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Found 222 results

  1. From the album: Throw Tops

    Maple top that I made recently. It's made with 4 1x pieces of maple that are glued together on a square piece of beech for the center.
  2. From the album: Throw Tops

    Maple top that I am making today. It's made with 4 1x pieces of maple that are glued together on a square piece of beech for the center.
  3. Rehabbed back to life. It needed a need handle on the back end. I found a decent pattern, added a bit to the bottom. Bandsaw to cut out a handle from some 1" thick Walnut. The sander back there did most of the rounding over. The big foot goes into that slot. But, needed a filler for the slot, first Again, used the sander to shape it a bit. Added some Elmer's and used a stick of scrap, and a hammer to set the filler in place.. Let this sit awhile. The old handle? Had a couple LONG finish nails holding it in place, and an entire roll of black tape wrapped around it. Horn was gone, too. Plan is to add some glue to the new handle, and add a slotted screw 7 washer as a toe bolt. Once the handle has been final sanded. Which brings up the wedge Old wedge was nasty, cracked, and started to split. Had a scrap of Maple. Bandsaw to make a new wedge. Beltsander to fit it to shape, and fit IN the plane. Old and new. Put the cutter assembly in place, and tried the wedge to see IF it will work.. Seems to fit. The iron needs to be resharpened, badly. It had a big chip in one corner. Ground enough off to remove the chip out. Maybe later, I can grind a new edge, with a bit of camber. Set things in place, to keep track of what goes where. Then, today, I can finish sanding the handle, and installing the handle. It NOW has a coat or three of poly to seal this very dried out wood. Did I mention, that the sole is now as flat as this old plane can get it? I even checked for flat, with a straightedge.. Looks good to me. Not concerned about that ugly mouth, as this is a Jack plane. With a cambered iron, it needs a lot of room for those thick shavings to go through. Will add a few coats of wax to the sole...later. Maybe this weekend, I can get it to make a few shavings..stay tuned
  4. Got the "lid" out of the clamps today. Ends needed to be squared up. Bandsaw tried, and failed to cut a straight line, again. Sooo Millers Fals No.14 Jack plane to straighten the edges. Panel needed flattened as well...Sooo Gave both the 14 and a No. 11 a crack at it. Part of the panel was a hair thicker than the other. Beltsander on standby.. Dressed the edges a bit.. Low angle block plane. Looks a little better? Got the box, and the lid, set things up in the clamps, needed to plane a bit more... Decided to give the sides a bit of "Tumblehome" where the sides taper towards the inside. Planes and beltsander to do all four sides. Don't have the hinges..yet. Got a bit tricky rotating the box around. Finally. Got things matched up.. Almost like a Jewelery Case? Gave the outside a coat of that SMELLY BLO... Just to see where I'm at.... Need to go out and find some hinges, maybe a latch? Then I can work on how I am going to stash all of them bits....stay tuned..
  5. steven newman

    backside view

    From the album: Lap Desk

    Back corner. Simple rebated butt joint. Just glued. Back board has a few more knots to it
  6. steven newman

