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  1. I have an ancient 1/3 sheet Milwaukee from their Amstar days. It's a beast weighing in at about 10 pounds. I use this for larger jobs. It has no dust collection but still runs like a champ. Also run a Porter Cable 5" and a Porter Cable 1/4 sheet palm sander depending on the application. Both of these have dust collection built in and have given great service. I've had to replace the pad on the 5" once. .40
  2. Seems like the answer is heavily weighted depending on context. What job does the tool need to do in your shop? If I was making a table top, I'd want all of the stock the same thickness (thickness planer's job) before I glued it up. After the glue up, I'd want to make the top flat and remove the glue (drum sander's job). In my tiny shop, I couldn't fit a wide drum sander. My choice is kind of made because of that. 12" thickness planer is a lot easier to manage in a small space. In the grand scheme of things, I think of the thickness planer as a the silent partner to a jointer and table saw when it comes down to dimensioning lumber. A jointer can get two faces plumb, the table saw gets one remaining face, and a thickness planer completes the quartet. .40
  3. 87 offices on 6 continents. I'm responsible for certain infrastructure assets in the western hemisphere. Lots of irons in the fire on any given day. .40
  4. That's a BIG 10-4. Where I come from we call that bait. .40
  5. Making progress on the Datacenter software. Still a long haul ahead to get them completed in the US, Canada, and South America. Ellie May Ivy was put to sleep earlier today due to age related illness. She was with us for 14 years. Daisy Duke (left) and Ellie May (right). .40
  6. Me either! I like them both. I have a Wonders CBN wheel on my Tormek. It does help some. .40
  7. A record of some observations after having an opportunity to use both tools. Tormek Round grinding wheel leaves a radius or hollow grind This is desirable for some applications like a parting tool. Does a great job on gouges Hollow grind is less than ideal for bench chisels and plane blades Time Takes longer to sharpen Preparation Since the diameter of the wheel changes with use, set up is inconsistent from session to session. Jigs and notation labels on the tool help to mitigate this, but still requires fiddling each time you return. Steel stays cool Re-grinding bevel takes an excessive amount of time. Tool not really designed for this work Cost Very expensive, in excess of $1000 Long term More expensive to operate over time due to high cost of abrasives An assortment of grits requires significant investment in stones. Adaptability Jigs are available for a WIDE variety of edged tools from Axe to Scissor. Sorby Pro Edge Platen is flat and leaves a flat surface Ideal for skews, bench chisels, plane blades Does a great job on gouges Time Quick and easy changes between abrasive grits Coarse grit belts allow for quick regrinding Belts are available to allow for a very high polish 320 grit is good enough for lathe application Heats the steel Cool steel by dipping in water as needed Consistent distance to platen Jig is consistent each time you return to sharpen Quick and easy with no fiddling Notation label with wing angle, protrusion, and hole allows for fast easy setup upon return. Required after market accessories for lathe tools. https://www.amazon.com/Robert-Sorby-Proedge-Proset/dp/B008AK7ULO/ref=pd_sbs_1/132-8175967-9286741?pd_rd_w=7PClz&pf_rd_p=0f56f70f-21e6-4d11-bb4a-bcdb928a3c5a&pf_rd_r=9ZMT2EMRXCCZXWEF8G4T&pd_rd_r=8854af3f-d351-402e-a86f-914ddc6c1f17&pd_rd_wg=3iG5v&pd_rd_i=B008AK7ULO&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/Robert-Sorby-Proedge-Long-Grind/dp/B008AK6HQ8 Cost About half the cost of the Tormek Long Term Belts run less than $20 and last a long time Adaptability Available jigs are limited to wood working tools .40
  8. Fan-freaking-tastic! Really like those. What are you using to color the wood? .40
  9. Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to check on it from time to time. I've got a couple of others this size packed away the same way. It's been about 2 months and they have come down from 34% to around 17%. The one from today was too wet for the meter to read. .40
  10. Rough turned pecan bowl about 12" with inlay opportunity. This wood was really wet. Steam coming off the tool and water running down the lathe. Packed up with shavings in a bag to dry. Will see what it looks like in a year. .40
  11. Got the house chores done this morning. Got a bit of shop time in this afternoon while the girls went out to get their fingernails fixed. Had a couple of small platters ready for 2nd turning. .40
  12. Coming off a hectic work week. I'm not sure how much I'm going to get done in the shop. I've got some in the house projects with Mrs. Boss tomorrow. I got the "I'm a shop widow" conversation earlier this week. I cleaned up in the shop after work today and sharpened a couple of tools. I need to check the drying rough work to see if any are ready for 2nd turning and I still have plenty of green wood to get rough turned. Starting to get a pretty good stack of rough quarter sawn boards from removing the pith. .40
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