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  1. @Ron Dudelston Its to be expected. I'm hearing from friends in the UK that they are going into total lock down in certain regions. They are trying to re open things up here in this state but its rough.
  2. Interesting I may have to give that a go at some point......
  3. Nice information on this one @lew I know this would benefit someone fairly well if they applied and were granted that... Seems like an interesting program.
  4. Finally got to work on the second bowl and its coming out quite nicely. If its not too nasty out tomorrow I may get both of them finished up...
  5. I've seen people use alcohol burning for burning touch marks into steel knives when they are finished off it actually turns out quite nicely. Acid Etching I think is the proper term for it....
  6. Yea I don't have the space for those things either unfortunately.... Also found a propane heater I'm going to get for myself so I can actually be warm while turning this winter and its a small one that will heat the area in my shed nicely hopefully...
  7. If I'm at home or in my car I don't wear a mask at all. I mean its my own space. HOW EVER when I go shopping or have to go out and about to get things I always put on a mask even if I'm picking up my groceries. I can't even get into my doctors office for my regular appointment until next month. Not to mention not even being able to afford the treatment of this nasty nasty virus. So yea I've got to avoid getting sick at all costs. Fortunately I was way beyond prepared for this hole thing in the long run.
  8. Nice post @lew I'll have to watch the videos later on I think I came across a person Lisa Ramlow I think the name is that did a dryer kiln out of an old dishwasher not sure how it turned out but this was the video I saw...
  9. I don't think it would be a good idea to turn 2x4s because they tend to break off quite easily. So I don't use them.
  10. A bit of good news. For the most part bench is complete and done and about as level as I can get it. Either way I've still got some clean up to do and sweeping. Get rid of the scrap pieces of 2x4s haha my yard waste bin is pretty full of that stuff hopefully the waste collection guy doesn't get too poed at me when all those get dumped into the back of the truck next Monday. But I still want to get a small sheet of plyboard and put it in the front of the bench to close that area underneath of it off. But I have to wait until the 30th to do that. The old HF stand for the lathe YES got thrown in the trash Wont be using that ever again so why keep it. If HF was smart about this theyd have ya build your own bench instead of selling cheap crap. But bench complete it will be a pain in the rear to clean out the lathe bed track but that's okay I don't mind I'll be investing in a shop vac soon enough. I also have on order a heat lamp from home depot that should be here hopefully before November 10th how ever that should hopefully keep me some what warm in the winter out working....
  11. As long as you wear a mask keep the distancing I mean things should be quite fine unless John as you said HIGH RISK groups. being 100 percent disabled I don't have to worry about it too much but I've still kept my distance from a lot of people except for family. Which even then its still pretty risky. But one thing I sure as heck hope that stays out of all this mess is the 6 foot rule every where I've really enjoyed that one.
  12. I'm interested to know how well cedar actually turns.... Because I've got a Spanish Cedar bowl blank sitting in my house at the moment. Still un decisive about it.
  13. I just decided to not use it.... In the long run for me its more of just a safety hazard that I wouldn't risk.. Knowing the kind of stuff I've thrown together that looks like junk but is functional has worked quite well. The full sized lathe was the correct size. The stand that came with it how ever unfortunately was NOT the correct size. It was too short for the lathe. Either way no matter on that now. I'm about done with the new lathe bench. Its back to almost the way it was before but a bit smaller. Once I figured out how to do the legs for it I was good to go. Glad I cut the angles into them. Put them together in a triangle form and that should give it pretty sturdy support. I've still got a few more legs to put in to make sure that when the bulk of the weight of the lathe gets onto it that its secure enough to move onto it.
  14. Well sadly what I was planning with the 2x4s did not pan out. Its either I go back to something similar to what I had or I wont be wood turning until the 30th or later. I'm just considering out right buying a table for it. Just such a pain to not get the right materials with the thing in the first place.
  15. Yea with the inch and a half PVC pipe I didn't need to have something holding at the bottom the pipe actually holds the tools quite fine. It wouldn't do for my easy start set but it does work for that. I also found a dust collector that I'm planning on investing in seeing the fact that I need one.
  16. Yea I'm planning on doing that as well. I wanted to get the pvc up on the 2x4 to see how it was going to look as well. I've also got to pick up an extension for my drill.
  17. gooseneck phone holder for the iphone.... Amazon.
  18. Nah I even measured the stand for it. It doesn't fit fully assembled the box pieces were just too short which lead to the mount holes not lining up properly. Either way new lathe bench in the works and half completed with enough done to actually show it. It does semi look Half &$&$^$*.... But the last one I did was even worse and it held up quite well.. But this one I'm doing with an open middle so the wood shavings can just fall to the ground. How ever I will be covering up the back side of it so they can't fall down underneath where I can't get in or wont be able to get in with a broom. As far as the tool holder goes its working quite well and has held up. Just some cut 1 1/2 inch PVC and some CA glue LOL.... No drills or screws necessary. No pun intended but that was half baked just to get something in place LOL. I will eventually be doing something a bit better once I get things fully in place. But the way the tools are held is the general idea of things. For now IT WORKS. Yes I do have these secured to the studs.
  19. The stand did not fit the lathe at all. It was too small for the lathe unfortunately so now I have to re do a stand for it. The other problem was the fact that nothing had lined up. My concern with the weight was the simple fact of the stand not being long enough for the lathe nor lined up that the stand would just fold and collapse under the weight of the motor and housing. Which is why I decided to just go back to the good old fashioned 2x4s at least I know those worked.
  20. At least FOR NOW I know ITS NOT going to collapse under weight. These steel saw horses can hold 300 pounds each. I had a 250 pound chunk of steel on top of them with a hot forge running at 1500 degrees and they worked well for that so for the time being until I can get the legs done and get the lathe put back in order and the hf stand off of the darn thing and thrown away. I think this will work to hold it up for now. It was a pain to get it in place. With out dropping the lathe on myself.
  21. Okay its not complete yet but this will be the stand for the head stock of the lathe. I'm considering doing something just a bit different for the tail stock since it doesn't support that much weight. I still have to put the supporting cross pieces on to complete the two sides at the distance that I want it at it wont be by that much. But I'm thinking that angle should give the lathe plenty of support. Not sure what you guys think. Even though it's not fully put together.
  22. So I've worked out the plan I'm going to build something similar to saw horses. I'm taking the time to cut the angles I need in order to have it set nicely on the ground. and level using a 2x4 top base so I'm doing 2 per side and then I'm going to run a piece of 2x4 between to connect the two legs on each side. as well as for the back. As well as running to length wise cross peices on the bottom towards the middle of the legs. That should work out decently enough to give the lathe plenty of support it will need. I'm hoping at least. Along with making sure I have enough space for the bolts to be threaded through the 2x4s. I will take photos once I get at least one set done. The legs for the head stock end will need the most support since that is the heaviest end of the machine.
  23. I did use PVC tubes for the tools I have done something with that in the short run. I may wind up nixing the HF lathe stand and re building a more sturdy stand for it that isn't so shotty. I just have to get up and do it just just being able to move the lathe around and have the space and of course being able to make sure I can move it in close enough to get the lathe onto the new stand with out it going too crazy or falling on the ground and injuring myself.... I'm not happy with the way the harbor freight stand is because it was not actually to the size of the lathe itself. I think I've got something of an idea to work out on how to do this.
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