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Found 274 results

  1. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    Our own Wood Turners Forum host Lew Kauffman got creative for this shipment, he built some fantastic displays to reflect a naval twist, there is a sailor out there that will have a wonderful display to show of his or her coins.

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  2. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    George and Sandy put out a big production for this shipment, way to go guys!!!!

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  3. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    George Knutson and Sandy Smith built some wonderful displays for our wounded.

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  4. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    Another great lineup of displays built by Patriot Woodworkers George Knuston and Sandy Smith.

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  5. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    Patriot Woodworker and Shop Steward Ronald Dudelson created some displays to be sent to Operation Ward 57 for their annual auction to raise money for our wounded and their families.

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  6. From the album: Wood Stash

    This was pulled from the stash to be stored.
  7. From the album: Wood Stash

    After a barn find, I finally got around to sorting this pile of lumber.
  8. Had a request for a coffee table, and thought it was a good opportunity to use some reclaimed lumber and auction finds. The pine top cleaned up from several old boards that came as extras from some walnut I bought at an auction, and the legs came from another auction.  The phone image doesn't show the color contrast as well as I'd hoped, but the darker legs really set off the amber of the pine once I was done with the third coat of poly. Will  
  9. John Morris

    Cherry Rocker Seat

    From the album: Cherry Rocker

  10. John Morris

    Cherry Rocker Rear

    From the album: Cherry Rocker

  11. John Morris

    Cherry Rocker Arm

    From the album: Cherry Rocker

  12. John Morris

    Cherry Rocker

    From the album: Cherry Rocker

    Rear shot of a cherry and walnut rocker
  13. Sunday afternoon I picked up a load of Walnut logs from a gentleman that said the tree blew down sometime back and he pushed it out of the way but needed it gone. Need it gone, I am the person. There is another load that I have to pick up this weekend. I had some lumber ready to pick up at the sawmill so yesterday on my lunch hour I headed to the mill to drop of the Walnut logs and pick up a load of Maple. Once this is stacked, I will take the other Walnut logs and pick up my other load of Maple and Poplar that is ready. I just love fresh cut lumber!
  14. About a week ago I had a friend tip me off about a barn full of lumber that a lady wanted to unload. Long story short, I bought about 800 - 1000 BF of ash, walnut, maple, cedar and quarter sawn white oak. There were several walnut 8/4 and 12/4 boards 12 foot long that are going to make some fine, fine challenge coin displays. Here's a picture of two van loads of walnut and maple. I unloaded about 100 BF of white oak into my barn and I figure there's about 200 bf of walnut in this pile. A big shout out to my BIL who has a nice big pole barn to store everything I can't handle. The picture is a bit deceiving because I throw a sheet of black plastic over the pile so you're really only seeing half the length.
  15. Well, this is going to be the final installment on this TPW Team Project to build a Cedar Lined Walnut Blanket Chest for my Grand Daughter Nori Piper Worsham due in mid November 2014. Being that I live in Southern California and my son and daughter in law live in Indianapolis, Indiana, building the chest and then getting it out there would require that I either drive it out in the back of my pick up truck, or I pay to ship it out. Neither option was really very good so I called both John Moody and Ron Dudelston because we were all going to be together at John Moody's house along with our wives for 4 days and 3 nights and asked if they would be interested in building this chest together. So John and Ron agreed and in Parts 1 & 2 we got the chest completed and rough sanded at John's house with the exception of the base trim, cleats for the lid, trim for the lid, cedar lining and final finish and Ron and I along with our wives headed back up north to Indiana with the chest in the back of their van. In Part 3 I drove up to Ron's house about an hour north of Indianapolis and we finished the assembly of the chest with Ron making the cleats and trim for the lid as well as doing the cedar lining inside the chest while I made up the base trim and helped Ron do the installation of the top and bottom trim. After that was all done, we carried it out and put the chest in the back seat of my rental car and I headed back to my kids' house in Indianapolis to do the final sanding and putting on the finish. So here is the chest as it was completed at Ron's shop on ThursdayJuly 24th 2014 before we carried it out to my car. In this photo Ron had wiped on some mineral spirits to show off the grain a bit. The open top did not have any mineral spirits on it so it this is what the whole chest looked liked once the mineral spirits evaperated. Once I got the chest back to my kids' house in Indy, Tami and I carried it in and set it in the garage. My kids had just moved into this house the previous Monday so there are boxes all over the house and empty boxes in the garage. Since my son has no tools other than a set Husky Tools from Home Depot that I got him when he was 18, I had to go to Home Depot and pick up a few things to get it done. So $300 later I came home with a small shop vac, random orbital sander, 12v drill/driver and bits, 2 folding saw horses to set the chest on and various finishing supplies, sandpaper and a spray can of shellac. As for the type of finish that I was going use I was limited to doing a wipe on finish. So I stopped by the local Rockler store in Indy and bought a quart of the "Sam Maloof Finish" which is an equal mix of boiled linseed oil, tung oil and polyurethane. For the size of this project I could have purchased the 3 separate items and mixed it myself, but it was cheaper and easier to just buy a can of the Maloof off the shelf. After doing the final sanding from 220-400 grit and getting all the dust off, I sprayed shellac on the underside of the lid to seal it as opposed to putting on the Maloof finish as the oil will cause odors inside the chest. On the outside the chest and lid I wiped on multiple coats of the Maloof finish letting them soak in and then wiping off the excess and then letting it set for 24 hours before doing another coat. So here are the finished photos of the chest made for my Grand Daughter Nori. Being that it is in the garage and the lighting is horrible, the photos do not do justice to the actual finish. The grain is awesome and the dovetails look beautiful! The most important thing is that my daughter in law LOVES IT!! For now the chest will have to sit in the garage for a few weeks as they have to get some painting done and the bedroom set up where it will go. I have to give a BIG THANKS to John Moody and Ron Dudelston for all of their work on this project. I could not have done it with out them and it was pleasure working alongside my fellow woodworkers and friends. This chest will be an heirloom that will stay with my kids and get passed down in the family.
