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  1. On my way... Thanks...
  2. Looking it up I think it's the same thing... Google calling it osage orange ...
  3. 12:09 1/16/21.... nothing but rain so far.....
  4. Nothing yet... I think we are getting it tonight... I'm waiting for summer...
  5. My uncle was a glass cutter. He told me that glass gets real brittle with age.
  6. The new vise will hold anything from 0 to 24"...
  7. Now I have a way to hole small wood parts so I can overhead plane them down...
  8. So.... The last couple days I cut down a machinist to make a wood vise using junkyard parts... And the story goes on...
  9. I building a 12 foot by 8 foot overhead router plane for in my shop but I'm waiting for some tee rail to finish it. So..... I have this 10 Fingers Router ( I have no idea why it's called that) that's never been used. It has no way to hold down anything to work on. The story continues ...
  10. I have this overhead router plane that I made for my saw mill but it's a pain putting it on the saw mill carriage... The story continues...
  11. Sanding down all this glue is a pain in the neck... So.... The story continues....
  12. One way I get around that is to use colored sawdust. I keep coffee can fun of different kinds of wood. Reed wood, Walnut, white pine and so on... Work great for me.
  13. The gaps I got even with the smallest blade. I needed to make very sharp turns and I had to make room for the blade to turn. This is why I was using varnish. I taped up the bottom to stop the runs and fill the cracks. I could have used epoxy. Any better ideas? One trick I've used over the years was to rub the sanding dust back into the cracks before I varnished. This worked best years ago when I sanded my grandfathers kitchen floor. It looked great until I vacuumed up all the dust. I had some floor cracks 1/2" wide. I dumped the sanding bag is dust back onto the floor and swept it all back in the cracks. Then I took sanding sealer to the whole floor. After It dried I sanded again. Then I varnished. Turned out great.
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