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  1. Wow, what a cool looking Chevy Rich!

    1. richk52


      I wish I could take credit for it.  Unfortunately I do not own it.  it is a picture I found on the Internet.


      A little history...

      From my early 20's I have always thought that one of the neatest collector cars was a 1957 Chevy.  When we bought our first house, the contractor had a work phone in the house and the number ended in 1957.  From a memory standpoint, I thought that would make remembering our home phone number a lot easier and told him I would take over the bills for the telephone line (you can't do that today).  39 years later we still have the same home phone number.


      Relative to the station wagon, my wife and I  ran a Girl Scout troop for dual income parents that were unable to have their daughters attend regular Girl Scout meetings that were held after school in the school.  As part of field trips, my wife decided that we need a station wagon to haul the girls around.  So started my run with full size GM station wagons that had seating for 9 people via 3 rows of seating.  The 3rd seat folded into the floor and when folded out, it faced rearward.  For kids this was akin to sitting in the back of a school bus - very cool.  (Forget about the consequences of a rear end collision) In my wife's family growing up in the 50's/60's, they had a 3 row station wagon and the 3rd row seat was referred to as the 'way back' and her 4 siblings fought for that coveted seat.


      My first station wagon was a full size Pontiac Grand Safari with genuine simulated wood grain on the outside (aka as a decal).  After the sun baked and dried out the decal, I determined that my next station wagon would be without the simulated wood grain.  


      My next 3 station wagons, were all white Oldmobile Custom cruisers with leather interiors.  The Custom Crusier was the top of the line  and like its Buick Roadmaster station wagon, both had a glass 'moon roof' for the rear seat passengers, where the Chevy Impala station wagon did no have that feature. The first had red leather interior, the second had blue leather interior, and the last had beige leather interior.  It confused the hell out of my extended family as from the outside the body style never changed, but when they would occasionally take a ride in the car, they were confused because the interior of the car was not what they remembered. :) O


      Last of all, all 3 stations wagons were the ultimate woodworker's tool, as you could get full 4 x 8 foot sheets of plywood in the rear with the second and third row of seats folded flat  and the rear door closed.  If you had longer than 12 foot sticks of lumber, you could open the rear window. I took a lot of razing from friends about the station wagons but that stopped immediately when i mentioned that I could get a full sheet of plywood or drywall in the car and that was something they could not do with their SUVs!


      My last station wagon (a 1992 Olds) went to next (found at Harbor Freight) owner in 2016. 


      Thus the reason for the profile background picture - the marriage of 2 of my favorites - a 1957 Chevy and a station wagon!


      Olds Custom Crusier a.jpg

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