    back board

    From the album: Lap Desk

    A better look at the back board...full of knots. That is a live edge on top.
  7. Well, found out the hinged items and I still don't get along. Trying to install a lid on these Lap Desk.......didn't go too well. Trashed the non-moving part of the lid, as the meeting angles...didn't. Got out the last of the wider boards from the stash. Had a "Live Edge"......maybe a design feature? marked out where I needed to cut. Bandsaw still refuses to cut a straight line, so I'll dig this little saw out. At least it will saw a straight line. Clamped things up, to see what angles needed cut And test fitted some hinges.....close enough for now.... Closed the lid...still a bit "hinge-bound", but better than it was. More Walnut plugs to install, and then just called it a night Front view, and a look at the back edge BTW, while trying to plane a bevel on the edge of this curly Maple stuff That plane sitting beside the panel is one of the two from an auction Seems to be tuned up enough to make a few shavings....The little smooth plane also did a bit of work on the flat areas Millers Falls No.8....about the size of a Stanley #3. Might just add a coat of BLO to this desk, and see what turns up.....
  8. Still playing around down in the Dungeon Shop. Getting all the pieces to go together into a single....unit First parts were one side, the front, and the center piece. Needed to route some "Pencil Grooves". Set up the router table Had to mark out where that little bit was, and where to stop and start the grooves. THEN I could attach the pencil holder to the rest of the mess, and glue up. Came back down about...noonish or so. Removed all the clamps, just barely had enough to do the first set of glue-ups....Test fitted the other side piece...something wasn't fitting quite right? Ah, the divider that goes across side to side was a hair too long....we have ways of dealing with that. Fired up the bandsaw, sliced off the offending part, then re-notched the end. Then it did fit into the stopped dado better, and the rest fit as well. Glue and clamps, not as many this time around.. Assome of the extra clamps were to hold small parts, and pull things into square. As for that problem area? Looks a bit better? There are two pencil grooves on each half. A center divider seperates and gives a small bit of support there. Since I had the plywood bottoms in their grooves for this glue up, I added a clamp towards the rear. Helps keep the sides straight. Don't want to have it flared out. After Supper (Pizza!) I might float back down and see what I can play with next. Maybe attach the back? I got some brass angle brackets today. just to reinforce the back corners. need the pare down the top of the sides a bit, about an 1/8" too tall. Maybe attach the back of the top lid? Might find my plug cutter to make plugs that will cover a few screws. Just playing around in the shop....
  9. Ok, since it is too much to go back to the beging, I'll take up where i left off... Last time, I had laid out some dovetails, and had them cut. today I went back down there for a little more work...( WORK? I am retired, right?) Had went out and bought a set of chisels at Aldis, Decided to give the skinny one a workout Seemed to hold up pretty well. Chopped for awhile on one side Then flipped the board over So, now I had one end done, but how to transfer the marks to the over part of the joint? I think I have a clamp for that job.. Pencil to mark the layout lines. Then a way to saw leaving those lines.....ah, Bandsaw! I can saw on the waste side, and see what I'm cutting, too. Clamped this part to the bench Then chiseled out the waste. A bit of fitting to get things to fit. Then down the above routine all over again on the over end. wind up with three parts joineried Which left a back to do.....Back??? Ooops, better cut one out. had a slab of maple, curly stuff, in fact. marked it for length, and height using the connected trio. Bandsaw to cut it down....a little wavy along the edges. I think I know a plane that can cure that.. A Stanley No.6c,type 10. Small jointer. Had a small candle handy, and "waxed" the planes sole first. Along with the handsaws, it helps alot! Got the edges straight and parallel. needed a "rebate" on each end. I think that will do nicely. Needed grooves for a bottom panel to slip into...set up an old machine With a 1/4" bit. Set the fence and set the depth, ran the first piece that was handy.. Then went and grooved the rest Had to watch, to make sure I didn't cut through them dovetails. Single Brain Cell Sketch-up is down at the moment. trying to decide on dividers for the inside. Stay tuned, I might get to playing again..
  10. Finished the chess board, finally! I ended up milling the walnut and maple to about 3/32" thick and using a 3/4" plywood substrate. The border is made from some old cherry I had in the wood shed. The customer didn't want to spend too much money so I opted for not end matching the small filler inlay between the squares and the border. That particular border $18.99 for two 36" pieces. If I had end matched the pieces, I would have needed , at least, 4 inlay pieces. Finished with rattle can lacquer.
  11. Hi all! I just wanted to show off the latest creation, if you are on facebook you may have seen it already. A mini pepper mill made from maple. This mill is approximately 2 5/8" wide at the bottom 2 1/4" at the top and about 2 7/8" tall not including the handle which would put it over 3" tall. This one is a bit tricky in the fact that you have to drill precisely otherwise it won't fit together right. It's not one that you can just trim down the hardware if it doesn't fit, so I had a bit of fun trying to get it exactly right. which is not normally my thing. I like to let things be whatever they turn out to be. It paid off though because it is a great little grinder. I thought I had seen these over at WoodCraft but when I went looking for it, I didn't see it, so I got this one at Craft Supplies USA I actually picked up a pair of them, they also have the salt grinder too which I intend to get later. Here is the actual link to the grinder if you want that, Pepper Mill. To finish this mill, you'll need a blank that is 2.5"x2.5"x3" I went with 3.5" long blank so that I could mount it in the 4 jaw chuck. Thanks for reading and happy turning.
  12. From the album: Pepper Mills

