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  1. Finishing up the latest trophy shop order. Hat racks and Texas plaques. Might even post some pics if I don't forget to remember.
  2. Guess I misread p_toad's comment. There are issues here in the area but we're still okay at my hacienda. Will be nice to get back to the shop again. Smallpatch - I can throw a rock and have it land on Ft. Hood. Probably get in trouble for doing that, but....
  3. Thanx for the welcome, guys. Gerald - I know you've seen some of these before over at Woodworking Friends before it got shut down. Lew - The easiest way to describe the technique is Youtube - MTMWood Look for his chaos cutting board video. Where he stops and calls it a cutting board, I use that point as the start of my bowls. It's just a regular Ringmaster bowl after that. No laser. Just a side benefit of working for a trophy shop - Free engraving! That box was a Christmas gift for a young lady that just got her Master's in Mechanical Engineering. p_toad
  4. A few pics of some of the things I do. Not a lot of fancy but it keeps me occupied and just enough variety to make things interesting.
  5. Recently found this site and saw some folks I know from other forums so decided to check it out. Looks like my kind of place. After a few hiccups getting registered, I'm finally here. And boy are you folks in trouble. Retired Army officer and retired police Lt. that does a bit of woodworking to stay at least somewhat gainfully occupied. I mainly do specialty plaques, nameplates and other related items for a local trophy shop. For myself I make bowls, cutting boards, etc. for the craft show season. Mainly with my Ringmaster and everything done with my Shopsmith. Did I say this was my
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