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Found 236 results

  1. Here we are in the dead of winter and it is cold outside. They just got my gas line run back to the shop the day before my knee surgery and so I am using electric oil heaters in the shop and they just don't do what the gas heat did. I've got to get on that and get some real heat back in the shop before it is AC time! But at this time all I am really doing is some tool maintenance and straighten the place up a bit. Why is it that every flat surface will become completely covered with stuff and you can't see the surface? Well I have found the surface on part of my back bench, but not all of it yet. Saturday my wife and I are heading to Huntsville, AL to a gun show. As with tools, nothing I "need" but who know what might call my name while I am there. I will do my best to be ready and listening as hard as possible in case something were to call out my name. Sunday will be a little more tool tune up and getting ready to actually see if I am ready next week to turn them on and make a little saw dust. Nothing big and no long days, but I'm ready to see if I can do a little woodworking. What is on your agenda this weekend? All of us here at TPW love to hear what you are doing and your plans. You never know who you might motivate into a project. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and whatever is on your agenda, please be safe!
  2. Today I was finally able to up and down the steps in sequence. Four weeks today since my knee replacement. I did spend a little time in the shop today cleaning up and putting things away that got left out before surgery. Hoping to to spend a little more time this weekend and start working on a project that is still on the bench. Taking it in short times and not making big plans. So how about you all, what's on your agenda this weekend? All of us love to hear about your projects and see pictures. Looking forward to seeing what you all are working on this weekend.
  3. I went back to the Dr this week and got the staples removed from my knee. He told me I could start going back to the shop for short trips and not to over do it. So, I'm hoping to get out there for a bit this weekend and finish a Lego table I almost had done before the surgery. So for now that is what I'm looking forward to this weekend weather is to be in the 70's so should be nice. How about the rest of you, what's on your agenda this weekend. Please share your plans with the rest of us here at TPW. Looking forward to trying out this titanium knee!!!
  4. A vast variety of weather spreads across the country today. Here it only takes a frost to close schools. With a winter weather advisory and a possible .5 to 1" schools announced yesterday they would close today. So a light dusting happened this morning and this has been about it for us. My granddaughter came in and said, "I thought they said an inch of snow, that doesn't even cover the grass." Well that's how it goes around here. It did keep me in and no therapy today so I didn't slip and fall going across the deck and down the steps to get out. So I'm still in the house and exercising my knee myself. No shop time yet, but I will be back in there before long, I hope. We did welcome our newest Granddaughter on Wednesday and I got to go down to the hospital yesterday and see her for the first time. Mary Morgan came in weighing 4 lbs 10 oz and a full 18" long. She was a few weeks early but everything is good. Just pray that she gains some weight so she can come home. They won't let her out of the hospital until she gains a few ounces and holds it so it may be a week or so. I know things are crazy with the weather everywhere, but we as always are excited to hear about your projects and see what you are working on. Post those pictures and share your weekend plans with all of us here at TPW. Have a safe weekend and I look forward to seeing what's on your agenda!
  5. Well folks, this is John Moody's body double filling in while he recuperates after a knee replacement. Here we are two days before Christmas and everyone is scurrying around finishing up their shopping, traveling or attending their favorite holiday festivity. Yesterday, I had 5 sheets of cabinet grade Baltic birch plywood delivered for a project for our local library but it will wait till Monday or Tuesday. So, on this holiday weekend, what's on your Patriot Woodworker agenda?
