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  1. Ok so something has came up and I have not picked up this lathe yet, however a couple others have popped up all for the same price. DELTA LA200 MIDI LATHE Model 49 The lathe and chuck for $200 (this is the lathe talked about above) WEN 8” x 13” wood lathe with 1/3 HP variable speed drive (New) for $200 Central Machinery Lathe with carving tools, pen press kit, assorted pen blanks and aftermarket NOVA chuck for $200 How do these three compare?
  2. Thanks for the info. Woodturning is always something I found fascinating.
  3. Ok so I have always wanted to learn how to turn, However there has always been something that has gotten in the way. Because I have no experience with turning I have always looked but never pulled the trigger on anything. I came across a used DELTA LA200 MIDI LATHE Model 49-460 ( which is supposed to be the variable speed version). The lathe and chuck for $200, if I want a set of 5 Crown tools included it would be $300. I haven't been able to find alot of info on a used price range for this lathe. Is this a good beginner lathe? Is $200 a reasonable price for this lathe? Or should I just wait for a better lather to come along?
  4. I am waiting for the parts to come in, had to purchase them on Ebay to keep the price down. As soon as I get them I will start working on it and get some pictures posted.
  5. My wife told me to do the exact same thing. Ok work has been pretty hectic so I have really been able to create any sawdust yet. However I have started buying the things I need to make my DIY Bin sensor right now I am at about $40 and I dont really see it going over $50.
  6. I have been known to misplace a remote or two. I am going to find a special place to put the remotes (Air cleaner and dust collector). Maybe Santa will bring me an apron that they can be clipped to.
  7. I left the secondary switch off as I could not find the switch I was looking for. My intent was to mount it threw the top cover of the box between the power coming in and the contactor just as a means to kill all power going to the Contactor/RF remote/Coil. I might install it later if I find the switch I want.
  8. 120 comes in and feeds the contacter and the wireless remote. The white lamp cord provides power from the wireless remote to the coil inside the contactor. This power opens and closes the coil when the ON/OFF button on the remote is pushed. (White cord is just a normal cord that I just happened to pull off a lamp, any small electronic, appliance cord should really work.)
  9. To all that read this I am not an Electrician. Fred So I got some time today to mess around with the remote switch. The things I purchased (because I wanted to copy Fred) PVC (6 x 6) box 120 volt 30 amp contactor cable strain reliefs cable and plugs ends Lamp cord (Pulled out of my throw away pile) I attached the plug ends and the disconnects to the power in/out wire and the lamp cord. I cut the male plug off the Defiant wireless (indoor/outdoor) remote switch and added disconnects to the wires. I drilled two holes in the 6 x 6 PVC box for the power in/out wire. I used to very small screws to attached the contactor to the bottom of the box and hot glue to attach the remote switch. I attached all the wires and it works like a champ. The biggest difference between mine and Freds is that I put the wireless (indoor/outdoor) remote switch inside the PVC 6 x 6 box. If you would like to know more about the wiring I do have a wire diagram I can post.
  10. Jim, we are all inexperienced at some point and time. Yes the wite fittings are Sch 40 thin wall and the green pipe is SDR 35 which is sewer pipe. It is plenty thick enough to handle the pressure of a dust collection system at about half the weight (maybe more) it also cost less. IRT the floor sweep system, yes an overlooked nail or screw could get picked or sweeped up and damage the impeller, however the cyclone separator should catch all this. Like with all things there is always the possibility that something could get through, so I would always recommend to visually inspect everything before sweeping it into the system.
  11. I was just talking about that yesterday. I will probably install a barrel level sensor on it. I was looking at the ones Oneida sells but they want $150 for it. I have seen some DIY builds for them and a much reduced cost.
  12. Thanks, Right now I am using a canister filter on the DC but maybe down the road at some point I might exhaust it outside. I am located in Florida and you don't see many basements in this part of the country, most shops are either stand alone or in the garage.
  13. Thought that I would share how the Cyclone went together. The original cyclone came with the cyclone body, 15g barrel and clamping ring. I wanted to increase my barrel size. I was going to use a 55g blue barrel with clamping ring and affix the cyclone body to the top. When I went to get the barrel they were out, which forced mt to rethink my plan. I found this 60g black pickle barrel and it was actually easier to use then the original blue barrel in my plan. The barrel came with a two part top (a lid and ring) kinda like the ring and lid on a mason jar. The lid inserted into the barrel so I cut out the center leaving about a 2" lip this allowed the molded cyclone body to sit on the remaining lip of the lid (This is where I placed the gasket that came with the cyclone). The ring then slips over the cyclone body and tightens down. It seems to work great, there are no leaks to my knowledge and it does not crush when the DC is turned on.
  14. Well I can tell you I am very thankful of all the input and suggestions that I have gotten. It has made alot of things easier.
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