    Artisan pepper mill made with maple (top view)
  13. From the album: Pepper Mills

    Artisan pepper mill made with maple (end view)
  14. From the album: Pepper Mills

    Artisan pepper mill made with maple
  15. lew

    Finished Board

    From the album: Chess Board

    Finished chess board
  16. From the album: Ring Tray's

    A bit wider view of the piece. I still have a lot of sanding to do but here it is
  17. Charles Nicholls

    Ring Tray 1

    From the album: Ring Tray's

    This ring tray is made from Birdseye maple and curly maple. I tried to get a tighter shot of the grain, I hope it worked.
  18. From the album: Boxes

    Here's a piece that I am currently working on now that I am feeling a bit better. It's just a small maple? box that you could put a ring or 2 into for like a wedding etc.
  19. Working as steady as I can to get ready for the Craft show season. First Friday in March is the kick off here although I am not sure the weather is going to cooperate since it is out doors. Got the first batch of large boards out of the clamps and another batch in the clamps last night. Now it is on to the drum sander to get them flat and ready. And the Beat goes on, and the Beat goes on....
  20. It was a different kind of woodworking this weekend. Actually I didn't do anything other than just watch and hope nothing went wrong and landed on either the house or the shop. I had this large maple tree between the house and the shop that had five trucks coming out of it. They went out in different direction and some over the shop and some over the house and one over the deck. We noticed some bad places on the tree and decided it was time for it to come down before it came down in the wrong place. The canopy on this tree must have stretched over 60'. So taking it down was going to require someone with equipment to get up there and take in down in pieces. They got started on it around 4:00 Friday afternoon and with a chipper on site they got rid of all of the branches as they were cut and dropped down. Moving around from place to place, up and down he surgically removed the branches that were hanging out over the house and deck. By the end of light on Friday they had it down to main trunks. I had planned on getting the main trunks cut into 8' to 10' lengths and have the cut into lumber. But as we took them down the center of every piece was rotten. At one point when he was cutting through a section of the trunk, the saw was throwing water out as it cut. The inside was full of water. So I am glad we got it down. Now it was just take it all the way to the ground and get ready to have the stump ground up. It was sure sad to see it come down but so glad I don't have to worry about it being on or through the shop or house. Just wish some of it would have been good enough to save. Well this week it will be back to real woodworking.
  21. From the album: John Hechel

    Turned maple potato mashers
  22. From the album: Sewing needle cases.

    Fire starter in the middle with 2 flanking sewing needle cases
  23. Hello All, I am planning a build of a narrow table for our foyer. I have some 5/4 waterfall bubinga that I planned to use for the top and a small amount of gaboon ebony for accents. However for the apron and legs I'm stuck. I thought about using walnut, but figured the ebony would get lost. I then looked at a curly maple but the contrast seemed extreme. What wood would be a good compliment to a bubinga top, that would showcase the bubinga and ebony but also compliment the peice as a whole? Kevin
  24. I was able to get a few gifts done this christmas. Christmas ornaments for my grandkids. Mirror for my wife out of spaulted maple. Cutting boards for my mother and daughters out of curly maple and walnut, stirring spatulas out of walnut for my wifes friend. Necklace holders out of cherry "Lake Superior wave" for my other daughters. All in all we had a very enjoyable christmas eve and day. How about everyone else?
  25. From the album: Pine Is Fine Custom Cabinets and Furniture

    Here is the finished product for the Maple and Red Oak Toy Box. The client picked out an Early American stain, to give it that 18th/19th century look. You can also use this as a heirloom blanket chest.
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