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  1. As always thank everyone for the feedback and information and sorry for the delayed response. I built what I could until I get some more room when I can finally get my motorcycle sold. I plan on eventually adding a drop down extension that will lock into place with sliding latches when it’s not in use and fold out legs when it is. I also turned my first mallet. They match because they were both made from $2.50 a board non treated box store wood. Going next weekend to get some real wood to play with!!!
  2. Really nice build Butcher, that would have taken me 5 years to finish with that much detail. And thank you for the suggestion Gerald I will definitely look around here for the stacking assembly table. Sounds interesting, that is great ideal as well. Instead of buying rollers buying wheels and building a rollaway outfeed that you could gap for longer cuts. Then build a fold out assembly table or extension underneath. Thank you guys very much. This is exactly why I wanted to ask before I put hammer to nail!
  3. Ohhhh.... I think, no I’m positive I just pissed myself. That thing is tits!!! Where’s the 8 track go in there? I really like the folding idea and it keeps me from buying anything. Thanks Butcher!
  4. That’s a brilliant ideal Gene thank you. The longest boards I currently use are 4’ but rarely do I rip to the full length. So the rollers would be perfect for that aspect because like you said I could put them away afterwards. I would love to build a bench that big but just don’t have the room unfortunately. As per an assembly bench what do you think a safe minimum would be? I work on some decent sized furniture but usually break it down into smaller pieces and then do a good size final assembly wherever I can find room. I guess I am kind of answering my own question here. But it’s good to confirm through wider and more experienced people because you don’t always answer your own questions correctly!
  5. Ok so I need some advice about depth of a workbench / outfeed table I am about to build. So far height will be 36 & 1/2” by 44” wide. I have a fairly large table saw so I don’t need a ridiculous amount of out feed I don’t think. I have a Delta 36-725 for the record in half to 3/4 of a garage and with everything else in there not a ton of pathway. This is more like an assembly / outfeed bench. I just wanted to get some suggestions on how much depth I should build without wanting to rebuild it bigger a year later or get mad it’s too cumbersome. Max I can squeeze is around 30” maybe 36” if I move a few things around. I plan it being a multifunctional shop but mostly furniture and shop projects for its use. I’m going for minimal yet functional. Thanks y’all!
  6. Hey AaronC welcome aboard! Love those axe handles they look very well made. @Woodbutcherbynight I love the ring! Thing had me rolling!
  7. Gerald that really is a beautiful lathe stand and woodbutcher I look forward to seeing yours, sounds like a great bench and thank you everyone as always for the suggestions. It’s just time and money and I know I will get there eventually, I always do. Besides it’s a fun process compared to where I came from to here. Four years ago I had to have a bunch of surgeries and between recovery and the slow arse VA it cost me my home, car, darn near lost my leg, and everything but my Wife and Son. We busted our asses and made smart moves and a year ago bought our first house. I couldn’t ride my motorcycle anymore so I picked up woodworking and fell in love with it. Picking up piece by piece over the past year and throwing together what I could with what I have. I am just proud to be able to finally have a lathe and wanted to share. I literally made that out of table saws I was using as an assembly table last week. By next year this time the shop will look completely turned around! I am saving up to get good hardwood to build these projects and think I have found a great source about an hour from here, next on the list is a truck to go get the wood! Alright enough lazy time, back to working on the shop! Semper Fi, Joe
  8. Thanks y’all, Lew that was more fun than anything I’ve built. It really opened my eyes to entire new realm of possibilities. I already have a catalogue of pen, shakers, and handle kits and blanks. Vibration was the first thing I checked for, thick felt feet and leveled. I will say this, I never realized how drunk the cement guys were when they leveled my garage floor until I started building furniture. HandyDan thank you for the warning, this is a temp bench and I am in the process of nuking my entire workshop and doing a new layout and equipment stands. I just got it and the tools so I had to try it out. I will definitely put on my dancing shoes though until I finish. Semper Fi, Joe
  9. Next thing on the agenda is a chuck!! Thank you guys so much for the advice. I really would have been lost without it!! Semper Fi, Joe
  10. Sorry it took so long to reply but just an update. I am officially a wood turner! It’s freakin awesome! Made a smallish stand and got it broken in then turned my first piece of wood!! I made a quick blank of untreated pine and after watching a few videos figured out how to use the tools and voila!
  11. Hi Gerald, I just ordered my first Woodturning tools! I got all steel tools, you were right about the carbide being even more expensive. I ended up going through Penn State Industries and got 3/8” spindle, 3/8” bowl, 1/8”x3/4” parting and 1” roughing gouges. They were about $20 each and had really good reviews. I just wanted to say thank you for the advice. Semper Fi, Joe
  12. Awesome video bud thank you! I just ordered a Nova comet II and I can’t wait! What kind of chisels would you recommend? I mean carbide or standard or a combination? Thank you again. Semper Fi, Joe
  13. That’s awesome, nothing more important than family and passing on what’s left to us.
  14. That looks like the perfect do it all woodworking shop! Love the shopsmith, if I had the money that what I would have probably gotten. I’ve heard people saying they have seen some of the early models from the 1950’s that are still running. Now that’s a quality built machine!
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