  6. I've been a little under the weather this past few weeks and I believe i'm finally getting over some of it and getting back around. I had a mean upper respiratory infection and had to get over it as I am having my left knee replaced. All the meds sorta put me down for a few weeks and I didn't have much energy. So anyway, I'm getting a new knee for Christmas as I will go into the hospital on December 23. You won't get a Friday post from me next week. I have been trying this week to finish as much as I can for Christmas and get it out before I am down for a few weeks. We make a lot of Green Egg Tables and I was contacted to see if we could make one for another brand of ceramic smoker called a Kamato Joe. They are just like the Green Eggs only different sizes so we adjusted our plan and made this one for a Christmas gift. I had a very good friend drop by the shop and wanted my help with a retirement gift for a co-worker. They are having a custom rifle built for him and they ordered a Boyd's hardwood custom stock. I was ask to drill a hole in this brand new stock to insert a Challenge Coin. They wanted to put it deep enough in so it could be covered with epoxy. I was a little nervous about drilling into this stock and messing up a total custom project but I think it turned out and they were happy with it. Then it was back to the oak cabinet doors I cut out and milled up a while back. I got them all mortised and tenons and glued up, well not all of them yet, there are 16 to do so I got 6 in the first gluing. Them routed out part of the groove so I can have glass put in the doors. Cleaned up the corners with a chisel while the next batch is in the clamps. That's about it for me right now. I'm waiting on the local Gas Department to get my gas line relocated so I can connect the gas heat back up in the shop. The cold weather has hit and now I need heat. Looks like they will finish today and I can get the inside piped up and back to some good warm gas heat. So what has been going on in your shop or what last minute plans do you have for this last weekend before Christmas? I, along with others here at TPW love to see all the projects you are working on and your weekend plans. I have seen several that I am going to catch up on while I am down these next weeks. Since I won't do a Friday Post for Christmas weekend, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to me, I get a new knee!!!
  7. What's on your agenda this weekend! Well well here we are again folks, getting ready to launch into yet another weekend of fun and shop antics! As is our tradition here on The Patriot Woodworker we want to know, what have you got planned for your shops this weekend, projects, jigs, maintenance, customer stories, and or, life in general? What the heck is going on with you all this weekend? Please post some progress images too if you can, we love to see your work! And we'd also love to see your trip to the beach, your outing for the day, how about a picture of you? Yes, we are nosy, because we care and we like to see just what the heck is going on. Some happenings As some of you may know, we now have our new store open again. This time our Patriot Woodworker T-Shirts are featured along with some wonderful warm Patriot Caps! Why are they called Patriot Caps? Well because some wonderful young lady's hand crafted them, for the purpose of supporting our friends at Homes for Our Troops. All the proceeds minus shipping costs are donated to Homes for Our Troops when you purchase a warm cozy hand made cap. The proceeds from our T-Shirts go directly to supporting our community here, to help offset the costs of hosting fees and licensing dues. Click on STORE and support a great cause! Featured woodwork's Herb, or better known as @Dadio has introduced many of us to a bow sander. He has made a grip of these sanders for his buddies in his woodworking club. Way to go Herb! To see his topic on Bow Sanders click on the preceding link. Featured video I love woodworking from the past, I was perusing YouTube and found this really neat old video for a public service message for Vocational Videos. It's a wonderful video. Lastly Have fun folks!!! Take care, be safe in all you do, and we look forward to hearing all about your weekend plans.
  8. Well folks, I dropped the ball and did not cover this Friday topic for our Administrator John Moody! Our admin John Moody is getting ready for a life event, so he may not be around here for a couple weeks or even more! But he is fine and healthy. As you all know John is our Friday topic fellow, and he always gets a nice friendly topic up here on Fridays to ask you all, what's on your woodworking agenda this weekend? I am filling in, so I may not do as good a job as John Moody, but here we go. What are you all up to this weekend! I know it's late, but I had to say it, to cover my duties. So, what do you all have in the oven? I was in the shop last night for a couple hours building a wood bending steam box for the shaker chairs I am ready to make. It was a fun project, just some pine, some butt joints, and some basic carpentry, I love these projects, they bring me back to the beginnings, I had the radio on, I had a little fire pit going right outside my shop, and I had my Appalachia music in the background. Here is an album I started for the process of the steam box. Picture below is a the view out the back of my shop/garage towards our back yard. I was getting a tad chilled working in my shop, so I just set out the ol fire pit and used it for a heating source to walk out too and get warm, then head back in and keep working on the steam box. Then the word got out to the kids that dad had started a fire. So, my son joined me outside, he brought his lap top out and sat by the fire as did his home work. He is currently working on a huge project, he is building a website for the annual "History Day" project for school. The website he is making is dedicated to the men of the "Irish Brigade" during the Civil War". He loves military history, and he chose to create a project about the fierce Irish Brigade. So that's been my weekend of woodworking thus far! I'll head back into the shop today and complete that steam box. Thanks all for being here, and don't forget to tell us. What's on your woodworking agenda this weekend!
