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  1. It actually shines up quite well I've made a few bowls out of Bhilwara before. Its a really wet wood when its shipped.
  2. Yea I still wouldn't trust myself making one LOL. Big risk with that and something could definitely go wrong. It would be easier for me to purchase one. So I've been shopping around.
  3. Yea I was thinking that but no old butter knives unfortunately and with me making it that would probably wind up being risky LOL. I've hand forged and heat treated and tempered plenty of knives but never once made a proper tool LOL.
  4. When I put links in I usually don't inbed them to the post I just copy paste saves the trouble of trying that portion.
  5. I got a nice order from cook woods this morning late. I decided to start working on them and turning one down at least from square to round. I'm thinking with this one just going with a round basic round dowel shape for the mill body itself. Just a little bit more simpler to do and maintain. With the cook woods order both were 3x3 the bhilwara is a 3x3x12 I am able to get 2 blanks out of that for the 6 inches and I also picked up a pieces of African Mahogany 3x3x24. I should be able to get at least 4 out of that spindle. I can't really do too much as far as sanding at the moment I did or
  6. AndrewB

    New lathe

    Its a brand that's quite commonly sold in the UK @John Morris I had to look it up myself. The company I do believe is based out of England.
  7. So this morning getting ready for later this month I plan on putting a plant that I got from my parents they said they didn't want it anymore so they gave it to me. Either way dug out the hole in the ground for it TALK A BOUT A PAIN IN THE u know what. At the same time taking care of a beater work bench that I had built for me lathe when I had first started out doing the hole wood turning thing and I broke out the chain saw and had some fun went to town on it and welp now its gone. Slowly but surely. Just haven't figured out as of yet if I'm going to get extra soil for the plant or just
  8. VA Virtual Events along with VA tax preparation help. https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USVA/bulletins/2c500b7
  9. AndrewB

    New lathe

    I would brace the lathe to the wall as well to help stabilize it more once your wood supply runs down it might walk on you.
  10. Lets see its cloudy and a bit cold outside 30 degrees outside.... But yesterday was extremely nice it was actually warm enough for shorts out side 57 I think it was yesterday. Speaking of shorts its time to put those on the shopping list. Cold mornings and warm afternoons and evenings its definitely spring. Speaking of daylight savings time GAG is coming up.
  11. AndrewB

    New lathe

    Nice whats the over all dimensions of the lathe?
  12. Weather here is finally starting to get a lot warmer.
  13. Nice I may just have to order from them next time the Wood Craft ones are way over priced.... 14 something bucks for one but they do give you a set of three sizes to choose from at least. But yea I think I'll order some from Craft Supplies. For a set of 3 kit parts its 30 bucks yea woodcraft is the more expensive brand I will go with these guys from now on.
  14. I just took a look at that one @lew... I'm not exactly sure those will work. I'm using a specific one... This is the one that I've ordered https://www.woodcraft.com/products/woodriver-stainless-steel-pepper-mill-grinder-mechanism-turning-kit From woodcraft. I think they use a specific size I'll have to do some digging and or give them a call and see if they sell the grinder mechanism separately that mates that particular project kit.
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