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  1. Pauley

    Rolling pin

    Thanks p_Toad...happy wife, happy life.
  2. That’s some very interesting reading for sure...thank you so much for pointing me towards that article.
  3. Pauley

    Rolling pin

    I’m sure you can do much better. Thanks for the kind words.
  4. Pauley

    Rolling pin

    Thanks Cal...
  5. Everything causes cancer in California....ha ha ha....
  6. Thanks everyone for,your help. I had to go to Rocklers for some rubber feet and while I was there I seen some walrus oil. It contains coconut oil, mineral oil, vitamin E and beeswax. Not sure what the vitamin E does....I also picked up some walrus oil wax. Both products are food safe. It worked very nice and gave me the sheen I was hoping for. Now the rolling pin holder was my wife’s idea....happy wife, happy life...but she said she is going to use it when she serves up some pastry... anyhow, it’s made from hard maple and black walnut. Not sure if I should post this here or in the woodworking section. If it’s in the wrong area, I apologize.
  7. I’m wanting to use a salad bowl finish, by general finishes. I’ve used it before, but I always get a mediocre mat finish. Is there a way to make it have a better sheen? Or maybe some other type of food safe finish?
  8. Pauley

    Rolling pin

    Thank you so much, Gerald.
  9. Pauley

    Rolling pin

    When I gave it to my wife, I asked her to promise to never use it as a weapon towards me...she just smiled...I think I’m in trouble...thanks Artie..
  10. Pauley

    Rolling pin

    Thanks HandyDan.
  11. Pauley

    Rolling pin

    I’m going to save this and try again a little later. Thank you very much.
  12. Pauley

    Rolling pin

    Ha ha ha....thanks....
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