  9. Here we are at Black Friday 2016. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and got to be with Family and/or friends, eat too much food, watch some football and get a nap. We had a great time and my two brothers got to come to my house for thanksgiving. Not much went on in the shop but we did manage to get the new safe upstairs and in place. It took at least eight of us to get the 700 lb safe up seven steps. so so we got it off the trailer and in the front door. We then laid it down on the steps, put a long pull strap around it and started up. We had four people at the top pulling on the strap and at least four at the bottom pushing. It took all we had to get it to the top and finally it was on its side at the landing. after a bit of moving around we got it in place and set up. I'm glad that is over. Saturday we are headed to the Nashville Flea Market for the day. What is is on your agenda this weekend?
  10. Welcome to Friday and another wonderful weekend. I love this time of year but I am waiting on the utility department to get my gas line moved so I can get heat back in my shop. So far it hasn't been a problem, but we are expecting a cold front this weekend and temps down around freezing. That's going to hurt since it was 81 yesterday and set a new record high. Oh well it is what it is. This week I made a couple of Cedar Crates out of cut off pieces from Egg Tables. I got these put together and made them stackable. I posted these on Facebook and they sold already which it what I like. I also picked up a load of Ash lumber this week from my Sawyer. I got the Maple and Red Elm stickered and stacked this week so now I have got to go to the barn and make room for this. Yesterday I got a batch of Pizza peels glued and ready to start to cut down and finish. So that is my weekend, what is on your Patriot Woodworker agenda? We all love to see all the projects you are working on and love to see the pictures so share with us your weekend agenda.
  11. Here we are the end of September and fall weather starting to move in. A great time to get into the shop. I like one more coat of paint on the walls in the finishing room and it will be ready for use. Last night I got my turning wood shelf cleared and moved into the wood storage room. Now I've got to get all of this back on the shelf. Hard to believe all of that came off these shelf. Also so got the Dust Collector moved into the storage room along with the air compressor. Wow did that cut down on the noise on the shop. And when I empty it the dust will be in the storage room not in the shop. Othet thsn that I finished five End Grain cutting boards. We are doing Octoberfest this weekend and I got our booth setup today. so what's on your agenda this weekend? We all love to see the projects you are working on in your shop. Share with us here at TPW your weekend agenda. Have a great weekend and work safely!!
  12. Happy Veteran's Day to you all and thank those of you that served for your service. A "Thank You" seems so inadequate for the sacrifice you made. We all enjoy many freedoms and at times take them for granted and for always realize what you gave up for us. So Thank You, Thank You Thank You, Thank You!!!! Today has been a busy day around our house. My daughter and grandchildren came in yesterday and are spending the weekend with us. My six year old grandson was a huge helper today in the shop. We were planning down some Cedar for a customer. They wanted 1/2" cedar with one side left rough. So my grandson was helping us get the 32 boards into the shop and was taking them off the planer and stacked. And if you all remember the Poplar plant stand I build, well since the finishing room finally got completed I got the first of the stain on it. It is so nice to be able to move things into the finishing room now and continue to work in the shop and not have to worry about dust. So after this coat dries it will get a light sanding and then the next coat on. After that it will get a clear seal coat. So what's on your agenda this Veteran's day weekend? We always love to see and hear about your projects. Post those picture and let us know what you are working on. Have a nice long weekend and of course, be safe!
  13. Today is one of the first real hints fall is in the air around here. A cool front came through last night and today we are in the mid 70's and expected to be mid 40's tonight. I'll be doing an outdoor show tonight so it should be really nice weather. I made a batch of Edge Grain Cutting boards and a batch of End Grain cutting boards this week. Finished branding them this morning. I also milled up some oak for rails and stiles for 16 cabinet doors I've got to make. Cut them to rough size and milled them, not got to cut them down and start making mortise and tenons. I had another job that had to be finished this week, so I made a some cutting boards up and engraved them and got them delivered Thursday morning. So next week we will be back to working on some other projects. Share with us what is on your agenda this weekend. All of us love to see all the projects and hear about what you are working on. Post those picture and tell us about your projects. Above all have a fun and safe weekend!
