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  1. My take is he needs a board overall length that allows the angle he needs so he needs the overall length. If it has a angle cut at both ends it's a matter off finding the overall length at accommodate the angle(s) and still be long enough. If there is an angle cut on both ends the procedure needs to be done at each end to see what additional length is needed. Let's say he has a board 5' long and needs that board to have a 22 degree angle cut at each end. You'll need a board that is longer than 5' but to see how much more you need to see how much the angle cuts add to the overall length. Drawing this out will allow the length tobe determined. Either draw it out on the board but you have to assume that the board doesn't exist yet so draw it out on paper and measure the additional length and add to the overall length. Have some jet lag but I think this is what he's doing or wants to do. This is where using something like Sketchup really comes in handy allowing you to draw to scale and then make actual measurements and if you don't know the actual angle it will help you determine that as well. I'm more comfortable with AutoCAD but Sketchup is free and will easily do the job and more with a bit of education from videos and a few good books based on woodworking uses.
  2. Pat, Not aware of any calculartor but any simple CAD program such as Sketchup will let you draw it out create the angle and measure easily. Maybe the easiest way, ath least that I can think of. That said, take a piece of paper, wood etc. draw a straight line across and then add the angle you want. Measure the rise from the first straight line drawn and add that to your board length.Hope this makes sense.
  3. William has a video that shows his method of squaring the fence which goes into great detail. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbG-n--LFgQ
  4. That's where I use my 3/2/1 block, always......
  5. So there you go. Both the miter gauge and the sled work great. I'd suggest building a sled because once you do you will find yourself using it all the time.
  6. That looks like fun for the bear..me, not so much!
  7. Thanks for that, as we head to Alaska in a week,,,,,,,,,
  8. I have spent time on Paul's site and blog and can say that he does a fantastic job of explaining and demonstrating the techniques he is teaching. The basics are needed to fully understand what and why you are doing the steps to any project. Simple concepts like wood expansion and contraction, why joints fail and so on are basic but if you don't know these things some of your projects will fail and you'll never know why. Even a seasoned woodworker would gain something I think, maybe something forgotten or some new concept never learned. A review is always helpful. And Paul usually backs these concepts with simple but useful projects. Take a look for yourself, I promise it won't hurt. He will throw in some of his outlooks on life as a bonus......
  9. Interesting video and method but.....with that wind and no cleared area around it I'm glad he's not my neighbor. I sit on 10 acres of mostly wooded land and the 156 acres around me are the same. While it may be efficient I don't see or hear any preventative warnings of things to or not to do. This fella isn't in California is he? Seriously, I'll still wait until I have a number of stumps to deal with and rent a stump grinder. We usually do this when the neighbors and myself have enough to keep us busy for the weekend. Haven't burned anything down yet and can sleep like a baby. Just saying, different strokes for different folks. Be safe out there fellow woodworkers.
  10. Thanks for the tip David. I also have a SM19-38 and need to make a slight adjustment but had also noticed a slight snipe. This makes a good deal of sense. I hate the idea of sacrificial wood but if it prevents the snipe I'm all in. How much do you suggest leading and trailing? On my planner it seems it can be 3-4" maybe slightly more. Thanks again for the process.
  11. Looks waaaay bigger. Must be my small beady eyes..........
  12. Great looking box......but what does it weigh? Hopefully he won't need to move it too often. He's certainly lucky to have a friend such as yourself. Hopefully he'll have much better luck in the future, better than that tree for sure.
  13. We have Carpenter bees in Virginia that can make those very nice holes. They look like Bumble bees but mostly black.
  14. Very short career. Lasted 7.5 years before I couldn't take it anymore. Did custom design installs of HVAC and zoning systems afterwards mostly. I tested many waters before settling in for the long haul.
  15. Well I can't say I can beat that but I use to work the swing shift when on the PD. Try 2 - 4p-12a, 2 midnights-8a, and a daylight 8a-4p shift every week for 3-1/2 years with double shifts during bad weather and events. I remember waking up one Tuesday evening after dozing off at home running like a bat out of hades after discovering I had no uniforms at home figuring I had forgotten to take them home from the department. Speeding like an idiot I pulled into the parking lot at 3 minutes before midnight only to be greeted by a few fellow officers asking me if I was visiting. Then it had dawned on me I had resigned about a month ago......... Not too shabby for a 25 year old eh? Signs of things to come..That I remember!
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