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    Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

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  1. embers are hot even when the fire goes out!

  2. Just some stuff I’ve been working on lately.




    1. John Morris

      John Morris

      Been awhile haven't seen you Kevin, hope all is well friend!

  3. Time after time and request after request, I have been turned down. It’s okay though cause the struggle is real and my cause is just.

  4. First pen. Had a lot wobble but all things considered I’m pleased.


  5. Tools4vets & vets turn, Are 2 of many programs coming out to serve vets. Not all apply to wood but I’m sure someone hasn’t heard of these. Give them a look.
  6. Does anyone have or had experience with X-carve cnc router. if so is it worth it just starting out.
  7. I have contacted a couple wood turning clubs but with no success here in Alabama and North Florida. I'm sure its a matter of time before I do get some kind of response from them but just in case I don't I was wondering how many Alabama wood turners are here. If any of us are close may could get get some kind of meeting going. Just putting out there!
  8. So I've discovered the VFW and being that its small its nothing like what you see on tv. This was disappointing for me on one hand, while on the other I wondered what else they do? I have tried to contact the local post here and the surrounding areas. and for some reason they don't return my phone calls? Just wandering if ya'll know anything or could point me in the right direction.
  9. I'm wanting to keep the slant to give it a different look. maybe if I drill deeper into the piece to get the affect I'm looking for.
  10. you should see my work bench for wood working.lol
  11. I will when I can but I don't know what y'all could learn from me!
  12. I'm not discouraged, just have some stuff going on. I'll bounce back I always do. Brother keep doing what your doing.
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