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  1. Fortunately, we sold our house to our daughter and husband. So we’re still here until we can find something. We have a pretty good lead on a house and we will be seeing it today. It hard to see my sister this way. Thank you for the kind words, Cal.
  2. Thanks Gerald. From what I’ve read from you and Lew, I think I’ll stick with the triple e paste sanding and Aussie oil. It seems to leave a long lasting shine...
  3. Thanks Lew... it’s tough seeing my sister this way.
  4. Thanks John, it it’s not an obligation I feel, it’s more of you guys made me feel like I belong, and for me that’s a lot! Thank you.
  5. Thanks HandyDan. That is good to know....stay safe....
  6. Thanks Gene. My brother-in-law, who was also my childhood friend for 50 plus years, passed away about a year and a half ago because Of Altzhiemers....it is tough and difficult to keep your composure. The housing market around here goes something like this. You find a house you like, price is good, the broker says they will be showing the house for three days and they have 36 showings. Once done, everyone that has placed an offer will wait to see if they were the lucky one. This Saturday, my wife and I will be seeing a perfect house for us....most likely we will make an offer, but it really seems frugal at this point. I think people are making offers higher than the asking price...
  7. First let me say I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately. Sold my house at the worst possible time, trying to find another one is extremely challenging and stressful. Not to mention my sister has been diagnosed with Altzhiemers...you guys and this forum have been so good to me that I felt you should know...anyhow, I’ve seen a lot of turning videos and it seems everyone is using Acks products for a finish. Does anyone here use it? If so, does it hold a lasting shine? Just curious. I use EEE sanding paste and Aussie Oil as a finish. The Aussie oil seems to hold a much longer shine than wax does. Again, just curious....
  8. Just checking in on ya Pauley! Hope your absence is due to a much needed vacation and nothing related to health, drop us a line and let us know you are ok. :)

    1. Pauley


      Hi john,  I can only wish I was on vacation.  My sister was just diagnosed with Altzhimers, so we needed to make her in with us.  At the same time, we sold our house to my daughter and son-in-law and now we’re trying to find another house.  Along with the virus, things are crazy. My wife and I are both very stressed.   I’ll be back once I can find a new place.  Thanks for checking on me, it’s very appreciated.

    2. John Morris

      John Morris

      Pauley, I am completely sorry for your trials and tribulations. Wow, what a hand you have been dealt lately!

      Deep breath Pauley, deep breath, remember, if you don't take care of yourself first, you can't help others. :)

      Please take care Pauley.


  9. I also used shellawax, but it seems if the item is handled a lot, the shine goes away pretty quickly. Since I started using Aussie oil, the shine lasts a very long time. I had emailed the maker of Aussie oil (they are the ones that make the triple e also) and they said I could use both triple e and the Aussie oil. I have been using it ever since....about 2 or 3 years now.
  10. Pauley

    Silver maple

    Thank you...I did not know it was a fast growing tree. I guess that would explain why it seemed softer.
  11. Pauley

    Silver maple

    The silver maple seem a lot softer than what I thought it would be, but it was a blast turning it....doesn’t take much to make me smile....
  12. Pauley

    Silver maple

    That’s exactly where I get 99 percent of my lumber from. They’re great people and have a large variety of material. I have also used Goosebay lumber.
  13. Pauley

    Silver maple

    Thanks Artie. This is the largest bowl I’ve ever turned....
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