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  1. There are cross members under the plywood to prevent any sag. 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood are pretty stiff to begin with
  2. Yea, lazy typing... 4 X 8' actually
  3. Worked on this while stuck at home. Two 4 X 8' - 3/4" sheets of plywood glued together. Self adhesive edging around the outside edge, several coats of floor quality polyurethane and on 300 lb. capacity wheels. Exact height for using it as an extension table for my table saw.
  4. I have seen where a colored resin is used in irregular wood to fill cracks and voids. It is quite unique and beautiful.
  5. Just cut down a large pine tree, would like to cut discs to make clocks with. What is the best way to dry and prep without the proverbial pie shape cracking I assume comes from it drying to quickly? Should I dry whole or cut into the discs then dry? Thanks!
  6. Here is a site for supporting Vets, preventing suicide by sharing the message of "Don't Give In To The War Within" My wife is currently active duty army and sees this in her Battalion more often than it should. https://tilvalhallaproject.com/
  7. That pegboard would be handy making things adjustable! Thanks...!
  8. I completely agree that keeping things mobile is important as this is shared with my wife's car. (My RAM gets to sit out in the old, LOL) I have plenty of room to move things around as I need them. Very good point you also make is arranging them in such a way to make them functional and in some sort of order that is relevant. I think I am going to stay away from the flip flop table and just use my second one for my band saw, grinder, drill press, and sander. Since I have the first workbench to use for actually working on, I can use the second and mount my tools to it. It will be 4X8' and have the same build as the other with wheels. Thanks for the input and great things to keep in mind as I move forward. Dr. Nevin
  9. Got some stuff put back on it, I have the plans for this if anyone wants them...
  10. I hadn't thought of the oils, I don't think any of mine has any in them. All electrical, if any of them have sliding parts it could be an issue. So many different ideas, maybe I will just end up putting them all on the floor and low crawling from one to the other! LOL..
  11. And then there are these, so many ideas
  12. Those are some really great ideas, I do have access to the outside via a boarded over window and could exhaust outside. Thanks for the ideas! Dr. Nevin
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