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  1. woke to 80 big ones, with a plan of 105 or so, we are finalizing loading of truck and hope to be on road in an hour, look out Santa Rosa NM, our first over nite stop, oughta be in Indiana if all goes as planned on saturday sometime. happy days. hope the weather cooperates Rj in az
  2. yeehaw another holiday, and ditto on Genes comments, woke at sub 80 little ones with a rumor of under a hundy today, so we'll see, plan was to pack the ride for the long awaited trip, but alas may have to be put off a bit, ole gal came down with an ugly sore throat, see whut happens, karma baby, it it wasn't for bad karma there would be no good. life happens for sure may the day of Memories bring those lost to the day Rj in az
  3. monsoon showed its ugly head last evening, nasty winds, light show and sound show, around midnite we had rain, slow steady off and on, not a lot, but by 3 it was drying up, story is more of it today, so we will see, now its 78degrees, nice for a bit, muggy, but palatable, now to route that dash cam rear camera wire under truck, yeehaw a cool one fo a bit rj in az
  4. another toasty day, woke at high 80s, promise of triple numbers, cool down tomorrow with promise of sky leakage, so we will see, last time i was in muggy was Atlanta .Ga. about five years ago, seemed like i was in a wet zone all day and nite, lol oh well, thought i was color blind too, everything was green, real green hadn't seen that much green since hiding out in the jungle more prep, till it warms up, happy days Rj in az
  5. ditto on gene's report, hot, and hot, with some hot added, rumor is cool down to under a hundy by friday, hehe, cooling trend. appears its nice and cool in hoosier land, ole gal and i expect to be in indiana by the 7th, gonna spend a few days there then work our way towards Atlanta, have a list of civil war sites want to visit, before they dismantle the reality of them. then off to outter banks, and charleston, maybe stop by Bragg and see how the ole post looks now, then head back in a few weeks via the south route back to the ''dry heat'', see whut happens, today, more prepping truck, dang dash cam's sure a pain to install when one does not bend like they did in their teens, lol happy hump day rest of week is down hill Rj in az
  6. tea leaf reader on the weather says 115 today, with some moisture in the air, its not always a dry heat, its kinda like Xmas, making a list and checking twice for a road trip. just about ready to throw my hands up, grab a wad of cash and just say screw it and take off and buy what i need on way, won't be much, hmmm, but of course ole gal has other ideas, and we all know whos' in charge, hehehe hiding from the heat today, end of week be cooler can complete some electrical work in truck camper top, hook up a hot wire for a camera. see how the week goes happy tuesday rj in az
  7. Ditto on Genes comments, although don't see any signs of sky leakage, boy howdy sure would like to see some. nothing like being toasty Rj in az
  8. well was sub 90 big ones at 4am, but as expected, another notice for the neophytes that are here, extreme heat warning, ca'mon its a desert, it warms up some. next we'll have a warning on water bottles too much drinking of it will make you want to pee. holy cow. oh i forgot common sense went out the window decades ago, along with a decent education anyhows, happy saturday, the arduous task of prepping for a long road trip is annoying, i'll have every thing except what i forgot, lol rj in az
  9. again ditto on gene's report. boy howdy, how come when one plans a road trip the value of petro goes up, my my, anyhows, trying to get ready for a almost month long road trip is ugly, been so long, trying to remember what one needs, trying to find a dash cam to install real quick, me things it might be important to have one. any hows happy friday, i suspect it will be warm with a tad of a breeze happy days rj in az
  10. ditto on Genes report, little muggy, sun just showed up a bit ago, been up since 430 or so, had coffee on the ''veranda'' hahaha, sure wished i had a biscuit or scone, but alas, a pop tart did the deed. have a list of things to get completed, ole gal and i are planning a three to four week road trip to the east starting around the fourth of next month, been awhile, finally getting the last road trip to the east done, been put off long enough. our craft show leader dropped out of leading it and asked up to step up, so trying to find venues and locations prior to us leaving is kinda sketch, oh well see whut happens, happyhump day, gonna run like crazy till the juice runs out. Rj in az
  11. woke to 80 small ones, real cloudy, a slight sprinkle, rumor is chance of T storms, and rain, gotta love the the wanna be weather folks, amazing how some can nail it down and others well lets say dont do as well. its mother nature , she'll turn on you in a heart beat happy monday rj in az
  12. its a nice 83 little ones, promise of a warm up of maybe high 90s, and the sky is supposed to release some of its hoard of water, promises promises, but one must be careful what they wish for, figure we'll get a couple months worth in a few hours when it does pour and as luck would have it, ole gal and i are planning a road trip and of course cost of fuel begins its ugly rise to new highs, ugh happy sunday, may the sun shine, and the breeze cool you rj in az
  13. just like gene says, we did have some noise makers last nite and a tad of wind, but otherwise status quo, looking forward to cooling trend promised, we will see, happy hump day, probably time to address covering a stack of ash that the tarp seems tatered, just my luck, needs covered one of the hottest days of the year Rj in az
  14. woke to a cool mid 80s, slightly cloudy, promise of a hundy thirteen is the rumor. decided to throw a 10 lb brisket on the green egg, see whut happens, put a new to me rub i came up with on it, heres hoping it turns out as good as the last ones, and hoping it stays a tad cloudy till mid to late am, wanna take the hotrod out for a top down run, yeehaw, gotta love mondays, oh wait, it is monday isnt' it rj in az.
  15. after a nice cool evening high 80s, we are headed for 110 or so, hmm, wonder if it'll rain, big question these days, but alas, only time well tell, have a few chores in the yard and patio at shop today, then it'll be time to hide from hell, it comes quick this time of year. happy saturday to those that subscribe, and may the day be as intended Rj in az
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