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  1. I have been absent for a while doing contract engineering work. But I have completed several projects which I will share soon. These cedar projects are really nice and it reminded me of some lumber I received from a friend. It is also aromatic red cedar. It was actually a structural beam in an old barn! I cut it into manageable pieces, squared them up on 2 sides, ripped them into several dozen 1 x 6 x 48 lg. pieces, planed them, and made the s4s . They have been laying on one of my over head lumber racks with calls between them all this time. I frankly forgot about them. I loved the serving tr
  2. Thanks for the input everyone. I will try to address each of your comments in one response. I purchases the SuperMax sanding strips specified for the machine. I am only taking very light passes (maybe .010 to .015 per the digital read out) and I have a soft pine board to use for set up. The instructions say you should "butt" each wrap to the proceeding one but a video on the Supermax site says leave a small gap. Maybe I wrapped it too tight and maybe I should have left the 1/16 or so gap. I am out of sanding strips so I can't try again until they arrive tomorrow. Its a 45 min drive one way to
  3. I have a rather new 16 32 Super Max drum sander. I don't use it as often as I thought I would so the installed paper installed at the factory worked until I decided it needed changed. I purchased extras when I brought it at Woodcrafters in Dayton, Ohio. Replacing the paper is a genuine pain. I followed instructions and the tail end of the spiral wrap quickly tore off. I tried again with another piece - same thing. I go on youtube and watched several videos and the procedures they illustrated. I was doing it exactly the same way they did. I tried again - same result. I am frustrated and right n
  4. Looks great Gunny. In my shop re-org I am going to consider something similar. BTW, I am shameless when it comes to copying the good ideas of others. Where did you get the long outlet strip?
  5. I have only seen The Walking Dead in passing but I do watch congress on c-span once in a while.
  6. Just go out and pick up a 1911. One shot to the head usually works. If not a 2nd shot hasn't failed me yet.
  7. I have been away from project work and will be for little while. I decided I needed to totally reorganize my shop. Emptied every shelf and turned over every drawer and am putting things back in a more organized manner. I just couldn't take it any more. Looking for things I knew I had and having seldom used tool in convenient locations while more used tools were not that accessible. Threw away old finishes, paints and practically empty cans of various stains and lubes. I found a bunch of stuff I totally forgot I had. It is amazing how much stuff you can tuck away in nooks and crannies then forg
  8. About 4 weeks ago I had a project engineer I used to do work for call me and ask me to come in and help figure out how to smooth out aa air conditioner assy line that wasn't keep up with their anticipated production rate. It was designed and built by a competitor as we were to busy to get it done on his schedule a year or so ago. I found several areas that needed work. I ended up concepting and laying out the solutions. My old company is finalizing the design and making the changes so I have been pretty busy. But I got a pretty nice five figure check. I did however find time to work on a smal
  9. Nice job! I love the colors. I live in a 70 year old home. I can't fins a square corner in the joint. I am planning to wainscott(sp?) our dining room and the color you chose is what I think will look great. But the boss will make the final choice. I am taking on the stained glass work with vigor. Unfortunately working with glass is an entirely different world from wood working. I made my first panel but consider it a throw away learning project. Then I was contacted by a long time customer to take on a design project where he terminated the people who started it. It is only a week
  10. Hugh was the kind of man we need more of - not less. I never knew him but I consider that my loss. My hopes are for peace and loving memories for his family. Frankly, I was amazed when I saw the picture of his younger self. He looks almost like my identical twin. I showed my wife the picture and her hand went to her mouth in shock. I found myself in similar combat situations and the story and his picture swept me back to the sweat, mud, insects and intensity of the experience. Some memories never leave us even after 50 years. I regret that I never had the honor of welcoming him ho
  11. What an embarrassing mistake. My, belated, birthday wishes were meant for Gene's wife Phyllis. But I had you and your Denise in mind at the time. It kind of stuck with me my friend.
  12. Happy Birthday Denise! I echo Tom's sentiment. I wake up every morning intent on being worthy of Karen, my wife of 49 years. I am not there yet.
  13. I went to the glass warehouse an purchased a pistol grip cutter and I am finding unprecedented success! It is much easier to control and make consistent cuts. Maybe all of those years welding a 1911 is paying off. I fired expert with it and now I am on my way to being an expert here. But remember the definition of an expert. A ex is a has been and a spurt is a drip under pressure.
  14. My stained glass project is frustrating me. Glass cutting is inconsistent and it is difficult to produce identical pieces. With wood you can sand and shape to make what you need. Leave a little extra stock and just fit it. You can set up equipment to get the thickness and width you need. With glass it is different. Make as bad score and there is no recovery. You just need to start over. The skills needed require much trial and error, mostly error for me and that is just the cutting phase. I haven't even arrived at the soldering stage. It is humbling to watch some elderly lady just step up and
  15. Well, I figure that I can have the temp a bit lower when doing the cutting, shaping, joinery and sanding then turn it up for several days to do the finishing. But frankly I am still considering options and investigating the ups and downs of each. But if I am going to have to schedule professional help for installation I need to get it done before the winter rush for service. I generally use Tite-Bond II and III and I haven't noticed any issues in the 55-65 degree temp range.
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