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  1. Was that an old Compaq CRT monitor I spied in photo #2? Surely that's a hazard in your shop - those things get warm, and with all your dust......
  2. That sounds like a good project, with some meaning too, so that's good. I nearly got out there this afternoon, but given the day I've had, I decided not to work angry! Maybe tomorrow. I need to plan what the reduced dimensions are, or, make sure I've got the dimensions down pat for my Sketchup model so I can quickly do it on the fly.
  3. Hey Jari. Although I can't say I understand your exact situation, I do believe the struggle is real and I applaud you for having the strength and courage to hang in there. I have experienced a form of PTSD following the earthquakes in New Zealand and dealing with so much unknown, insurance and everything else that goes along with a significant event. I don't wish to repeat that experience, as it has had a lasting effect to this day, and that started in 2011. I'm up for that challenge, let's make sure we share when we're out there in that shed and getting something on the table. I can at least say I've cleared mine ready for something, so maybe I'll have a chance soon. How job-ready is your shed? Got something in mind you want to tackle? I'm thinking of making a scaled-down prototype of a buffet cabinet my wife and I were designing a few months back, just to try my hand at something not too taxing, and to get an idea of how a full-size project might go.
  4. Hey Cal I suspect I've had apnoea for years and years, but undiagnosed. I've noticed the effects over the last couple of years, and since last August been working with the doctor to try and nail down the issue. Yes, I definitely think I have a sleep debt, but also my body is recovering and getting used to the new normal. I expect it to take several months to be really back in the black, as my body gets into repairing itself now that it doesn't have to fight for air and sleep. As it gets used to the treatment, I've felt my energy returning (kinda like watching a mobile battery charging), and it's not an instant thing. It's had way too long to wear down and it would be naive of me to think it'll be a fast train to full speed. But the little time I've spent recently was very therapeutic, and I have a project in mind I want to build a scaled-down model of, just wary of making sure I'm at my "best" for now before operating my router - I love my fingers Oh, and I love coffee, but too much doesn't help, in fact it'll make things worse. It's okay, I'm getting there
  5. Fair call. My only challenge is that because we are renters, moving them frequently would be a large chore, let alone having the decent space to store them. When we lost our house in NZ to the earthquake and moved to Oz we had to start again from scratch with no income and a need to de-stress. Consequently any remaining money we had from insurance etc was swallowed up in rebuilding life and re-entering the rental game. Worth it, and it's opened me up to getting into my woodworking journey for which I'm thankful, but yeah, it does mean limitations on how much gear I can reasonably have.
  6. Just fantastic Derek, results like those are something we can all aspire to achieving.
  7. Dang! over 300 clamps??? I have 7 currently - wait'll I tell my wife how under-privileged I am!
  8. Lol. Having only recently upgraded to having 2 routers, I can agree with having multiple tools. More than 1 miter saw though, I'm not so sure of. My wife might take offence at that. I've seen the ad for the Woodsmith stuff before in my email, but it seems the number of copies keeps going up - unless of course they're different publications, in which case that makes more sense. Has anyone ever bought these, and were they worthwhile?
  9. 1fizgig

    River Table

    That's a nice piece of work Gene. I'd love to give resin a crack, but it seems prohibitively expensive without supervision to get it right.
  10. Lol. Thanks John, but I'm actually a Kiwi! And we're tougher than Aussies (challenge set). Was great to get out there for a while yesterday. Nothing like a clean bench to inspire doing a little something.
  11. Thanks! I have been taking a quick peek over here now and then, just haven't really had anything much to add. On a side note, I made a little sawdust yesterday afternoon. So good to have been out doing something. My intention was to clean up my bench to be ready to do something and I got carried away. It wasn't anything awesome, just remaking a mini-golf ramp I'd made from scrap a couple of years ago that had been broken when someone walked on it (it was flimsy MDF construction, made from packing leftovers so had no real strength). Now much more solid in pine and ply, so should last the youth group a few years.
  12. Thanks Gene. It has really put a dent in my sawdust creation, and for that I'm a little anxious to get back into it for my own well-being. I've had to be content with reading, but it's been hard to retain information so I've been frustrated with that too. Every day I walk into the garage to go to work or come home, and every day the sight of my bench just makes me sad and frustrated. Soon, my pretties, soon....
  13. Hey John I've been dealing with sleep deprivation, that's turned out to be sleep apnoea. So, I've had the tests, gone through trialling a machine and am now on my self-purchased machine to get my nods. It's working, so that's great. Just seems like I have a bit of a sleep debt to work through, as my brain's still a bit foggy. If that continues, I'll go see the Dr. again to get that checked out, as the CPAP machine is doing its job according to the results. It's been a frustrating journey, and I've desperately wanted to get out and work on wood again, as I love the therapeutic benefits it gives me as well as the sense of satisfaction of a completed item. Here's hoping it's sooner rather than later
  14. My get up and go has been MIA for a few months now while I've grappled with the CPAP machine. Starting to feel results now though. Not bodily exhausted any more, just a bit tired come the end of the workday. Waiting a little while before I run off to my work area, as I don't want to have an accident while I'm still tired. Did a little work last week, finishing the rope "ladder" for the cat tower I built a few months ago. At that point now where I'm trying to figure out what I want to make next, and what that might look like. Mrs Fizgig wanted a sideboard at once point early in the year, but we've figured we'll probably move out before it's really of use, so that has been shelved for later. I might make a smaller prototype of it though and finish it up, just so I can learn how it might go together and how it might look. Then I can always sell it for a kid's doll/playhouse I guess.
  15. Well, that is certainly............ bright! Great work the two of you. Keep it up, it's great to see a good mentoring relationship working so well.
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