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  1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your thorough answer to my post! The information you provided has given me some answers and much needed direction. The last photos are from windows in another room with the original finish. I do believe the wood is most likely poplar. I will look into the products you suggested and start experimenting on some sample pieces. Fortunately, I live close enough to Houston and should be able to find someone with the experience necessary to help with color matching. Thank you again for taking the time to help! Chandra
  2. Thank you, that would be wonderful.
  3. I am in need of some information or advice on how to proceed with my current project. We recently purchased a 1961 mid-century modern home designed by a local architect. The previous owners applied Minwax Black Penetrating Stain to all the woodwork in the main room. Fortunately, they had not properly prepared the wood surface so I was able to remove the black stain from the wood around the windows and the beams using Citristrip gel. After removing the black I discovered that the wood used to frame the center two columns of windows was different from all the other windows. The architectural plans show they had originally intended on using the same custom window frames found on all the other windows in the house. For whatever reason during the build these six windows were framed using a lesser quality wood that was ripped to fit. Based on old photographs, I conclude that the original finishing technique masked the fact that there were two different types of wood used along this wall of windows. The wood trim throughout the rest of the house still has the original finish and it has held up quite well over the last 60 years. There is some minor fading around a few windows that receive the most sunlight and a couple areas of minor flaking. When I applied denatured alcohol to the finish using a cotton swab not much happened at first. But with continued rubbing the cotton swab did get some brown on it. Acetone had no affect and neither did lacquer remover. I am attaching pictures of the wood in the main room before stripping and after. I am also including some close ups of the original finish still on the other windows and some of the flaking. My question now is how to finish the wood around the windows so as to mask the two different types of wood around the windows. It would be nice to mimic the original technique but not necessary. Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. Thank you all for the warm welcome! I am from Houston but just relocated to Beaumont, Texas where we purchased our MCM home. I am working to undo some of the updates the previous owners made to the home. Please bear with me as I am having a bit of a learning curve with navigating this site with my phone. I hope to figure it out quickly and look forward to learning from you all!
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