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  1. Pete, the Anemometer that I used was a Proster MS6252A. I dont know how good this one is as I found the same one on the internet for $35 so I am assuming that is where my buddy got it from. The instruction manual says to measure CFM to select CFM mode However when I select CFM mode it is giving me readings in the thousands. As far as to what I measuring, yes I am at the 4" blast gate right before each tool. My system is made up completely of 4" PVC. I understand that I do not know how accurate this meter is but I am trying to at least get some kind of ballpark numbers.
  2. Welcome and I look forward to see the progress.
  3. Ok so I was able to get ahold of an anemometer over the weekend and did some readings. However the problem I have now is when I select the CFM mode on the anemometer it gave me the readings in thousands not the hundreds. So what do I need to do with this number to get my true CFM reading?
  4. Thanks, I was actually looking for this video, someone else recommended it and I couldn't find it.
  5. Ok so this is the idea that is running through my mind. What do you think?
  6. Ok, just a curiosity question, has anyone ever hooked up 2 dust collection motors to their dust collection system. If so how did you go about doing it.
  7. Ken, I was not able to get the impeller off. So I shelved the upgrade until later and then would try again.
  8. Yes the green light is just a power light. It could be absolutely left out and out wouldn't hurt anything. The one sold by Onieds doesn't have a power indicator so there is no easy way to tell if the system has power so I thought it was a good idea.
  9. ok well everything for my dust bin level sensor arrived and I actually got some time to work on it today. First let me say that this was not my idea, I found this on youtube and thought thats alot cheaper then the Oneida version. I built a box and mounted the flashing amber light and a green light to it. The green light lets me know that there is power to the sensor. When the amber light flashes the green light goes out. I still have to mount the sensor in the bin but it worked during my trial. Here is a list of the items i used for a total cost of $42.56 vise $148 from Onieda QS18VN6D Banner Engineering Corp Photoelectric Sensor - $22 (Ebay) Amber/Yellow 30W 12volts Emergency Warning Flashing Safety Strobe - $8.42 (Ebay) 12V, Green LED, Flush Panel Mount - $4.15 (Amazon) DC12V 2A Power Supply Adapter - $7.99 (Amazon) Scrap wood to build box for it.
  10. Ok so I have been trying to read up and watch lots of videos about turning. One thing that came alot was the sharping of tools, what does everyone use to sharpen there tools?
  11. CRAFTSMAN 13” Drill press 113.213130 Is $100 a good price for this. It shows some surface rust but works good.
  12. Ok so the last few parts for the sensor hopefully will be in this week and I can get started on that little sided project. I however have another question related to dust collection. When it comes to dust collection hoses there are so many different types an manufactures out there, What does everyone prefer and why? If I buy Anti-Static hose will this help with any static build up in the system or should I still ground the system? Listed below are just a few I found Harbor Freight - Clear Flexible Hose Rockler - Clear Flexible Hose Rockler - Dust Right Expandable Hose Rockler - Dust Right Anti-Static Hose Woodcraft - Flexaust Clear Flexthane Hose Woodcraft - HI-TECH DURAVENT ULD Urethane Hose Woodcraft - Flexaust Anti-Static Clear Hose PSI - D50C Dust Collection Hose Clear Flexible
  13. Well I am not sure I got as good of a deal as you did but I was able to pick up the Delta LA200, the chuck and the tool set for $175 The tool set is the Crown 280 5 Piece and includes a 3/4" roughing gouge , 3/8" spindle gouge , 1/4" parting tool, 1/2" round nose scraper and 1/2" skew chisel. They look to be in good shape however there is alittle surface rust on the 3/4 gouge (should clean up easily). This set list for $175 on Amazon.
  14. Ok so something has came up and I have not picked up this lathe yet, however a couple others have popped up all for the same price. DELTA LA200 MIDI LATHE Model 49 The lathe and chuck for $200 (this is the lathe talked about above) WEN 8” x 13” wood lathe with 1/3 HP variable speed drive (New) for $200 Central Machinery Lathe with carving tools, pen press kit, assorted pen blanks and aftermarket NOVA chuck for $200 How do these three compare?
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