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  1. Guess I'm a lucky one... Our county has only increased around 2-3 cases every day since this started. I have been keeping a record. This was for the last month. Columbia county Pa.
  2. Copied from another forum that I'm on....
  3. I have some like that made by Wilton...
  4. I got one of them funny looking emmerts....
  5. I got tons of small drawers with little parts. I take my hot melt glue gun and glue one of each on the outside of the drawer.
  6. Chas Parker made some really good vises....
  7. I have around 6 Grizzlys so far... Love them all...
  8. I build many many pine benches. I use Helmsman exterior varnish.
  9. I'm a vise collector... I have class 3 hitches mounted on all my benches. I put all different tools on the hitch including vises...
  10. But one in three death certificates were wrong... A growing number of conservatives are embracing a conspiracy that ... "Now watch the numbers of deaths go up...because they want to make it look bad. The NVSS guidelines state, "If COVID-19 played a role in the death, this condition should be specified on the death certificate. In many cases, it is likely that it will be the underlying cause of death. The death toll of COVID-19 is not going to be accurate until epidemiologists and statisticians have time to crunch the numbers. I still know of no one that has gotten this virus. No one...
  11. So.... 64,964 people live in Columbia county Pa. in (2019) and as of today only 398 people have tested positive for Covid 19.... Guess that's not to bad. The flue has done worse... I'm not worried about it. The jobs people lost is a much bigger problem.
  12. I just finished up making a 15 deg. drill table for drilling 2" forest bit holes in my bench bases. Works great. Table lifts off so i can use my slab saw. Press stays attached.
  13. Our county (columbia Pa.) is still climbing but we are going GREEN today....6/12/20...
  14. This tenon bit I'm using came off a machine that had a 6 1/2hp 1156 RPM 3 phase motor. The bit was hooked directly on the motor shaft. I would not want to be the operator of that machine.
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