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  1. I picked this up at Trates Surplus in Milton Pa. They got buildings full of equipment for sale. It's a good place to go of you got a few days to look around.
  2. Thanks. I seen the first two. I'm hoping so more people besides me own one of these monsters.
  3. I bought this about 6 years ago and it was never used. I just last week bought a BOSCH 1611 PLUNGE ROUTER to mount on it. Holes to mount a router has never been drilled. It is very hard to find any info on this machine. I'm hoping some one here has one or knows anything about what I have. I know it was made by Ten Fingers Corporation Texas. It's made to take both an upper and lower router. I can't wait to try it out. I'm not even sure what I'm going to make with it. It came with some extra parts that I don't even know what they are for. I was told it's a Model RAMR-S.
  4. Still cold up here in Pa. Thats an outside project and i got plenty of them.
  5. I'm bumed... Even the junk yard closed. No new toys for me...
  6. 123 different kinds of pines there is....
  7. This is another Homelite that I have that has a saw blade on it....
  8. I put 100's of them together. I worked for ShopFox for 5 years. The mobile bases are great. You can also buy extensions for them.
  9. I got board this week with the coronavirus. Even the Junkyards are closed up. I went to a Tag sale yesterday and there sure was some good buys. One of the things I bought was a antique Homelite chainsaw Model 17L. The reason I bought it was that I still had my Dads old Homelite 17L brush cutter. It was made in 1954. It's so old that I can't even find one on google. I can find the chainsaw but not the brush cutter. Anyway I needed this saw so I could restore my Dads brush cutter. I remember him running this thing 8 hours a day on our Christmas tree farm. The saw I bought cost me all of $5.00 and it looked very lightly used. I'm happy to now have this brush cutter back in good shape. It sure is heavy and BIG. My newest weed eater is along side to show the size difference.
  10. I think this is why they done away with RAS. People was putting the wrong blades on them. They can get real aggressive with the wrong pitch.
  11. If you don't it will mess with your life. Just thinking about what you could of had.
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