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  1. The first projects she built, working well.
  2. No Danl, you're right on the money, Keith went for a house for the cats, but it is a litter tray cabinet. Well done! The portion on the right is for storage. I have mounted the shelf on the middle for the tray to sit on, which will slide out. And a half=length shelf in the storage area to divide the space. I created the template for routing out the "ladder" for the entranceway and hope to make that today and finish it, and that will be the main cabinet done. All that will be left is the legs.
  3. Thanks Gene. It's certainly been nice to see my own progress in this one. Feeling more confident with some aspects these days. Still a way to go, which will probably never end, but I'm happy with it so far.
  4. Not a recycle bin, chicken coop, or a whatchamacallit More pics coming soon....
  5. Yes we do - but not a lobster trap either, and not for holding a lobster tank
  6. Not a trap Lol Gerald. I suspect if I used it for that I might find it difficult.
  7. It has never been an issue getting tools if I want them, as she knows I only buy what I need, when I need it. But now there's even more incentive when she wants to use them too
  8. The piece inset in the left is a scrap left over from another project. It bowed a little, but isn't causing me any grief. The back piece is ply, so not going to cause me issues. The glue lam sheets have never caused my any issues in the past It's not a wallaby trap, nor a duck blind
  9. On my bench is what's in my post on the guessing game......which I'm not revealing here Suffice to say, it's coming along very well, and I'll have update pics to post once some guesses are made....
  10. No pictures to this yet, I'll take some and post them later. But I just wanted to have a brag. I have achieved the ultimate woodworker dream I think. My wife has been introduced to woodworking and is loving it. I have been allowed to buy a second drill, more clamps (more clamps to come too!), and other things are in the future. She has made a rolling storage cart for her garden tools with hangers, a small wheeled low trolley for her to sit on while doing low work (helps with her knee while recovering from injury) she calls a "shunty", and is in the process of making a sid
  11. So, since you're fond of guessing games, trying to figure out what Steve Newman will build next, I thought I'd try my hand. Let's see if you can guess what I'm building from the photos I provide. I await your responses with amusement
  12. I have seen so many Ted's advertisements lately. Partly they are disguised by someone else's attempts to flog them via different sites. The con continues....
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