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  1. JimM


    Being responsible for yourself is easy. Managing and being responsible for others isn't worth the hassle, IMO.
  2. I learned from my years at the BORG that someone in the install chain is often lacking in work ethic, knowledge and/or experience. It's the weakest link theory - so many people involved, someone won't have a clue what they're doing. I was always getting dinged for not selling installs. Then the insurance and other requirements are so rigid that one company will contract to do a huge region, then sub the work to the lowest bidder, counting on the volume. Even then, whatever the BORG collects for the labor, the contractor is lucky to get 60%. And payments lag too. All that
  3. So true, Gene. Been catching up on titles I've missed - just finished Herman Wouk's 2 book series on WWII. Historical accuracy masterfully woven with fiction. And then there's re-reading the old favorites like WEB Griffin. Also watching the James Herriot series from Masterpiece theater on pbs.org as it becomes available.
  4. My self-imposed news blackout has significantly lowered my blood pressure.
  5. FWIW, if you want/need to keep a bedroom option available, consider a Murphy bed. I've done two of them, and SWMBO is pleased. They take up about 16" deep floor space and fold down to full/queen size when needed. A neat project too.
  6. My brother in FL is eligible. Have to call on Mondays to make an appointment. Lines are jammed- can’t get through. Why not just let the pharmacies take care of it?
  7. Thank you. No symptoms, stress test next week, as if surviving 2020 wasn’t a sufficient test! Apparently a requirement.
  8. @Cal At least in the iphones, you turn off notifications in the settings app. I think it defaults to between 10 pm and 7 am, but you can set it to your preferences.
  9. Had a Wuflu test on Thursday (I refuse to refer to it as covid.) It was negative, so does that mean I passed or should I say failed?
  10. 100 this morning, but sunny, extending into the next few days. Guess you have to take the bad with the good. Guys are framing/sheathing a house next door! Feel bad for them.
  11. @ArtieExcellent, thorough response. As stated, I'm no electrician, just do some simple stuff for myself and never in the panel box. I did buy the 15 amp outlets for a 20 amp/12 gauge wire (I'm SORRY!) I found that the 12 wire won't fit into the push in spot anyway, or I couldn't make it fit. And it only takes a few seconds to screw the wire on firmly.
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