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  1. On a related note, from five years back:
  2. Well, it finally happened. One day ol' Boudreaux's number came up. If you wonder which direction he went, you haven't been paying attention.... The devil welcomed him to hell. "We've got a special little cell for you!" he said as he turned the thermostat up to "Red Hot". "In you go!" A day or two later the devil swung by to check on Boudreaux. He found him leaning back, humming contentedly. "So how do you like our heat?" the devil asked. "Mais, I like it jus' fine. It reminds me of a warm spring night down on the Bayou Ponpon. Ahhh!" Well, the ol
  3. Boudreaux the Fan It was the Sugar Bowl, and LSU was playing with the national championship on the line. The man had a bet on the game, and he had driven in all the way from east Texas to watch. He considered himself lucky to have scored one of the last standing room tickets the scalper had left. In the first quarter he had walked to the concession stand, and noticed a single seat empty on the 40 yard line, down on the seventh row...a prime seat. In the second quarter he had walked past to the restroom, and the seat was still empty. Finally, at halftime, his curiosity g
  4. Boudreaux the Government Contractor... The marble steps in front of the state capitol at Baton Rouge were looking a little worse for wear, and the job was outside the scope of the skills of his in-house maintenance crew. So the Architect of the Capitol put out a solicitation for bids. First to arrive was a paving contractor from Alexandria. He met with the Architect, looked over the job carefully, phoned his suppliers, and finally said, "I can do this job for nine thousand dollars. That's four thousand for materials, four thousand for my crew, and a thousand dollars mar
  5. Actually, I have a WorkSharp 3000 that I haven't even finished setting up yet! Think that should do the trick? They look to be the original set of lathe tools that came with the ShopSmith when it was new in 1980.
  6. Boudreaux goes fishing... The game warden is patrolling his area down by the bayou, and he sees ol' Boudreaux loading his tackle into his pirogue. He comes up and says, "Goin' fishin'? Man, I'd sure like to go too. Mind if I come along?" "Mais non," says Boudreaux. "Plenty of fish. Grab your stuff and come aboard!" So the game warden takes his gear and climbs in, and Boudreaux casts off into the bayou with the pirogue. He chooses a likely spot, and then opens his tackle box. He pulls out a stick of dynamite, lights it, and tosses it over the side. It explode
  7. [For those not in the know, Boudreaux jokes are to Louisiana what Aggie jokes are to Texas. All in good fun, of course. See you in Cajun country!] Old Boudreaux was feeling guilty, so he went to confession. "What have you done, my son?" asked the priest. "Way-ell, fadder," Boudreaux replied, "I took a leetle lumber from da construction site downs da road." "Stealing is a sin, my son," answered the priest, "but perhaps there's more to it. What did you do with the lumber?" "Way-ell, my ol' front porch gots a hole in it, an' I's afraid s
  8. I just thought of a good first project: A salt and pepper mill pair. I've got the wood; where's a good source for the metal parts? Edit To Add: Never mind; I found some which looked good at Lee Valley. I ordered five; I can find good homes for all of them. I've sure got plenty of wood!
  9. I have five basic turning gouges/chisels which came with the Shopsmith, but they all need to be sharpened (standard tool steel). I'm hoping that I can at least get a feel for the art with them before I invest in additional equipment. I do have a drive center and a live center, as well as a drive plate which could be screwed into a blank. Thanks for the advice on getting started right away.
  10. Let me preface this with the fact that I've never done any wood turning. Ever. I've actually done more metal turning; while I'm no machinist I can turn a piece of hex brass into a usable pipe fitting given a little time and a South Bend lathe with a 4-jaw chuck and taper attachment. In my back yard stands...excuse me, stood...a towering ash tree. As in you could see it from orbit, more or less...well, if you look at Google Earth for my home address, it covered the entire back yard. I got my first big wake-up call in June of 2019 when the first limb fell...and it was a monster. Woul
  11. 'Fraid I didn't see that catalog when I was searching for door replacements after Hurricane Harvey. Might consider it, but I still think I'd prefer to do it myself now just for the practice.
  12. With my current income level, "pricey" is a non-starter...
  13. The storage area door under the stairs would need to be 32" wide by 79" high, opening to the outside. The door into the garage itself is 36" wide (actually, 36-1/4" would be better!) by 79" high.
  14. That's an excellent idea. We have some long-time friends in the custom metal fabrication business. My biggest concern with that is making sure that the door is sized properly before the aluminum skin is added because it'll be difficult to plane or alter it afterwards.
  15. I recently saw a disparaging remark (can't remember exactly where) which implied that I'm doing my table saw blade storage all wrong. I have a 10" Craftsman (flex drive) saw and the Shopsmith Mark V/500. When I bought the Shopsmith the blades were all thrown together in the bottom of a cardboard box except for the one which was mounted on the machine. I threw the rusted ones out, one (carbide rip blade) was worth sharpening and is still wrapped in plastic from the sharpener, an 8" fine tooth plywood steel blade was not sharpenable but still appears to have some life in it, I have t
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