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  1. Nothing in the spam folder.....just no email at all from this forum. Others seem to be working fine.
  2. Derek, Clearly you value detail and workmanship and it shows. Taking pride in one's endeavors clearly shows the enjoyment you get from your work. You had me at the introduction picture, simply amazing work. Thanks for sharing not only the pictures but the explanation of the design and use. Extremely useful posting.
  3. I haven't had much luck in finding those older panes but keep an eye out at local "Used Goods" stores. Still need to find a good block plane and a jointer plane for those board wider than my planer.
  4. Thanks guys. After having had dogs for the last 30 years we've decided that we'll enjoy our neighbors. Won't be the same, won't be easy when they go either but it's best for now at least. We had 2 German Sheppards and a Golden at one time. All house dogs as have been all my dogs since I moved away from my childhood home. They have always filled a special place for us.
  5. John only way I knew there were replies was by going online and checking notifications manually. They are on the site but not being emailed. I checked my settings and they seem fine.
  6. That blade I bought just after getting the saw. Maybe it's my cutting method, I'll have to try John's suggestion, and the lack of any zero clearance tape/plate , thanks Gene. Ordered the tape, we'll see. Thanks guys.
  7. So as I use my shop more and more I find myself using the Dewalt DWS779 sliding compound miter saw more and more for cutting my wood down to finished sizes. A prime example is while building the workshop stands and needing to cut the maple boards to finished length. What is questionable is the quality of cut the blade is giving. What is a good blade to use that's reasonable in price and quality to use on this 12" saw? I've been looking at a zero clearance plate for this saw as well to help. Suggestions?
  8. You certainly worked magic on those. I couldn't have imagined there was anything worth salvaging from the looks of it. Now had it been an extremely rare plane........maybe.
  9. Wonder why they used yellow paper.......I swear I can't help myself sometimes.
  10. Seems I haven't seen any notifications lately, like maybe a week or two. We've been per-occupied with "other things" after having to put our Golden to sleep last week. I've tried keeping busy in the shop and working on other stuff. Email usually are loaded in the morning and that get's me through coffee, well 3 mugs anyway. Are the notifications going out like they normally do. I also noticed that I haven't had any of the daily, sometimes 3-4 a day, emails from Fine Woodworking. Just thought I'd check.....
  11. Fantastic looking tools. Looks like you may be ready to start your own tool business......
  12. Unfortunately nothing woodworking. But I did smoke some whole chickens, make a couple of peach cobblers, gain a few pounds.......and install the hitch on my new Ferris Zero Turn for the Cyclone Rake. I did sign up for a hand plane class at Woodcraft if that counts. And started work on cleaning up a Takahashi EM-200 telescope mount that's been in the observatory or a few years. Made a computer cable to use software to slew to objects and test its operations. Overall a productive weekend even if I didn't make any sawdust.......
  13. Ron, Considering why you're installing them I'd see what the best height is for your wife. I would also, based on my experience having had both replaced, consider both sides of the stairs. I did this when we built our house and never regretted it.
  14. Is this the new math? How is it they will travel almost 6 times further? I can understand some distance differences due to shipping routing but this much? What am I missing? I also didn't see mention of what this system costs but confess I just skimmed over the posting.........
  15. Great resource but I've always wondered how long wooden planes hold their original shape especially molding planes. I mean obviously they work and have been used for many years but the wood against wood movement must have some affect doesn't it?
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