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  1. Way cool indeed. Does me good to hear of such things.
  2. I see that in dimensional lumber at lumber yards yet where I get my hardwoods the price hasn't moved in a few years it seems or very little. 2x4's at Lowe's the other day $13+ Better Living (local building supplier) $9.37 each. Some are taking advantage.
  3. That's one fine looking cabinet. I love it when a plan comes together.
  4. Made some progress on digging out and forming for the front sidewalk, talked about starting on the dig and form for the new 12'6" observatory dome pad that will be poured at the same time, have the plans and material list in hand to get the needed cherry for my granddaughter's blanket chest, graduation gift (top of her class) to take to ODU this fall, and trying to figure out where all the needed energy is going to come from. The sidewalk dig and removing the old slate was almost too much and not that I'm tight but I hate the idea of paying someone for things I can do, well maybe used to be ab
  5. They look great and very usable.
  6. As we had just had our kitchen countertop replaced I decided to build a laundry room cabinet as I did the demolition of the old countertop saving a whopping $400.....almost worth it but that's another story. I've built enough cabinets to feel comfortable with the process and that's the beginning of the problem. I've never had a great memory so as I age I realize it isn't getting better, at least I don't think so, I can't remember. So I've gotten use to firing up AutoCAD and drawing out my intended project which usually keeps me on the straight and narrow. And this time I was going
  7. Congrats on the saw. I have had one for a few years now and love it. My son got one a month or so ago and he's a big fan. What I found most helpful is this video on band saw setup by Alex Snodgrass. I've met and talked with him and he's a great guy, very knowledgeable.
  8. Nice work. Wouldn't work for me as I'd be tearing the shop apart looking for my saw blades. No drugs.....just age.
  9. Very nice results. I used those same casters on a cart I made and they work great.
  10. Interesting but highly unlikely to sell many if any to people I know......most have good sense. The only way it's worth it is if it only writes the correct answer every time. Surprising they aren't gold plated!
  11. It's always gratifying when a piece comes together and you're both happy with the results. Congrats on a fien project and very well documented.
  12. Haven't seen him on the Router Forums of late either.
  13. You beat me to the punch....line!
  14. Interesting video. I live less then 20 minutes from Monticello and actually had some walnut from a tree that was cut down because someone said TJ stood at that place to look down at UVA and it was blocking the view. I suspect Jefferson rolled over in his grave when that decision was made. My FIL helped the neighbor many times and was friends with him so when the neighbor cut that and the tree next to it he had the walnut cut into boards for Dad. I have a few left in my basement. That was over 20 years ago. \And I've been living here, for the most part, since 1961 and been in Monticello tw
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