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  1. 2020... The year of great dishonesty...
  2. Our county leveled off for the first time today. 330 cases. I'm hoping it stays that way.... We are still in the red.
  3. We will see how long this lasts before it's taken away....
  4. the rivets will not be an issue. I use 1000's of feet of this stuff in the textile world. It's just the best. I hate the twist lock stuff...
  5. The belts with the rivets is the best kind. The rivets act like a button and button hole. See it at around 6:35 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdQt4hHYhrw
  6. Guess I can be happy with my 1000+ feet I got from factory clean outs. I have 1/4" 1/2" 5/8" and 1" double sided. I would hate to see what the double sided 1" would cost. It's a real bugger to snap or unsnap the 1" together. There is a tool to do just this job. Link belt is real handy when you have a tool that needs dissembled to put a belt on. Don't ever try to use this stuff if your machine has back idlers on it. It works great with front idlers. Link belt is not a high grip belt.
  7. Grizzly sells what your looking for... The D2058A Shop Fox® Heavy Duty Mobile Bases are designed to give you a stable and mobile platform upon which to mount machinery and equipment having a variety of base sizes and weights. The heavy-duty metal casters are arranged on outriggers allowing the machine to sit as low as possible and yet be extremely stable. Swivel casters on two corners provide excellent maneuverability.
  8. That screw is reverse threaded...
  9. I cut so much wood that most days I sharpen two saws twice a day. I have two professional chain sharpeners. But I don't use them. I can put the saw in a vise and have it sharp with a dremel in less than 2 minuets. This is what I use.
  10. You got to watch this fast before it gets removed again....
  11. Check this out.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTgER_aZXT4&app=desktop
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