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  1. I agree with lew. It’s certainly nice to turn green wood, but then you should only rough turn it so it’s about an equal thickness all around. Then you can place it, along with some shavings in a brown paper bag and let it sit until dry....and hope it doesn’t crack. However, I do like the bowl you turned...very nice color and leaving the defects accentuate the bowl.
  2. Pauley

    Jam Chuck

    Thanks Gerald. It’s now on my list to make...
  3. That would be to big for my tiny shop, but I appreciate the heads up on that.
  4. Right now, I have a Nova Comet II which is much like your Rikon as far as the size of the lathe. The Laguna Revo 12/16 you can turn up to a 16 inch bowl on the outboard side. That is what makes me excited about getting one. However, I’ve read a lot of reviews and some have complained about the motor running very hot and that makes me concerned.
  5. Pauley


    That looks great!! I like the way the cedar curves into each other....
  6. I feel the same way about the Revo 12/16. I turn mostly bowls and such. On my Nova Comet II I have the bed extension which gives me about 38 or 39 inches, but haven’t used it at all. The fact that I can turn up to a 16 inch bowl on the Revo made me very interested in it.
  7. Thanks very much...it is certainly appreciated. Look forward to hearing what he has to say.
  8. Right now I have a Nova Comet II midi lathe with a 12 inch swing. It is a variable speed, with indexing. I’ve had it for about 4 plus years. The original motor had to be replaced twice...so far. So I’m thinking about a new midi lathe. I can’t afford a full size lathe, that why I’m asking about midi’s. I was looking at the Laguna 1216 lathe. It has variable speed...a 1hp motor vs my 3/4 hp motor. The Laguna can turn a 16 inch bowl on the outboard side...which excites me. With that said, has anyone have an experience with a Laguna lathe...?
  9. Not looking forward to moving, that’s for Sure!! My shop right now is only 15x15 feet. So I’m hoping for a huge shop....maybe 18x18 feet...ha ha ha....this is absolutely our last move. I’m turning 70 and getting run down....a lot, but always do what I need to do.
  10. Not much room...or wall space left. The area I have to work/assemble etc...is about the size probably shy of a full sheet of plywood.
  11. Pauley

    Red oak

    Thank you very much.
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