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  1. CDave


    Ash mallet Tack hammer handle the old fashion way
  2. CDave

    Frame Saw

    So much satisfaction and quiet time using hand tools Beautiful set John thanks for sharing
  3. CDave


    This Desk is 30" wide 48" long little over 29" high
  4. CDave


    Ash is nice to work with Lots of ash in kansas hickory not so much
  5. CDave


    Daughter-in-law began working from home Ask me if they should buy a desk or would I like to make one All I needed to hear lol Had to make clamps to put top together Used Select Pine with 5 coats of brushable Lacquer All hand tools except did use my orbital sander on top Glued 1x2 together for legs for strength used my spokeshave to round them Put a 22" x 8" drawer Simple clamp brackets for shelf so it is removable Fun project
  6. CDave

    Grandpa's old hammer

    Used ash for the handle a little goof off time on a cold Sunday afternoon
  7. CDave


    Daughter in law started working from home. Ask me if they should buy a desk or would I make one All I needed to hear lol Fun project had to make clamps to put the top together Used a satin lacquer for finish 5 coats on select pine Made the shelf removable with simple clamp on brackets I did use orbital sander on top other than that all hand tools
  8. CDave


  9. CDave

    Poplar Table

    No power tools on this one
  10. CDave

    Poplar Table

    This is 26" tall I used mortise and tenon on bottem shelf then cut a dado on inside edge glued bottom shelf to piece of 3/8 birch plywood
  11. CDave

    Relax time finally

    Figured I better post something otherwise you folks might think I have been goofing off I actually rebuilt and installed new Bay windows and got siding put on another side of the house We just bought this place in June of 2018 so the honey do list is pretty long still Did get the concrete poured for the new wood shop the Boss gave me the okay on Truth be told she probably just wants to get me further away from the house! Had some vacation time to burn so I sharpened up the tools and made a couple small project We are doing well around here hope all of you are as w
  12. Everyone I know are good but here is the issue I've had since all this has started The Mrs tells me I'm stubborn and I have proved her correct I refuse to wear a mask except when sanding or staining etc so my stock has gotten alot more expensive or unavailable Withdrawal is sitting in now that siding project is close and gardening is about over I'm gonna have to figure something out soon! I just can't let others pick out my wood because sometimes we get inspired just by looking thru beautiful wood Anyway enough whining everybody stay safe and thanks again for all the g
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