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  1. Well, change of plans, cant build out too far off the front due to the drain tiles for septic so now I am thinking of going off the corner (right front corner looking at pic above) and going out and around that way.
  2. Gunny, I want to add a lower level deck, probably 12-18” off the ground. My thought was to run a ledger board off the footed post for the original deck, run the rim joists out to a footed beam at the front with the joists running out from the original deck.
  3. This is what I’m working with...
  4. Thanks everyone, I will try to get some pictures up today or tomorrow. The more I think about it, I think it is just easier and safer to just put in the footings.
  5. Thanks for the ideas guys, I wont be starting this project until late fall/winter time so maybe I can get a decent plan together by then.
  6. Thanks for all the ideas everyone. So if I wanted to use a gray stain like minwax or varathane, what would be the best top coat for them to live outside and not turn yellow?
  7. Well, I would have multiple blocks throughout. I am also not opposed to doing footers, but would i set the posts in the concrete or on top?
  8. Hello everyone, question about decking. I currently have a deck on my house that we bought two years ago, and it looks ... ok. It was hastily built by the previous owners and now it just doesn't work for me. I would like to redo the decking on the existing deck. Now, in addition, I want to add a ground level deck off the existing deck. The existing deck is approximately 36-42" off the ground. My question (or one of them for now) is can I attach a ledger board to the footers for the existing deck and use deck blocks for the front? I don't have exact dimensions yet, but the new deck will likely be the same width as the existing deck and probably 10-12 feet long. Sorry if I forgot anything or sound jumbled, A lot of ideas in my head for this and they are all over the place.
  9. Thank you everyone for the welcome, hope to learn alot and I can tell already everyone here seems to be a good group of people that are willing to help, learn and chat about anything. Thanks again! Many questions coming your way!
  10. If using oil base paint, how long until it fully cures? Also thank you everyone for your input, giving me a lot to consider.
  11. Hello all, just trying to get some ideas and have a few questions. I have tried to search for the answer but with no results. I am about to build some adirondak type chairs and would like to stain them gray. First question, I have the Minwax classic gray but was wondering if there is a better gray stain or is minwax good? I am looking for a mid to darker color of gray. Second question, is polycrylic a good clear coat for exterior use? The chairs will be outside 24/7. If I used a polyurethane, would that change the color of the gray once dried? (any yellowing).
  12. Hi Gunny, I like to do a lot of things around the house like shelves, garden boxes, cabinets. I most recently finished (well, almost finished) a dry bar and wine rack for my kitchen area. I am looking to redo my existing deck and build a ground level deck off of it this fall/winter and build a wet bar to add onto the current bar I have already built in my basement.
  13. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and somewhat new to woodworking. Hoping to better my skills and learn a lot of things from all of you here. I have completed some small and some larger projects and I am pretty happy overall, but there is always room to improve and learn new things. Look forward to getting to know everyone.
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