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  1. Billy, looks awesome. Thanks for your help.
  2. Cal, sounds like you have the answer! I checked some local stores already but couldn't quite find what I was after (small town problems). If you are willing to send a pic of your table you would be a life saver! I think you may have answered the question though, if you have 42" between trestles. I was thinking closer to 46" because I was worried about people being crowded by the trestles but if 42" works then that's better I'm sure.
  3. Thanks Lew. I saw the 50" slides from Osborne and a 52" slide too from somewhere. But with only two trestles as support, and not a center pedestal leg, is 46" too big of a span to create stability, stand up to long term use/abuse, and prevent sag? I'll have an apron and bracing where I can for support, especially during the times that it's extended. Just not sure about the center of the table.
  4. Still planning so no pictures. Not totally sure about the top yet, probably somewhere in the 78" X 40" range. About 46" between two trestles. About 15" overhang on the ends. So I was thinking if I want it to extend from the middle I would need some equalizer slides that spanned the 46" gap. Just not sure if it's a practical idea or not.
  5. So I’m designing my first farmhouse dining table and trying to work out the best plan for the extensions. I would like to use equalizers but I’m worried that the distance between trestles will be too far for it to work out. I was thinking maybe build a platform that sits on the trestles, and then attach the equalizers to the platform. Sort of like a table sitting on top of a smaller table, if that makes sense. That way if the equalizer slides can’t fully reach each trestle to provide full support they will at least be supported by a platform that is reaching the trestles. Added bonus to this idea is that I can semi-enclose the platform around the slides to create a storage area for the leaf extensions, table runners, etc. Am I on the right track? Should I ditch the equalizers and just create two slides on the ends?
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