  14. Here we are at the last of the Friday's in October, weather is still hot around here and the leaves have turned brown and falling off the trees. We are in an official drought now and early in the year it was raining everyday. Oh well you never know what you are going to get around here. This past week we finished up the Green Egg Tables and one Poplar table without the hole in it for a customer and got them delivered. We had so many little pieces of cut offs on the cedar that we decided to try to make something instead of cutting it up for kindling. So we can up with this idea to make come crates. Would be great for storage in the closet, at home, in the garage or shop. So this is the first one and we have enough to do quite a few more. I've got to trim the edges square since we were just playing with what we had. I also got six large end grain cutting boards glued up, cut, glued again and sanded yesterday. I really love my new 24" Grizzly dual drum sander. We got all six boards sanded flat on both sides in less than an hour. It sands at 100 and 150 grit on each pass. Today they will get a finish sanding and oil applied. I made a short run up to my sawyer yesterday to get some Maple and Red Elm he had cut for me. The Red Elm looks almost like Walnut to me, but has a grain closer to Oak. So I've got to get it off the trailer and sticker and stacked this weekend. What ever it is, I love the look of it. Won't be too much shop time this weekend as I am headed to a gun shop on Saturday. Who knows, we might not get a chance to attend them after a few weeks. Going to make the best of it while I can. So what about you all or y'all, what do you have on your agenda this weekend? We all here at TPW love to see your projects and what is going on in and around your shop. Share with us and post those project pictures so we can see what you are working on. Work safe and have a great weekend!
  15. Today I finished the Walnut Bench and got it delivered. When it is delivered to me that is when it is finished. So it now has four coats of Zinger Seal Coat De-Waxed Shellac and then four Coats of General Finishes Endure-Var Satin finish. No stain, just letting the Walnut stand out. The top is divided into three sections and the middle section has a couple of pieces of Walnut Burl I had. So today I got it delivered and put into to place below a window in a room with a Pool table. This is the bench to sit on and wait your turn. It was going to have a cushion on the top, but after seeing the top they decided not to used the cushion and just use the pillows on the back. So for the rest of the weekend we are taking off and just taking a little road trip out of town. What is on your Patriot Woodworker Agenda? We here at TPW love to see all of the projects you are working on and the progress from start to finish. So us what you are working on, I'll be checking back to see your weekend projects.
  16. A busy week in the shop which was a nice change. Got a lot of work done and still a lot to work on. I got the moulding cut and installed on the Poplar plant stand for the customer and they approved this is what they wanted. So now for a final sanding and then Ebony Stain. More pictures as it gets closer to finish. Also got the Poplar frames cut out for the screen door and ready to cut mortise and tenons on them. I got started and have part of them cut but had to pull of to work on another order. Also got the Walnut Bistro table top cut to size so I need a final sanding on it and them a finish applied. This weekend it going to be mostly sanding and finishing. Also glued up blanks to cut out 36 cheese boards to finish on order and start on another one. Only so much room to stand them around while glue tries. But I got them cut into boards, so now they get a final sanding and them oil applied. Pretty much been my week and as I said the weekend will be mostly sanding and finishing. I do have a gun shop to go to on Saturday for a little while but then it will be back to the shop and back to work. Hope you all have a great weekend and get to spend some time in your shop, We here at TPW love to see and hear about all the projects you are working on so share with us your weekend agenda. Weather it be woodworking or whatever we love to hear what you are doing. I can hear that ROS calling my name so I am off to sand!
  17. Getting a little rain here today, first time in almost a month. It has gotten dry and dusty and this little bit is a welcomed relief. It has gotten so dry the leaves are just turning loose and falling off the trees and no color change. Still putting the shop back together and getting close. Moved my Barnes foot powered mortiser out and blew the dust off. One day I hope to get it out and clean it and restore it, but I kinda like the used look. Anyway it is going into the corner of my office. Got some of my planes out of the boxes they were put in while we worked on this wall. Getting them put back up. Still got a few more boxes to go through. Got some Walnut strips out to make some moulding this weekend. And glued up a couple of walnut panels for a Bistro table top I messed up a while back. Will take it down to thickness and them glue the two pieces together and make sure I measure on the right side of the bit in the router this time. I can actually see the back corner of the shop now. But I still have a few things to put away and then I can get to my lathe. Starting to see the light at the end now and it feels good. So that is my agenda this weekend, what's on your agenda? We all love to see and hear about your weekend projects, so share with us your weekend plans. All of us here at TPW will be waiting to see what you are working on.
