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  1. Sadly I live in a Mobile home park even though I own my own house I still have to ask permission which is a pain.
  2. Yea I saw that, sadly I got the notification from management that I could not move forward with that project. So I'll have to do most of my work outside and in the shed which in the end is still no big deal.
  3. No the banjos on my lathes are made by Wen products. But the wen products will fit the Harbor Freight lathe.
  4. Yea I remember you saying that LOL. Either way I will re purpose the other tool rests at some point and weld on the correct size post shaft for them for the lathe. Fortunately I own a 3 in one plasma cutter arc welder and tig welder. So that's not a big issue but that will take some time either way lesson learned LOL.
  5. So come to find out I was looking for an option to weld a 1 inch piece of pipe to the tool rests that I previously ordered. OOOOOOOOOOPS waisted my money. Ordered a set of 4 from Amazon, the tool rest shaft post was TOO small for what I need. I called Wen support yesterday and was informed that the tool rest pole shaft size was 1 inch in diameter sheesh. I feel like a noob now. Wasted 40 bucks on a bunch of tool rests. How ever I can cut the base off them and re purpose them at a later date. How ever I did make a re order this month on these. Not sure if any of you guys in here have used any of these particular ones but I made sure that I ordered the right size for the lathe so hopefully I wont have to grind anything down to make things ft but we shall see. I was told over the phone by customer service that it was 1 inch diameter and that's what I ordered. They will be here tomorrow. I'm hoping that these will work fine LOL. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XW2SRHV?ref=ppx_pt2_dt_b_prod_image IF ANY OF YOU OWN A WEN BENCH TOP LATHE VARIABLE SPEED THE TOOL REST SHAFT DIAMETER IS 1 INCH. KEEP THAT IN MIND WHEN ORDERING TOOL RESTS FOR THIS PRODUCT.
  6. Matter of fact those pieces of poplar and oak I just cut up well I got the pattern done and glued together. I have 2 with oak on the outside and a poplar inside then I have it switched around. Poplar on the outside and oak on the inside. So just gotta hurry up and wait for the glue to dry and cure before I can stack them together. I'm hoping it works out.
  7. Yep exactly why I pick up chunks of stuff from home depot to work on. I'll have to wait a bit after the first one gets here before I can actually turn it. But I've got some bowl bits cut up this afternoon just need to figure out how to glue them up and go for it.
  8. Got all of Mondays projects DONE finally LOL. Only took a better of two days. But the extension for the bench for the lathe is set up good to go just gotta get the thing un boxed and set up. Not only that some bits of 1 x 5 x 30 I picked up from home depot this morning I cut those up into bowl blank type pieces so we should get some where with that at least that little miter saw does a nice number on those things.
  9. Yea I actually just went out myself picked up some of the Oak and Poplar combo for the color combo that I like. Also wound up with some harbor freight clamps fortunately which are cheap. I'm going to try and also lay out a poplar oak combo bowl blank as well at some point this week. I do also plan on ordering more pre made blanks as well. On the finishes and Paste buffing compounds I will probably be ordering those at some point this week. Should be interesting.
  10. Yea even the round bars have a flat bottom on them for the square diamond and round cutter tips. But the handles are considerably shorter. In the long run I may just wind up ordering myself a set of the easy wood tools as well just to see if I can see and do a comparison difference on them.
  11. I mean honestly guys should a hollowing tool handle be this big. Is it me or is this company over compensating for something???
  12. That link will definitely be useful.
  13. I'll have to check that out thanks.
  14. That's pretty much what I was aiming for. I'll just have to wait for the blank to arrive to see exactly what I'm dealing with with these guys. I do like the dark color of the walnut though its more eye appealing. I'll have to go to home depot at some point and get some new stains and sealers for the wood. I've also been trying to hunt down the abrasive pastes that folks use that would polish the projects up quite nicely. So I'll be doing some more searching.
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