  16. We are coming around 3rd base and heading for Home now on this Cedar Lined Walnut Blanket Chest for my Grand Daughter Nori. After Part 2 wrapped up down at John Moody's shop in Florence, Alabama, we moved up north to Hartford City, Indiana to Ron Dudelston's shop to deal with the final assembly. After Ron and his wife Dorothy dropped off Tami and I at the Ace Rental Car in Indianapolis on Monday night to get our rental car, they headed home to Hartford City which is about an hour north with the chest in the back of their van. Over the next couple of days Ron got the chest all sanded down through multiple grits to get it ready for the final assembly. On Thursday (yesterday) I drove up to his place and we got it all completed so I could bring it back to my kid's house to put on the finish. When I got there about 9am Ron had made up the cleats that would go on the underside of the chest lid to keep it flat an not bow and was finishing the final milling of the 1/4" cedar boards to line the inside of the chest. He milled the cedar boards with a small rabbit on the edges so that the boards would overlap so they would all lay flat and there would be no gaps as the walnut moves during the seasons. Before putting the cedar in, he sprayed the inside of the chest with shellac to seal it. Then Ron started with the bottom first, then the ends, and then the front and back. He wrapped it up with vertical 3/4" strips on the seams in the corners to make all look clean. The cedar boards are just held in with brads so there is no glue and the walnut can move with changes and the cedar will move with it without gaping. After we got the base trim mounted, Ron is putting on the hinges so we can mount the top. Here is a shot of some of the trim detail. While Ron did the cedar, I made up the the trim using a template from John Moody to trace out the end designs and then scroll saw it and sand it down to final shape on a spindle sander and finish it up with a random orbital sander.The last thing that was done at John's shop in Alabama was to have Ron and John sign on the bottom. Ron's signature is on the other end. Ron and I mounted the trim together and then attached the 3/4"x3/4" trim under the lip of the lid to seal out dust from getting into the chest. Here are an open and closed shot of the completed chest. Ron wiped it down with a bit of Mineral Spirits to show off the grain. You can see the difference in the "open" photo as the underside of the lid did not have the Mineral Spirits wiped on it. Here is a shot of the completed cedar lining. It sure looks and smells great! After Ron and I carried the chest from his shop out back, we got it loaded in the back seat of my rental. Good thing that I upgraded to a full size car as I would have had to make another trip up to Ron's house in my son's truck. Here is the chest in my kid's garage after Tami and I unloaded it from the car waiting for me to do the final sanding and finishing before we head back home to California on July 31st.
  17. Just finished this ring box for my son's wedding. 3/1/2 high and 4" square. Walnut and Maple. Finish is Watco, Poly and wax. Tried something new for the lid locators. I cut a shallow dado in the blank of walnut before cutting the pieces for the box. After the bottom and top were glued on, the cut separating the lid was made leaving a bit of the dado in the walls of the lid and a larger part of the dado in the box. The maple lid locators were glued in the box dadoes, leaving a smooth interior.
  18. Happened to be going past the old shop today, so I stopped by and picked up four planks of wood. Now, the fun part is to actually MAKE something out of them. The planks? four planks of 4/4 x 6 x 8' long of Black Walnut. The same tree that gave me the two planks for a meersman table rebuild, has now given me four more planks. Looking around for a project to do.... Still might do a Schwarz tool box??? Ehhhh, could be......
  19. Yes! I was very busy this past weekend, you did not see me on here at all probably, did you miss me? In addition to getting the Maple Settee advanced, I got to spend some time on fairing and blending the rockers to the legs. This rocker is near completion, all it needs now is to be sanded out and finished, and it's ready for the gallery!
  20. A few years ago I got this wild idea about building a small ships wheel. I though it would be fun turning the spokes and should be an easy project. WRONG. Turning the spokes was the only easy part. All the sections had to have perfect angles and holes bored in the proper place. That took a long time and when I had it all ready to glue up...........I realized how difficult that was going to be. Most had to be glued up at the same time, meaning the inside spokes and angles had to come together all at once. After much fumbling, I did get it. I will not be building any more. It is Walnut, Paduk, and Yellow Hart and about 16" Dia. It is hanging in my "Man's room"
  21. My son had his last T-ball game today, after the game I got to talking with the coach about his day job. I knew that he worked for a tree company, he apparently runs a tree crew that goes around the county cutting down and trimming back trees for So Cal Edison. He told me he could give me whatever I wanted. I told him I was looking for 24" or larger diameter American hardwoods logs. He said he gets those all day long, Oak, Eucalyptus,Walnut,Maple etc. I just fell into heaven. He offered to leave the log in place, he would give me a call, and I go and pick it up, he asked me, what size do I need them cut to, I told him anything in the ball park of 6 to 8 feet will do. He said done. I am going to have to do something special for the guy after the first batch of slabs cure.
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