  18. I took my wife to work today and it is her birthday, they had her office all decorated when she got there. We have a First Friday show todo tonight, so we went out and had dinner last night to celebrate. I have been working as much as possible on getting things moved around in the shop and hopefully back to some kind of order soon. Just a week or so ago, Ron can attest, there was lumber piled up in the floor next to the table saw and you could hardly move through this section. So I have managed to clear out all of this and get it stored on the lumber rack in the storage room. I still have a few bins to build to put the short pieces in, but for now they are okay where I have put them. This corner used to be where I kept all of my sheet goods. It was leaning on the back of the shelf. All of the sheet lumber has been moved into the storage room now and a lot of it was thinned out. Now the shelf in the shop has been turned around and cleaned off and the router table moved back to give a little more walking room. So this weekend we will be working on finishing the office so the filing cabinets and barrister cases can go into the office and clear out a little more space. Most of the mess is in the back corner now and on the assembly table and back work bench. The other DC will go away as soon as I can do some duct work to make a drop at the planner. My big DC is now hooked up and located in the storage room. I am close to getting back to some kind or organization and it has taken a lot longer than I wanted. I have missed checking in here but have spent as much time as I can trying to get this all back together. That is pretty much my plans for the weekend and next week, what is on your agenda? We here at TPW love to hear about and see all of the great projects you are working on and this is a good place to share you weekend plans. Please post those pictures and project and share with the other woodworkers, who knows you might just inspire someone else to give it a try.
  19. Wow can you believe that Fall is officially here and it is still in the 90's here. Oh well, it won't be long to the cooler air arrives and the weather gets cold. Thankfully while my good friend Ron was here we got all the insulation up and all the full sheets up plywood so all I have now to do is the small stuff. What a great time we had and I am so thankful for he and Dorothy coming down to help me out. Believe it or not, he even left some M&M's. So the last thing we did was clean out the Finishing room and Storage room. We got the door installed that will go from the storage room into the shop so I am about ready to close up the wall that I have left open to move between rooms while working. A view from the storage room into the shop. We had to install two doors, a single and a set of French doors. The French doors will allow me to move large items as they are finished assembly into the finishing room. A look into the finishing room from the shop. And a look back into the shop. This will also allow me a lot of natural light into the assembly area of the shop. So this weekend I am finishing up the last of the electrical and then will start to cut the small pieces of wall plywood and get it up and installed so the walls can get painted. Before I move anything into the area, the floors will get painted with the epoxy paint. So I will be finishing up some cutting boards this weekend and we finished and delivered two Big Green Egg tables made of cedar yesterday. Thats about it for me, what's on your agenda this weekend? As I say all the time, we here at TPW love to see all the projects you are working on and love the pictures. So share your weekend plans with us. I'll be checking back to see what all you are working on.
  20. What y'all got going on this weekend? I'll be correcting a few screw ups in the shop from last week. I'd elaborate but, don't want to talk about it. But, don't let my reticence hold you back. Tell us what's hopping at your places.
  21. Is it just me or do the weeks just seem to be flying by? Here we are at another Friday and official Fall is just a few days away. You wouldn't know it here, it is still in the 90's each day, but we have had a break in the humidity this week. I've been working inside the shop most of the week. I have all the insulation up in my office room and all the wall plugs wired. About ready to start with putting up wall covering in that room. Yesterday I got all the plug boxes in and wire run to the plugs in the finishing room and all the insulation up. And I started putting up the 1/2" plywood that will go on the walls in the storage room. So I hope to get more of this finished up this weekend. It is coming together but I am a slow worker, not near as fast as Fred's crew. But what is on your agenda this weekend. All of us here at TPW love to hear and see what you are working on for the weekend. Post those pictures and share with us your plans. Have a happy and safe weekend and spend some time in your shop!
