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  1. This Christmas tree ornament was a struggle from start to finish. I wrote about it, didn't know if would be a keeper. Persistence pays. The center part is the manufactured colored ply. It had some bad places. The light colored was some maple I had, I think. I have a box of old wood and there was some soft maple, amoung others like spalted Apple. It was not very solid when I got into it and I really had to work to keep putting it back. I wanted to do more, but the best thing I did was quit while it was in one piece.
  2. I picked out a coupe of laminated, striped blocks and did some cutting and glueing. I was going to put finials on them, but my wife said to stop where I had them. She really liked them. This is my first turning with my lathe lowered, allowing me to sit as I turn. I like it a lot. I may make one adjustment. I need a bench style stool so I can slide over to work the other side. To feel comfortable I must move the stool I'm using.
  3. I just finished this purple heart bird cage tree ornament. I didn't get it like I wanted it. I had lots of problems with the hardware. Getting straight pins was difficult and the gluing was a task. The cooler temperatures in my shop and I have been having allergies that cause my eyes to itch and blur. Combine all that with my large hands in tiny places, well lets just say I'm glad it is done.
  4. I made several of these many years ago for family. To be honest, I don't know if it was an idea of mine or someone else. Anyway I embellished it with some exotic woods.
  5. Here ye here ye here ye! Donate 10 dollars to Operation Ward 57 and recieve a very cool birch tree ornament! See details by clicking on the ornament below!
  6. I wondered how some ply would turn and It wasn't so good. One thing led to another and with some creativity, a permanent fine marker, stain and some trim, it came out OK. I am working on a way to get decent pictures of small work. I came up with this set up. It is black foam board with a white insert (dollar store) Cut some slots and insert a dowell. I don't have the light set up like I want it yet. I can pick any color insert or use the black. The sides support it Easy to move, fold to store
  7. I saw some wings at Hobby Lobby, I think were meant to be part of a necklace and of course it got my mind going. Here is the result
  8. This is nearing the end of turning. Body of the angel is first hollowed , then turned. Angel in jig to drill mounting hole for wings. Hollowing did not go this high so usually not a big problem except had to make a jig to get the angle on the wings. The wings are turned to less than 3/16 in thickness. Notches are cut in wings and sanded. A ring is turned for the halo. This is progress so far. Still have to do carve the fronts and dye. The glue up and finish. By the way the wood is crepe myrtle from my yard.
  9. My wife asked me to stop at Micheals to pick up something for her. It is less than a half mile away, no problem. When I saw they had all Halloween stuff out with a mix of some Christmas, I saw something that gave me a great idea. They have several sizes of clear plastic globes. Don't know what their intended use is, but here is how I used it.
  10. This one is about 2" long. I tried some glitter paint on top of the finish. Some places look good, while some didn't do as well. Haven't used glitter much, I'll have to practice and I do like it, but maybe not with certain colors or shapes
  11. I had something like this in mind when I bought the eggbot. It will draw pretty much anything you can imagine. Downloaded these images, manipulated them to work and drew them on a maple egg. The egg is hollowed to about 1/16" for piercing. Used the eggbot to draw the outlines and then stippled them. The piercing is a random pattern. It's my intention to darkly stipple the areas not penetrated and then to turn a holly base for the whole thing. I think it will be really pretty when done. Steve
  12. This is the one I made experimenting with plastic cutting board pieces. It is very soft & tricky to work with. This ornament is for the Grinch's tree.
  13. I got into my small scrap wood yesterday, there are some exotic pieces too. I glued, cut, glued, etc, until I had 8 squares, turned them into about 8 circles. Then cut some Yellow heart in pieces, glued them in between the others and turned it all down. When I turned this down it came out nice, however I was a bit disappointed at the results. I'll make a contrasting top and bottom for another ornament. You gotta have a LOT of patience to do that. One small miscue and it will have a flaw that you didn't see coming.
