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  1. John, I'm so sorry you had such a bad location. That AUBURN sign next to you must have really hurt. ROLL TIDE!
  2. The thing is, all these kids out there today that look down on us old folks, are trying to get to where we are!
  3. That cabinet scraper the wife found for me worked great at teasing out the last few shavings for a dang near perfect square edge. Maybe she does like me.....just a little bit. Now I know why he had a Veritas Variable Burnisher in the lot.
  4. Gonna try to work on the wife's pie safe. Maybe play with some of the new toys she bought me. Try to get a good, square edge......
  5. Looking forward to seeing the end results. Looks like you're off to a good start.
  6. Now, I guess, I need to build some marking gauge storage.
  7. Some are definitely task specific. I'm just not sure what task. Several Marples markers, a Stanley 102 and half a Stanley 102, couple of panel saws, and a Veritas variable burnisher.
  8. Just got in last night from being offshore for a week or so and found this on my workbench........ Apparently, my wife went to an estate sale where the deceased was "some kind of woodworker".
  9. Thad

    Log Box

    Awesome build, that thing looks great! Cool way to preserve the bark, too.
  10. Looks like the Wade and Butcher arrow from my straight razor. Same folks, I guess, out of Sheffield, England. Good steel!
  11. You can add our prayers to the list, Dave.
  12. I kinda felt bad about it.........but it didn't last!
  13. A lot of sawdust got made today!! Time to take a break, clean up and wash down some of that dust.
  14. I may be more apt to go with here from now on.......
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