  22. Wow, can you believe it is already September and where has this year gone? Here we are at a long weekend, they all seem the same to me now, so I'm excited to hear what you all will be doing. It actually felt a little like fall here this morning getting down into the 60's and the humidity is low. I walked outside and didn't sweat! Well I spent yesterday working inside the shop expansion since I not have power on that side and air conditioning. So first I got an outlet in the middle room to move my Air Compressor over into it and out of the shop. I am going to run piping in the shop and have different places to plug in the air hose do it is not being stretched all around the shop. Might even give me a chance to clean some of the sawdust off. I also started installing the outlet boxes in what will be my office area. I got wire pulled to one wall and back to the breaker box. I even got one outlet wired before it got too dark to work in there and I was ready to go in anyway. I also got the electronic door locks on the doors. This way I can get in without having to have a key in my pocket all the time and I installed Lever door knobs so all you have to do us push down to open the door when your hands are full. That is the progress so far this week. As for this weekend, I am taking the day off tomorrow from shop work and taking my bride to Nashville so we can do a little Patriot Picking and make a stop at the indoor range and get in a little pistol practice. Being Labor day weekend I needed a day off, this retirement is harder than I thought, so we are getting away for a day. It may be Tuesday before I'm back at it but probably not cause when I know something needs to be done and I am there I have to go work on it. So what's on your agenda for this Labor Day weekend? Those of us here at TPW love to hear about your projects and see progress pictures, so share with us your weekend plans. I hope all of you have a wonderful long weekend and get a chance to get in your shop or whatever you enjoy doing.
  23. As i have posted in the "Show us your Shop' forum most of the week has been spent on the shop expansion and not in the shop. I got busy today and got the outside of the shop expansion painted. I got a call this afternoon and my doors have finally arrived so this weekend we will get the windows and doors installed and hopefully the facia board and the eve's closed in. So that is my weekend plans, what is on your Patriot Woodworker agenda? We here at TPW love to see all of the wonderful projects you are working on and your weekend plans. I know I am a little late getting this up, but he had a storm come through this afternoon and I had some cleanup in the yard. I'll be checking back to see what you are working on this weekend.
  24. First off welcome to all our new members. Hope you will join in the discussions here and share what you are working on. This is a post I have been doing every Friday for several years so please jump in. It is raining here again so no work on the shop expansion this weekend. Most of my time is going to be cleaning up in the shop and putting everything away that I have been using on the shop expansion. Shop is a mess right now. So while it is raining and I am cleaning up, I am also working on a chair repair job. I have two of eight chairs in the shop to repair. It seems that they have leaned back in the chairs onto the back legs and they have gotten loose. As I looked closer it appears the wood has split around the mortise and tenon joint. When I removed the screws they had tried to fix them with the joint came apart pretty easily. But it is easy to see where the wood and broken loose on the face of the mortise. There was some epoxy on the end of the tenon so I am going to clean it all off and see if I can re-epoxy them and get them to hold. Just got to tell them you can't rock back on the back legs of a chair like this. So I should get these back together after meeting with the customer this weekend and them move on to the other chairs. So what is on your Patriot Woodworker agenda this weekend. All of us here at TPW love to see what you are working on and here about your projects. Post those pictures and tell us what your weekend agenda looks like.
  25. I noticed when I got online how much I have missed this week. I've not been on hardly at all due to a serious sinus headache. The weather here has been so crazy for the past couple of weeks. It has rained every day, I know many of you have not had any, but we have had less days with no rain. Anyway it has my sinuses all messed up and when I bend over my head feels like it is going to explode. We had Rain on Monday. And More Rain And today it looked like it was going to rain and it finally did. Then the sun comes out and it feels like a sauna. So anyway no woodworking and very little of anything with the head pain. But yesterday I went to the shop for a little bit just to try to do something and get off the couch. I had this small piece of Walnut Burl and kept wondering what I was going to do with such a small piece. Then after looking at it for a while it hit me, that would make a nice pair of book matched grips for my Remington 1911. I got them roughed out and on the gun just to check the fit. I still need to do a bit more sanding but that was all I felt like yesterday. But I am looking forward to getting back to this and getting them to fit me like a glove.. Well you all know, we here at TPW love to see your projects so please share your project and pictures. I hope to be checking in later to see what you all are doing this weekend. I going to look out the back door at the rain again.
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