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  1. Just gotta cut off the tenons on both bowls and then they will be finished off which will be nice another 2 I can say just about finished up. I need to get resin and give that a go.
  2. Oh my neiko close quarters drill with a 3 inch sanding attachment still getting used to it but yea... Still leaves some tool marks but its smooth.
  3. Just started off on the second bowl... If I have two of the same types of wood bowl blanks I usually like to finish them all off at the same time. How ever this is the second walnut claro bowl taking shape. If its warmer later today or tomorrow I'll hollow it out and sand it then finish them off.
  4. Hmmm I deleted my facebook account several years ago now and have NEVER BEEN HAPPIER.
  5. Yea these bowls are going to come out nice. I think I'm becoming addicted to power sanding it makes life SO SO much easier.
  6. True but I've been wanting a decent bench for it. But what Id really like is to figure out a way to get that lathe to go slower than it actually does which would be even nicer but I would assume that Id have to completely change out the belt system for that to work.
  7. But on the bonus news I found a work bench for the lathe that is probably more proper than anything from home depot I just have to wait to make the purchase unfortunately. How ever the bench I'm looking at for the lathe can support up to 3000 pounds which will be good so I can't wait to get it and its a good 6 foot bench. But it will be a shame that I will have to drill into the wood top.
  8. Yea that's what I was hoping for since I've been using tung oil but I've also been thinking about getting some of that epoxy finish once I can figure out the correct measurements and stuff and work that out but I'll need to purchase a scale for that. The wood finish epoxy. Because I would like to start making some bowls that can actually hold liquids.
  9. Just started working on a couple of walnut claro bowls these are going well. The only thing I got against it is the simple fact that its an extremely wet wood to work with. But I'm hoping that they turn out nicely when they are finished.... Still trying to figure out finance situations so I can get the new bench top lathe and a stand for it that would work.
  10. Another nicely put together thread @lew Sorry I didn't catch this last night I was busy binge watching some netflix series. I'll have to watch the videos at some point.
  11. Unfortunately at this point I think Alumilite might be a bit on the expensive side of resins for me to purchases..... I've been looking at something as an alternative.... I was actually looking at this set up since it is a 1 to 1 ratio. Not sure how well it would work but I'm sure it would work. https://www.amazon.com/HomeHero-Epoxy-resin-AB-Glue/dp/B07G5HY79C/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=epoxy+resin&qid=1605709605&sr=8-13
  12. Strong winds for today oh JOY.... Hopefully I don't loose power any time soon this morning. They are already picking up since the wind warnings take effect at 10 am this morning and go most of the day so we shall see... Just hope I don't loose any power today.
  13. Yep I knew it new lock down starts tomorrow at midnight and 25 percent capacity in all stores.
  14. If all I need is 45 Pounds of pressure it may be time to just invest in a HF pot how ever the bottom is not perfectly flat. So that would have to be solved along with the garbage lock down nuts on the lid of the pot. At least I wouldn't have to have it shipped since there is an HF right down the road from me. I already own an aiir compressor so that wouldn't be an issue. Just learning to mix the resin would lol. Because I would really like to do some acrylic bowls.
  15. Well we are going to be going into another lock down here but the governor doesn't speak on it until 11ish this morning but that I'm gathering is going to be announced this morning is a lock down because cases are actually going up here in the state. Went to the doctors office the other day which also happens to be a covid testing site for this county and yea it was absolutely nuts. Cars waiting all the way around the block they even had to turn people away because of the capacity.
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