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  1. CDave

    Swap meet Hand Saw

    Nice to meet you Steven
  2. CDave

    Swap meet Hand Saw

    My Neighbor knows I like the old rusty tools that need a home He picked up 2saws for $5 This one might be kind of rare Sold by HSB and Co. which in early 60's became True value The Ovb(Our very best) logo was likely stamped on by Disston It is cast metal blade guessing 1930's or so Might have been a "Nest Saw" with interchangeable blades Not sure the species of handle Glad this one made it my way
  3. CDave


    Only hand tool on this one Should have new shop up by mid summer then power tools will be used quite a bit more
  4. Wow I am blown away What beautiful work Outstanding!
  5. CDave

    Night Stand

    22" tall 14" wide 18" long I had some #2 pine, furring 1x2s and 2x4 so I hand planed 1x2s and put them together like a cutting board Cut the legs out of 2x4 did a half round using spokeshave Used Amber Shellac on top then 4 coats clear Shellac over all Good news on wood situation though we have a good size Amish community around the area they will mill any diminsion wood any species requested for a really good price so I am elated The shop is moving forward as well so life is good Hope everyone is doing well Next project is Hard Maple already on hand or the boss s
  6. CDave

    TV Stand

    Finally retired the big box stores stand Had some leftover select pine for shelves and doors and just planed pine for sides Usd Amber Shellac for finish Only hand tools on this one still working downstairs New shop this spring! I will be using some power tool then by golly
  7. CDave

    Early 1900's

    I found this drawknife in a box of tools my Dad got from from where he was raised His Dad was a sharecropper Families were large as most of you know 9 children I remember Dad getting a box of old stuff out of the shed I was about 5 or 6 at the time What a treasure
  8. CDave

    Ash Mallet and Tack Hammer

    Ash mallet and Tack hammer handle the old fashion way
  9. CDave

    Frame Saw

    So much satisfaction and quiet time using hand tools Beautiful set John thanks for sharing
  10. CDave


    This Desk is 30" wide 48" long little over 29" high
  11. CDave


    Ash is nice to work with Lots of ash in kansas hickory not so much
  12. CDave


    Daughter-in-law began working from home Ask me if they should buy a desk or would I like to make one All I needed to hear lol Had to make clamps to put top together Used Select Pine with 5 coats of brushable Lacquer All hand tools except did use my orbital sander on top Glued 1x2 together for legs for strength used my spokeshave to round them Put a 22" x 8" drawer Simple clamp brackets for shelf so it is removable Fun project
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