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  1. Great stuff Gene, here's hoping it all falls into place. My weekend was spent quietly. Buried my Nana on 28th Feb, flew back from NZ to Aus the following Monday, and SWMBO and I both seems to have gotten bugs. Self-isolating, not because we think it's the current hot-topic in viruses but because anyone would not look kindly on us being out and spreading it. Hope to get in the garage soon to finish the buffet. Doors, top and legs to complete.
  2. Could also be bamboo - I've gotten some samples from an eco-wood place here in Aus, and they used bamboo as part of the plies. Does make the wood lighter. Of course, you then need to consider what you use the product for....
  3. Great work, and thank you for sharing all the steps that went into it. It's great to travel that journey as well as see the finished piece.
  4. Would that work in this instance though? And how thick a door material might escape this? I'm going to be making some doors with ~19mm glue-lam beech shortly, and I don't want them warping either. They'll be sealed with clear poly and hung on good cabinet hinges.
  5. I've dabbled with the idea on and off, but still don't own one. From what I can tell, the ideal is to find one that can reuse the extruded filaments if possible. Also, depending on what you want to make, potentially one that will use more than 1 colour at once is helpful too. There are definitely more software choices around than what comes form the manufacturer. As long as it can produce .stl files (if memory serves correctly) you should be able to pass it to most printers. Some of the printers have issues with what they print depending on the thickness of the object and how well it can be supported during printing. But these are all things you can find (like I did) by googling reviews/comparisons and suchlike
  6. Great work! Loved the way you did the photos "in reverse".
  7. Well Merry Christmas to all, and since it's new year's eve here in Australia, happy new year to you all also! John, glad you got to spend time with your daughter, I'm sure that was very precious. May she heal quickly and have no lasting effects (my prayer for her). For all of you, stay safe, love one another, and best wishes for the new decade. Look forward to sharing more wood journeys soon.
  8. Jari that is some very nice work, well done. So glad you got out there, and what a great result! Looking forward to seeing more of your work soon. I'm hoping to get into the garage soon and get to work in earnest on a buffet I have planned. I'll be sure to post pictures when I do. I hope the new year holds even more great things for you.
  9. Complete with things that slither and crawl...
  10. Hi Gene, am I in trouble or has something gone wrong? I suddenly find I can't post (no option to) or reply even on followed content? Also the General Woodworking Forum only shows me three headers:
    Woodworking Tips

    Woodworking Book Reviews

    Woodworking Archives


    I get no topics listed!

    I'll refresh my browser and try again, but just wondering.


    1. Gene Howe

      Gene Howe

      Something slipped a cog. John's on it. seems only general ww is affected

    2. 1fizgig
  11. The Titebond bottle with the flat nozzle so far works for me. Squeezes well and gives me what I need while generally sealing well. Comes on the litre bottles
  12. In Australia (at least, Newcastle) I'm finding it hard to find woodworking magazines in the shops. Even the magazine based stores have maybe 2, and there isn't much to them sadly. I get more out of online reading than I do print media only because I can actually find it and am hungry for it
  13. More often the complications come from SWMBO, who can't decide the final product! Been on the end of that before.
  14. Congratulations on finishing a long job so well. Been great to see it progress.
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