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  1. I got a load of China plywood. I would be scared to try it.
  2. I really wanted a ringmaster but I did not have the $$$ to play with. So I made one. The hardest part was finding something to use for the cutters. also using it the first few time finding the right angles. I really like the center hole because I put all the rings on my work bench and bolt it down through my bench using that hole for the glue up.
  3. I'm going to bend the frame for more wrap around. I'm thinking I will add another handle also.
  4. Found these in the junkyard today. The screwdriver is a Starrett . The chisel I think was a Foot Operated Mortiser Cutter Bit. I made a handle for it before I googled it. The Hand saw I want to make a lathe wire burner out of it.
  5. These work great. The shelf it's self holds the pins in the holes.
  6. I still have my first car (year ?) and my first truck (1967)...
  7. So many different kinds of paper... Types of paper (Gathering term; do not assign) . Types of paper by fiber patterns . SN: Gathering term, do not use; index under narrower term. .. Laid papers ... Antique laid papers ... Modern laid papers .. Wove papers . Types of paper by method of manufacture . SN: Gathering term, do not use; index under narrower term. .. Handmade papers .. Machine-made papers .. Mould-made papers .. SN: Use for .. "an imitation hand-made paper ... made on a cylinder or cylindrical mould revolving in a vat of pulp," .. Labarre, 167. . Types of paper by presence or absence of sizing . SN: Gathering term, do not use; index under narrower term. .. Sized papers .. Unsized papers . Types of paper by uses or names . SN: Gathering term, do not use; index under narrower term. . Includes names of specific kinds of papers created for . specific uses; often, but not always, the use is suggested . by the name of the paper, e.g., Currency papers. Many . papers' names are arbitrary; some are related to use, content, inventor, manufacturer, color, size, or other feature. The present thesaurus contains only the more common names and includes no commercial brand names. This category does not include decorated papers, since decorations are features of papers. .. Bag papers .. Bark papers .. Bible papers .. Bill papers .. Blotting papers .. Blueprint papers .. Bond papers .. Book papers .. Box enamels .. SN: Use for highly glazed, inexpensive papers, coated on one .. side only. .. Bright enamels .. SN: Use for highly polished calendered papers, coated on one .. side only; usually used for labels. .. Brush enamels .. SN: Use for papers coated on one side, brush polished, with a .. brilliant surface; usually used for cigar labels and box .. coverings. .. Butter papers .. Canvas note papers .. SN: Use for papers embossed to imitate canvas. .. Carbolic papers .. 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  8. The night before I could not sleep thinking about using and old hack saw or coping saw for just that same thing. But I decided to try the easy way first being that I had no experience with this and I'm glad I did. It seems that the wire needs to wrap around the wood to get it hot enough to burn. I now don't think a wire in a saw will work very good. Even with a lot of slack in the wire I don't think you would get enough warp around the part to burn.
  9. Just a chunk of wire between two wood handles... Wrap around your spinning part and pull until it burns.
  10. I got bored and made a wire burner for my lathe today... I used spring or Music wire.
  11. Neat little story..... Metal lathe... I took an extra 8" 3 jaw chuck and made a mount for it to fit in my tail stock for working on small thin parts. One of the first time I used it I put in a 18" x 3/8" steel rod. I had the speed set to high. When I turned it on the rod wound up like a spring. The weight of the chuck was to much for the rod to handle... Well that din't work.
  12. I make slab benches and tables mostly from white pine. The pine Beatles makes lots of tunnels in my wood. I like using red wood sanding dust to fill my holes. It makes them stand out. I give up trying to hide them.
  13. That's what I do... It always surprises me how much glue it takes to mix up a cup of sawdust.
  14. I've done this with the grindings off my metal cutting band saw. I sprinkle the metal grindings on the wood and then take a sprinkle can and put water on it for over night. Works great with Oak. The acid in the wood reacts with the metals and gives a stain look to the wood. Almost looks like a tree with a old nail in it.
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