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  1. This advertisement brought to you by.... TIMBERLOK! Nice work Gene
  2. I think as mature adults we can all agree there are a number of "killers" out there, heart disease being top among them. And while COVID will get under control eventually, although I'm not 100% confident it will ever truly go away, the long-term effects for many may well overshadow our more regular terrors. It just may not look that way, when some of the effects are on the brain or lungs for example. This may be examples of the more "silent killers" that don't get reported on the same, as they're not as high profile.
  3. Okay John, I understand where you're coming from, however I would argue the political nature of it. Nevertheless, the comments I made (unseen obviously) regarding people obeying requirements in NZ and Australia stand. Cal, in answer to your comment; yes it has been treated like a public health issue. Australia has around 26 million people, and the state authorities have been doing an excellent job of keeping us informed, and tracking/tracing hotspot infections. The health authorities have the power to enforce lockdowns, masks, restrictions on numbers gathering etc, and this is b
  4. Sorry to hear that FLGatorwood, I hope he makes a full recovery, and quickly, with no serious complications. I hope you got tested as well following that?
  5. Found this today, and I thought it makes some great points.
  6. Australia's firing off again with this new strain, since it's even more spreadable than the original. Restrictions on Sydney and slightly North. Doesn't appear to have come as far North as me yet, but we'll see. I fully expect it will. Been sick the last few days, had a test on Sunday but it came back negative. My wife's just had an serology for antibodies to see if anything can be picked up about our March 2020 infection. And the mill keeps grinding....
  7. Hi John, no, I wasn't talking about anyone on this forum. But the economy also cannot survive if its workforce are struck down because business only wants to chase the $$. Absolutely work if you can, but make sure it's down in a manner that doesn't expose anyone to risk. I work at a power station, where despite lockdowns, people have to be on site 24/7. This is being managed in a way that protects as much as possible the staff first and foremost, allowing the plant to operate well. We have contact tracing measures in place, deep cleans between shifts, isolation of staff are
  8. Lockdowns have worked spectacularly in NZ, and doing well in Australia too (when everyone behaves). Sydney is having a breakout at the moment, and it has spread a little. Part of the problem is the new strain that is super easy to spread. Transmission causes are pretty well known now. New Year's Eve celebrations in Sydney and the northern beaches are VERY different tonight. Restrictions on numbers that can congregate even in your own house is not more than 5. This thing is not going away soon, it is serious, and the long term effects for some really screw with you
  9. I wasn't thinking live edge, but it seemed like you cut off more than was necessary to me, that's why I asked. Not intended as a criticism, I just like to understand the thinking of other craftspeople so that I too can learn and improve.
  10. Fred what they get out of testing is an indication of if it's in the community and roughly where. They've been monitoring it here in Oz for a while, gives them clues on where there might be infections they don't know about. Apparently they detect "shards" of the virus in the sewage.
  11. Why did you take so much off that side? I would have thought you could use the extra width? Or is that to match other pieces you've already cut?
  12. Or less tools..... <runs for bomb shelter>
  13. Thank you, I understand and that makes sense. I had never considered that before! New thing learned. Thanks for sharing that wisdom.
  14. Gerald I noticed in the beginning, the box appeared to have mitered edges on the open face. Squinting at it it harder, I think that might have been a trick of the photo and my brain. But I'm still not 100% sure, can you confirm please? And if so, can I ask why you mitered the ends? Just trying to understand if there's a technique I haven't seen before and why it might be used.
  15. I definitely agree with hiding pocket holes where possible. I think the difference vs a butt joint with plain screws is the angle of the pocket gives it something to grip a little better than just straight into end grain. But yes, plugs for the win - hides them, and if done right can be decorative or vanish completely. No different to a drawbore or something else decorative. I try not to have them visible in joinery, so they're mostly used where they will get covered by other components. Did that in the buffet build. I used them for the frame, but then covered their holes with the pa
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