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  1. lol, on the no likey the cold. our goal was i was to retire and we were gonna head back east to visit friends and family in indiana and georgia but last project took too long, and i told the ole gal, not gonna go cause i'd have to buy some new long legged trousers, i've worn shorts for decades, even on what some would call cold days here, back when i was in winter sports or hunting i did of course dress for the occassion, but can share, in hours i was back to the warmth of the desert. here is a picture of a couple years ago, when on our way back from comikali for the holidays we got caught in the snow storm that closed the pass on hyway 5 in kali. we tried to go east over another area, but folks couldn't figure out how to drive in the white stuff, and we were helping them get back on road and away from the deeper snow. took us over 24 hours to drive from san fran to phoenix, whew, idigits all, this was a day or two after xmas a few years ago. hehe, me no likey the white stuff either anymore. rj in az
  2. just to share how slow i am, that age old adage, only took, me about 4 decades to learn, lol Rj in az
  3. woke to mid 70s, slight breeze, full sun rise today, no clouds, so gonna warm up fast, humidity is still up there, sure looked like the SE part of state was catching the wrath of Thor, but per Gene blustery and thats about it, monsoon season, one never knows what will fall from sky and when, the ole man used to share his wisdom on the weather, there were those that thought they could predict it, and called some of them fools from back east, and the neophytes who thought they knew how things worked. when i was a youngster on the ranch barely a teen, was out running fence line, and checking water tanks, when an ugly storm came up, found the biggest dang mesquite i could find, raked the nasty thorns outta thew way, hobbled horse, and covered his head, and grabbed me tarp and hunkered down, what seemed like a life time was probably an hour, was sure i was gonna land in Oz. whew, made a believer outta what the ole man said. take what you think you won't need, cause mother nature will humble you everytime if you don't. sorry for long story, but sometimes it just happens. happy tuesday rj in az
  4. the old adage, happy wife, happy life, something politicians might consider attempting to achieve.
  5. and today managed to complete at least one trivet, gave it a bath in watco natural, see how it looks later once dry, and got a gaggle more assembled, they'll need finished, probably do this evening, and the bonus is the off fall, from bases, have enough left to make a half dozen or more smaller ones.
  6. woke to a balmy 74, slight breeze, last evening thought the sky was gonna fall, just a blustery wind and duster, seems we are headed once again to hit above a hundy next week, summer always seems to get the last word for sure, over ate at the fish fry last nite, slow going today, sure do love that all you can eat, and still after 70 plus times around the sun , i still over fill the gullet and suffer the fate of being slow. rj in az
  7. something zen about spending time on table saw, at the end you have a pile of reconstituded saw dust, that you hope you can make something out of, or a revelation comes up as well and you are off to the fabricating of STUFF. nice pile of goods. happy saturday rj in az
  8. nice looking set up as for friday, its my last official day of being in biz after 43 years, hanging it up, will have misc to accomplish over next few weeks to final out some warranty stuff, but moving the vet into her new clinic, today, and spending weekend getting her ready for monday grand opening is the end, lol, and frankly gonna be glad of it, the non existance of employees willing to be reliable has worn me to a nubbin, just don't want to deal with anymore, gonna hibernate into my shop, the shooting range, and smile everyday without any regret may the dust settle in the proper place and if not maybe a swift breeze to ease the clean up rj in az
  9. thanks for kind suggestions, i did dry fit a trivit and am waiting on the picture to show up somewhere, i've always wondered when i send picts from my phone to my computer so i can post, where the h.... do they go, sometimes they all show up, and other times, its well come back tomorrow, and just maybe they'll show up any hows, it seems the off fall from cutting radius on the main trivet frame , we can end up with a gaggle of smaller trivet bases, so, two for one. that doesn't happen very often, i'll post the picture if it ever shows up. rj in az once glue sets will band saw off the long slats, give it a sand and then some natural watco finish, and well lets hope for the best, only 11 more to make.
  10. well, drafted again, to give the gal the push, we managed to get boards sanded and oiled, got the trivit pcs, grooved for the slats to hold pans, also got them cut into a curve, all that needs to happen now is ripping a hundred or so 1/4'' strips for the trivets, whole lotta sanding, then more sanding and stuff. sure was a hoot, and even got the gal to get the joint cleaned up some. under duress for sure
  11. yep, some purple heart , paduak, and some mahogany on one of them, i put fresh blades in a small delta 12.5 inch planer, and wowza, cuts like butta and smooth as can be, minimizes sanding for sure, i use the bigger planer for boards over 12 inch or so, it'll do 15 inch easy, she comes up with some crazy designs, this size board is her best seller, about 12x16 most folks want this size, its amazing how many do not want a juice groove on some boards, i made a jig to do this, and managed to fubar a couple boards ugh, lotsa clean up, shes gonna sell'm as blems, lol. anyhows, we had a blast today, opened shop roll up door and left ceiling fans on and watched the rain some, planed some, chatted some, good day to be upright rj in az
  12. little update, got to use the new router table again, boy howdy, how did i get along without it, and that 15 inch planer, think i'll look for a 20 to take its place, but for now its a keeper. pics on updated items ,we managed to clean up for a few hours today, during the rain .
  13. well ole gal shanghaied me this am, and we glued up a half dozen or so boards, laid out the supports for trivits and routed handle in them, and began fabrication of the dadoeing jig, for the trivit slats, which i'm gonna hate cutting, i hate cutting thin strips, ugh, each trivit takes 15 pcs x 17 inc long, and she has me rough out a dozen set of bases, so. whew, i see a fresh libation break coming after about half way, may get the jig almost done today, have some other wood to sort, in between the rain drops, happy days rj in az
  14. high 70s here, no breeze, driveway is slightly damp, so much like yesterday a bit of leakage overnite, sky reasonably clear to east, temps are rising some, the fall tease seems to have come and on its way out, they are claiming temps over a hundy next week, so we will see. spent day having dental work yesterday, whew, rough nite, gotta love them pain pills, but today seems much better, gonna spend some time in shop, have to make a couple jigs for her trivit plan, so, we'll see, most likely this weekend will begin the machining of the barrel staves, if i don't get stuck on lathe making some small trinkets she wants. pretty sure i'm being slaved, if i can say that, hehe, isn't that sorta like marriage. rj in az
  15. its a long process, by time i machine all to glue up panels to begin board, they are about 5/8 to 3/4 inch, have to run them thru jointer on one side to get it flat, then thru the planer, all of them for correct even sizing, glue up some panels after grain selection, then the usual process for end grain boards, the white oak which is what the staves are, is hard, and hard on blades, and sanding belts, but in end, is absolutely gorgeous, imo. average pallet has mixed sizes from 3/4 to 2-1/4 wide, can usually end up with two pcs about 12-16 inches pending type of barrel they came from. some ventors did use nails on exterior for blocking to keep barrels stacked, so have to use metal detector on some to find as much of the old square head pins and nails they used. Pallet has about 150 to 200 pcs depending a gain on what type and size of barrel. only done a couple, each time i learn a little more on how to improve the process. and the biggie is there is no waste, cutoffs get bagged and we either sell or give away for smoking, its a hit for most cooks. its rare if we get a chardonay barrel (ie spelling) most are of red variety barrels. lotsa work, but hey whats a shop for. happy monday, five more days and i'm gonna be officially retired. rj in az
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