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  1. Pauley

    Two bowls.

    Granadillo is a beautiful wood. It’s easy to turn and finishes great. Thanks Gerald.
  2. Pauley

    Two bowls.

    Thank you very much. That’s a very high compliment. Thank you!
  3. Pauley

    Two bowls.

    Thanks you, Masonsailor. I love turning the Granadillo as it polishes up so nice.
  4. Pauley

    Two bowls.

    Thanks DuckSoup. It’s so nice being back doing this instead of moving piles of stuff around.
  5. Pauley

    Two bowls.

    Thanks HandyDan. I do love that flame myself.
  6. Pauley

    Two bowls.

    Thank you, but my craftsmanship is not where I’d like to be, but thank you.
  7. Pauley

    Two bowls.

    Thanks Andrew.
  8. Pauley

    Two bowls.

    I love that kind of wood also. Thanks Lew.
  9. Pauley

    Two bowls.

    It’s so nice to be back at work. I’m starting with two bowls that I’ve done. One is a Flame box elder. It’s about 6 inches round. Finished the way I usually finish bowls, with Triple E and Aussie Oli. the second bowl is about 3 1/2 or 4 inch round and about 4 inches tall. It’s a Granadillo bowl with a black Limba rim. Sanded this one for a long time (or so it seems). I love Granadillo cause it finishes up so beautifully. Open to any criticism.
  10. Thanks Journeyman.
  11. Thanks Steve. Actually, I never thought about a random orbital sander for that.
  12. Thank you. I do seem to push a bit harder when I see a little tear out.
  13. Thanks Gene. I had the lathe at 600 rpm and my drill at full speed. Guess I have to slow it down. Great information. Thank you.
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