, getting the yard ready for summer, or spending some time inn the recliner and resting after a long hard week? We here at TPW are interested in the projects you are doing in your shop and love to see pictures of your projects and information about what you are doing posted here. So come on and tell us about your weekend projects! You never know your project just might inspire someone else to give it a try. I am waiting to see what you are doing, so come on and post.
  6. View File Workbench Magazine May-June 1965 Pole Screen and Candle Stand This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use. These old Workbench Magazine's were fairly light on the detail, but with some prior knowledge and experience you can use this plan as a great jumping off point to build this wonderful piece of furniture history. Submitter John Morris Submitted 05/10/2016 Category Furnishings
  7. Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers and guests! Here we go again, these weeks just keep rolling by with no reprieve in time. We are already almost half way through the year and I swear it feels like we ended the holidays not too long ago. Time is just flying way to quickly these days. As many may know our community is a big supporter of the MWTCA and all it stands for. I am a member myself and we try to put the message out as often as we can about the going on's of this fantastic organization. There is a big tool meet coming up in Des Moines, IA next month and if anyone is in the area, GO! As a matter of fact, many folks travel to these meets from hundreds of miles away. This meeting is for members only, so you need to join up before you go, membership is $25 per calendar year, and it includes some great quarterly issues of the Gristmill magazine, and one annual reproduction of an old trade manual or tools book. The benefits are many not too mention you are helping to keep this organization live and rolling with your dues. Here is the link to the information page for the event at http://www.mwtca.org/tool-meets/national-meet-information.html And if you do go, please take some pictures for those of us who are not able to attend! We'd love to see you and your images at this tool meet. Below is a copy of a past issue of the Gristmill, when you become a member you receive these wonderful magazines quarterly. And last but not least woodworkers, what are you up to this week! What did you do over the weekend! Please show us your projects images and be safe and sane this wonderful glorious week ahead!
  8. I have been quite behind in doing my post lately. Wasn't sure if I was going to get fired or not, but I hope to be on the mend enough to get things back in the grove. I had worn through the bone on my right knee and it just got to the point I couldn't stand to be up on it. I had a full knee replacement just over a week ago and all is going well. Long way to go but making progress everyday. I have climbed the stairs into and out of the house several times now, quite a bit of walking and the best therapy I like is sitting in the porch swing. They tell me to put my foot down and lightly swing back and forth the help stretch the muscles so I can get the bend back. So yesterday I was in the swing quite a bit. As for working in the shop no shop work yet, but my two sons have been filling in and keeping things running. They have done four shows for me and we have sold numerous pieces out of the shop. I told them we are now Cutting Board Dynasty and I was going to be like Phil on Duck Dynasty, sit in the recliner and say, "happy, happy, happy". But even though I am out of my shop, we here at TPW always want to know what other Patriot Woodworkers are doing on their shops. So share with us your plans for this Memorial Day long weekend. Of course we are want to take time and remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I hope you will do that over this weekend and remember family members and friends who served our great country and paid the priced of freedom with their lives. WhT other plans do you have for this weekend, are you starting a new project, finishing a project, building jigs, doing home improvement, yard work, shop remodeling, or just sitting in the porch swing and enjoying some BBQ? We want to know and looking forward to sharing in your weekend project so get busy and tell us what is going on in your Patriot Woodworker Shop. I'll be in the porch swing checking often to see who shares with us.
  9. May already can you believe it? Maybe the snow is melting away and some of you can finally get outside and enjoy some nice weather. I have been a little scarce on the board the past week and a half. We have been in full blown production mode with all hands on deck in the shop. I have a two day show this weekend and then another two day show in two weeks. I will be having knee replacement on the 14th of this month so I have been trying to get everything made and teach the boys how to so they can cover for me at the show in the 17th and 18th. So we have made.32 cutting board, 10 bread dipping trays, 16 cheese boards and almost three Big Green Egg Tables. So we have had the dust flying in the shop. My DIL and wife, both named Beth, have been running the drum sander almost non stop. Josh and I have been gluing boards, and Andrew and Josh were working on the Green Egg Tables. About the only break was stopping to empty the dust collector which was filling up quickly. 18 Cutting boards in those two stacks. Nine more on this table just getting oiled last night. Bread boards and cutting boards getting oiled. Bread boards finished. And the Cheese Boards with an Antique spreading knife. So our shop has been quite busy and we will be at two shows this weekend. What is going on in Your Patriot Woodworker Shop this weekend? Please share with us your projects and what you will be working on. Share pictures of your projects as we here at TPW love to see what you are making. So come on and post those pictures here and tell us about your Patriot Woodworker Plans.
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