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  1. It's definitely eye catching! That is some awesome work. The details really stand out.
  2. Great looking projects and very thoughtful gift.
  3. Excellent work. That looks great.
  4. Excellent work on that cabinet. That thing is looking great!
  5. After two years of procrastinating, I finally assemble the greenhouse. So, naturally we need a rustic potting bench/table....... But, the dimensions were a little........off........ Not to worry, a little adjustment here and there and SWMBO is happy!!
  6. Welcome aboard! I think you'll enjoy it here. Everyone's friendly and willing to help the new comers.
  7. Welcome aboard!! I look forward to seeing some of your projects. You'll find this a welcoming place. Just dive right in.
  8. It may not be traditional woodworking, but you can't deny that tool handle maintenance can be just as relaxing. Spring time is coming up and these tools need some TLC.....and sandpaper, and BLO, and paste wax.
  9. Looking good! Love the Slate/Gray ones!
  10. We get the boys from Ft. Rucker over here. They've been flying so low, I thought about putting up a sign that says "If you can read this.....GET OFF MY LAWN!"
  11. Awesome!! This thing actually runs like a top. It's in excellent shape aside from some cosmetic issues. The tires are gonna need changing, but they aren't too bad. Nothing is seized or rusted up. A wire brush and some elbow grease has done wonders. A new blade and a couple of Alex Snodgrass videos has me making some decent cuts. I have learned that I have a lot more to learn.
  12. I suppose this is the right sub-forum. A friend of mine called to tell me he had a bandsaw that had to go and asked if I could use it. One of those "I got it from my dad years ago and it never has worked" sort of thing that usually means "I've never used it and the wife wants it gone". Well, after the liberal use of some electrical cleaner on the contacts, the thing fires up and runs. Now to see if it is worth restoring. I may need some help trying to find parts. I know the blade guard at the back is broken and I can't seem to find one online. Serial n
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