  14. Last week I wrote that I had cut and drilled a piece into a precise form only to drop it one the cement floor. I'm sure there are still some pieces there. I looked at the two larger pieces and tried to come up with a way I could still use it. It wasn't happening, until I saw Steve's bird house ornaments. It seemed that each step resulted in a failure of some king. I kept at it, not wanting to admit defeat. So here is the bird house ornament that resulted from so many failures. It has a lot of problems, but I don't dare to so any more with it. It is like a jinx
  15. It will be a couple weeks before I can turn anything new but Christmas is coming!! Time to start turning ornaments! Here's a few from last year. . .
  16. I made as couple more ornaments out of soft wood. The circles are pine and the rest is maple. I used those woods to experiment with and I wouldn't lose the exotic wood, if my experiment didn't work. When I got them as smooth as I wanted, I applied stain. They came out much better than I expected. After the wood I got at Rocklers dries, I will repeat, but with a different size circle.
  17. I think I have a handle on Ebony and how best to proceed, so I learned from my first turning and applied what I knew. All went well with the Ebony and then I selected a much better piece of Yellow Hart than the piece I used with my first turning. As I was finishing up and pleased with my work, there was a noise outside that startled me and I made a move that BROKE the yellow heart in two pieces!!! I walked away for about an hour, had a coffee and came back. Not wanting to make a new piece or destroying what I had.............I got an idea and I worked at it until I have what you see. Finding centers and drilling holes in those tiny pieces was one big challenge.
  18. I didn't want to take away from Ron's ornament thread so I started this one. I make and give away about 60 ornaments each year. This years ornaments have a plastic insert which is what Ron was showing some of. My inserts are pieces cut from the tall shiny tubes that were once part of some trophies I took apart. A few years ago I made finials for some glass bulbs that are sold everywhere for Christmas trees. The tops are large because they had to go over the tube that are on top of those bulbs. John said he wanted to see pictures when I said I have used something other than wood in ornaments. So here they are.
  19. I got an idea about a bell Christmas tree ornament. I used Yellow hart and Padouk. I had it all planned out in my head and started I had the top of the bell in the chuck, hallowed it out and started adding layers. I hallowed as I went. It went well, for a while. Then I started to turn the top of the bell and found a hidden flaw, a bad one. After all that work. It is right above the yellow stripe. I did finish it, by adding a bell. sure not proud of it. I didn't work very hard to make it shine either.
  20. I just finished 4 tree ornaments. They started out as an experiment with salvaged plastic. My wife tossed a floor lamp that had 4 sections. Each section was separated by a clear plastic disc 3" in dia and half inch thick. The four are in the center and you can see that it worked well. I learned a lot about turning, sanding and finishing plastic. The final shapes of these ornaments are determined by how well I did the turning, etc. Each mistake caused a new cut a little deeper. I wasn't sure if glue would hold plastic to wood, do I kept a dowel in the center. As it turned out, the gorilla glue was all that was needed and when I do it again. NO dowel. I have about 25 on display above the fireplace.
  21. I made an ornament that was so plain Jane that I thought about tossing it. Then I thought about using it to test some ideas I have been thinking about for a while. It came out so good............I'm going to do some more experimenting. I like it a lot. This can ONLY be done on the lathe, that is why I didn't enter it in the finishing forum.
  22. The more Christmas tree ornaments I turn, the more ideas I get. I really enjoy turning them on my mini. Some are also made with my band saw. I have made 3 more and that makes about 40 They are all on display in our living room because.................that is where she wants them. She said they are hers and won't part with them. I really enjoy making them and my mind comes up with some crazy stuff. So here is the latest.
  23. You must use your imagination for this one. The star at the top is illuminating Jesus in the cradle.The other side is the same. It took a lot of time and effort, so if you don't see it...............say you do
  24. I'm still making Christmas tree ornaments. I really enjoy the complexity of doing this. However when things go wrong,,,,,, I do say DARN. Hows that for cleaning up my act? (no cuss words)
  25. A couple of years ago my small plum tree died. I salvaged what looked good. I turned it down to this new Christmas ornament. It is long, about 9 inches. Kinda reminded me of an icicle. I was surprised at the beauty in the piece.
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