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    FrederickH reacted to steven newman for a gallery album, Ash Blanket Chest   
    Frame & Raised Panel chest, lid is a 4 board glue-up with bread board ends.   Has a small "Stash box" inside, on the left side...raise it's lid and it props the main lid open.    Floor of the chest has 1/4" Aromatic Red Cedar planks glue to a floor of 1/4" plywood, that is glued and screwed to 1 x 2 cleats.   Finish is called Early American by Minwax.   2 coats of a clear gloss poly, with a glaze of the stain in-between.  Brass hinges, and Black metal handles on the ends.   Stands 24" tall ( with the 17" wide lid closed) and the lid is 28-1/2" long.   Annual Christmas present gift.
    Lumber was 3/4" x 6" x (average length) 6'....
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