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  1. Many solar circumnavigations ago when I was starting flight school they taught us that a good aviator's breakfast was an RC cola and a Moon Pie. One of the few things I can still remember.
  2. I tried the white pencil and found it didn't work well for me. So, I just use an Ultra Fine Sharpie. Nice clear lines and it all sands away later in the process.
  3. Never fails. Somebody always ends up talking #&%@ !
  4. Should we be worried about what you've been up to?
  5. Welcome aboard, Bob. My dad used to work in Othello when I was a yung'un. Haven't been up that way in a looooong time. You'll find that this is a pretty good bunch of folks and willing to help out with any issues you may have. And pretty tolerant too. They've let me stay for over 6 months. But that may change now
  6. Wish I would have done this. Could have saved a LOT of aggravation!
  7. I have been in my current location for 38 years. The city has tripled in size and there is no particular reason for it. There is no new industry or job creators that can account for this explosion of bodies. Baffles me as to why this has happened and is continuing.
  8. David, If you want the option of doing more than just turning look at a used Shopsmith. A 34" lathe is just the beginning of what you get with one of these. Craigslist and other similar forums should have them listed and the prices for used ones are more than reasonable. With the Shopsmith you get quite a few major tools in one relatively small package. Check out the Shopsmith forum here and see if that might suit your needs. Plenty of folks to assist in anything you might need regarding these machines. Welcome aboard. Tony B
  9. Went to Lowes last week and found a standard 2x4 was $8.38. Was afraid to look at plywood. Have been reading these posts for a while and figured I would go broke when I replenished my trophy shop walnut supply. Almost fell over dead when I looked at the invoice. It was 25% lower per bf than I usually pay and the wood was better quality. $3.60/bf vs $4.80/bf. Can't beat that with a stick. So to speak!
  10. Glad to be of assistance. Remember - No Pictures - Didn't Happen! Finished product, of course.
  11. Horizontal boring. Clamp a straight edge at your 5* angle on the table and slide the 2x4 along it to each hole position. Set the straight edge so the drilled edge of the 2x4 is right at the edge of the table. You'll probably need some help hanging on to the 2x4 but it won't take long to get all your holes knocked out.
  12. Don't know of any wheels like what you want but you can make your own. Use a 4" faceplate with a wood disc tweaked to a comfortable shape and put that on in place of the upper drive hub on the left side of the head. Or just attach the 12" sanding disc there instead of the 4" faceplate. Several ways to peel that kitty.
  13. You know what they say... A clean shop is a sign of a sick mind! If that's true, I must be the most mentally healthy individual to have ever lived.
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