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  1. Went to Lowes last week and found a standard 2x4 was $8.38. Was afraid to look at plywood. Have been reading these posts for a while and figured I would go broke when I replenished my trophy shop walnut supply. Almost fell over dead when I looked at the invoice. It was 25% lower per bf than I usually pay and the wood was better quality. $3.60/bf vs $4.80/bf. Can't beat that with a stick. So to speak!
  2. Glad to be of assistance. Remember - No Pictures - Didn't Happen! Finished product, of course.
  3. Horizontal boring. Clamp a straight edge at your 5* angle on the table and slide the 2x4 along it to each hole position. Set the straight edge so the drilled edge of the 2x4 is right at the edge of the table. You'll probably need some help hanging on to the 2x4 but it won't take long to get all your holes knocked out.
  4. Don't know of any wheels like what you want but you can make your own. Use a 4" faceplate with a wood disc tweaked to a comfortable shape and put that on in place of the upper drive hub on the left side of the head. Or just attach the 12" sanding disc there instead of the 4" faceplate. Several ways to peel that kitty.
  5. You know what they say... A clean shop is a sign of a sick mind! If that's true, I must be the most mentally healthy individual to have ever lived.
  6. This is a duplicate bot posting that has been on several woodworking sites just today. Not sure what this person's issue is but apparently it's not about woodworking.
  7. Only after I saw the saddle!
  8. I recently acquired some small carbide carving burrs for my Dremel that would probably work. Not too expensive and come in several shapes and sizes.
  9. Just keep watering and fertilizing it and it will grow up to be a big Adirondack chair. Don't forget to talk nice to it and make it feel special.
  10. C'mon, Dan. Do it right for the man.
  11. That would work great as an outfeed table. (Thanx for the tip.) However, it does nothing for wide boards which is what the extension part is for.
  12. As I read the Shopsmith site about the bandsaw, the rip fence is available as an accessory. The fence and table extensions for the main tables will not fit the bandsaw.
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