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  1. True Derek, the difference being we seem to pay Australian tax on everything we buy. It's amazing to me how much overhead gets tacked onto prices, even for manufacturers that have offices here. Still, we get there in the end I guess.
  2. If my experiences with the feline in the workshop area is anything to go by, they're more of a supervisor rather than camera operator!
  3. Yes, but because of the pieces of glue-lam I used, that was the grain direction. It is of course not the way I would use it on an actual piece. But for practice, scraps are king.
  4. Alrighty, I'll weigh in on this as I've just started my practicing Tails first, pins next. I'm probably combining Rob Cosman, Matt Estlea and Chris Schwartz. All hand cut, using the divider method ("no measure" Lew referred to, as I've seen Chris Schwartz do it). Knife wall on the back of the tails to help line up the pin board. Disclaimer: I have the Jonathan Katz-Moses jigs, which at least helped me get my cut lines straighter and angles all the same. Just my poor cutting skills to blame for the mess First time ever on Monday that I attempted these. The "no measure" option works great, as to cutting pine, I got a lot of tearout. My chisels should have been sharp enough, but I'll sharpen the one I had issues with again anyway. The beech was easy to cut, so practice will help. I need a fret saw, as it has a thinner and smaller blade. The coping saw I have is just too wide a blade and unwieldy. It was also my first time using my Japanese saws (in this case Sunchild Dozuki) and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. All 3 attempts below. The beech without writing was the 2nd attempt and came out better.
  5. People just don't "get it". And that attitude is everywhere. So many people don't understand social distancing, let alone why a mask is just good sense. If I can reach out and touch you without stretching, you are not 1.5m away from me (and even that is too close based on evidence). Drives me nuts, especially when people don't understand that even if you get a mild case, the after-effects can do more damage to your life and they are lasting in many cases.
  6. Cal, they weren't good. Work has started a little earlier this year to back-burn areas that weren't torched last year to try and prevent more of the same as we approach the hot season. We can only hope that those that make the decisions have learned how important this is and put a proper plan in place. Can't do much about firebugs, except hope to catch them.
  7. You are a bit of a master of reclaiming unused space, Gunny
  8. Thankfully they have now dropped away, but it took some tough measures, which from the sound of things are not being consistently applied in some countries. There's talk of opening a bubble to New Zealand before Xmas without quarantine. Details to be worked out apparently, but it may mean we can go over for Xmas and be with the family. Still not confident flying 3 hours in a sardine can is wise though.
  9. It's entirely plausible based on how quickly Victoria, Australia numbers skyrocketed.
  10. Thanks Cal, that means a lot to me. Hopefully winter means people stay indoors at home a bit more rather than mingling. Will certainly make outdoor gatherings cooler and hopefully prevent that making more superspreading events. I saw somewhere Sturgis is responsible for about 250,000 cases or some such.
  11. So are the......cough, hack......days of our......gasp......lives. So, I think there's a lot more going on than just what the virus does initially. Yes, some succumb and pass on, but many don't. However, it's the after-effects that are also of huge concern. My wife and I, although sick and with 2 negative tests in March, believe we had it, and so does our GP. But, the only possible way to prove it is to get serology tests done - which GPs are not allowed to order. Our GP had one done (before she was told) that she fought for, and the patient concerned had given back negative tests, but the serology test showed positive. Our problem is the after-effects of the virus. It seems to have accelerated a number of issues for our bodies. I'm still having what is described as a post-viral cough, it seems to have seriously done something to my digestive system, so am now going to see someone about a gastroscopy, and on Friday having a heart stress test to rule that most likely out as a cause of my chest pains. My wife, well, this has affected her brain. It seems to have triggered atrophy in her hippocampus. MRI showed atrophy that would be expected in a 63-year-old, not a 43-year-old. She's been to see a geriatrician (thankfully the professor in our area) and further tests being done. But her memory isn't working like it was before, and she's having word-finding issues. It's possible it's caused early-onset dementia. All this has only happened since March. Not sure what it's like for y'all out in other countries, but there isn't much being said here about those that recover and what they're finding. I've seen one or two articles over the last few months where the thinking is that it's going to be like SARS (since they're similar) and after-effects could last for a year or more. But some damage is permanent, so at this stage we don't know what to expect, and it's too early for medical science to know what the long-term effects will be. Suffice it to say, we're on a journey that we don't know about how it will go. But we hope and pray none of you get it, 'cause it ain't pretty, and if this is what it can do, then there's still a world of hurt to go through across the globe.
  12. Hi Cal So, in Australia things are a bit all over the shop. Victoria have been getting, up until recently, an average of about 5-600 a day. That's finally dropping, but the deaths from this all has been climbing, worst around 25 in a day. Other states have had smaller numbers, but there's been an outbreaks in Sydney that are of concern and the authorities are trying hard to contain them. We have thankfully never seen the numbers in many other countries (we really feel for you all), and hopefully never will. But the amount of complacency and lack of social distancing exhibited doesn't make me confident. New Zealand has had an outbreak in Auckland (major North Island city) they are hoping to contain, but given they had been doing an elimination strategy, it is suspected this may grow. Interestingly, my wife heard the other day that someone on TV said we have had hardly any influenza cases this year. This is unusual, and hopefully doesn't mean an explosion of cases next winter. Of note, my wife and I believe we had it back in March, but our 2 tests came back negative. Our GP believes we've likely had it too, but can't do anything to prove it further, and is now treating the symptoms we have which appear to be consistent with identified recoverees. Hopefully we can eventually get rid of these things and be fully healthy again. Meanwhile, we hope you and your families are all are staying safe. Attached are today's total numbers for Australia.
  13. Are those boards joined by a scarf joint? Perhaps it's a bowling lane?
  14. I understand the general aesthetic, but I still think it depends no what you want to achieve. Some people like the fact the grain doesn't all flow the same, and find it adds something to break up a "boring" piece. I don't mind either way, and my personal tendency is to make it look right, but for example that first low bedside doesn't cause me offence, as it adds some interest to the patterned look.
  15. I'm younger than some and older than others. Turn 50 in November. I suspect the comment about the average age of active members is probably accurate, but I'm gonna angle for 57 just for kicks. I'll take your nickels and donuts too
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