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  1. Pauley


    Thank you for allowing me here to read and hopefully help others...
  2. Pauley

    Walking Cane

    Beautiful cane. Well done and well made.
  3. Pauley


    Hi Al. I live in Derry, NH. Not that far from Salisbury. Originally, I’m from Southie, but my wife and I moved up here to be closer to the grandkids.
  4. Pauley


    Thank you so much for the kind words...
  5. Pauley


    Thanks for the welcome and kind words.
  6. Pauley


    Thank you. I’m always willing to help another with some of this stuff.
  7. Pauley


    When I carve the bottom, I make it about 1/2 inch deep. So once I’m done scraping the bottom, then sanding, it gets to be about 3/8 to 7/16.
  8. Pauley


    Thank you for the kind words...
  9. Pauley


    Welcome home, brother...I seldom ever use a stain. I like to let the beauty of the wood come through. I sanded that bowl to about 12000 grit then I use a product called Aussie Oil for the finish. I used a small trim router to carve the flower on the bottom of the bowl and then turn until it comes through on the other side. The clear resin is colored with a green tint for the leaves and a red for the flower itself.
  10. Pauley


    Thanks for allowing me here. I’m a disabled Vietnam vet. I served just shy of three tours in the central highlands of Vietnam. Came home with some problems and began woodworking, which I’ve always had an interest in. It has proven to be great therapy for me. I’ve since began woodturning. I think a good woodworker should learn as many aspects as possible, like turning, building, carving, etc....not that I’m proficient in all aspects, it I usually make an attempt to try things I haven’t done. Here is a photo of a cherry Shaker Wall Clock. I made several of these and donated them for silent auctions and money donated to veteran charities. The second photo is a bowl with a carving of a flower in celebration of spring. This is from hard maple and is approximately 10 1/2 inches wide.
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