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  1. Right on thanks guys. Sounds like great advice.
  2. I'm somewhat new to woodworking and I'm planning on doing some live edge tables. My issue is I don't have enough experience reading wood grain so that I'm able to predict what kind of color will come out of a slab once it's finished. As I'm meandering through the local mill is there anything acceptable I can do to the slabs that will reveal their finished coloring? I know you can wet a slab and bring out it's color but I hardly think you should do that to one that's already been dried. Or maybe brush on a little sanding sealer...but that'd probably be frowned upon. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks for all the great information guys. Guess I'll be spending some dough either way I go. Since I'm just starting to design these tables and my business success is far from assured, someone suggested I could just cut down the table edges with a router. And since I just got a good 1.75 hp Dewalt plunge router I'm thinking maybe this would be the more economical route for me. Is say a 3" edge cut possible on a router, possibly with multiple depth cuts? Any ideas on using a router instead of some kind of guided circular saw?
  4. Man I've spent so much on new tools already I'm probably gonna have to go budget here until I can afford the better track systems. And by that I mean just a regular circular saw with a straight edge guide to run it up against. Any recommendation for a good deep cutting circular saw that would work ok with a straight edge guide, like just a straight maple board like Dragon suggests?
  5. I'm tooling up to do my first resin table and I'd rather not spend the $600 for the Festool track saw I'm seeing in all the videos. Is there a comparable model that performs as well? I definitely won't be a high volume producer. Don't need it to do any specialized functions. Just need it to have settings for cut depths and use a vacuum system.
  6. I'm jumping back into woodworking specifically to learn more about resin tables and similar projects. I'm searched all the woodworking forums that have come up on google but I haven't seen any forums specifically dedicated to resin topics. Is there something like this around, maybe sponsored by one of the resin suppliers that I haven't stumbled upon yet? I'd hate to keep bothering general woodworking forums with resin questions. Also, earlier in my research I found a supplier that had a page of many of the tools you need when working with resin tables and one of those was a 3" 4 blade router bit that planed a surface. For the life of me I can't find that supplier's page again. Does this sound familiar to anyone? It's not Black Forest or Stone Coat Countertop. If not, would anyone have a good suggestion for a similar router bit? The one listed on that particular supplier's page was about $100.
  7. Welcome to TPW, feel free to join in a conversation or post some work to start some conversation.

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