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  1. Awesome job!Who'd have ever thunk that lasers and wood would go together?
  2. As will I. Shop time has been hard to acquire lately, but, it's worth the wait to have a project.
  3. This one may take a while. My current work schedule has been kinda chaotic. But, getting shop time is worth a little juggling.
  4. Ranks right up there with "Look, it's really simple....."
  5. They have a lot of bore holes, but the damage is localized to a few sections. They were kiln dried prior to me obtaining them. When i get the chance. I work offshore so time home can be limited. The one in the background is due for a tune up.
  6. I figure pi day will be a great day to talk to about pie safes. My wife has been wanting one and she likes this one that used to belong to my Grandma. It has seen better days so I thought I would try to recreate it using some wood from an oak tree that was downed by hurricane Katrina. This will be my first major woodworking project. I intend to reuse as much of the original hardware as I can. All i have to do is get some measurements, mill some lumber, figure out the joinery, and find some time to get it done.
  7. That is a great looking plane. Love all the curves.
  8. As a safety rep and medic for the oil and gas industry (drilling rigs). I can tell you from experience that gloves, loose clothing, and long hair have no place around rotating machinery. If you do wear long sleeves, make sure they fit tight (or tape them) at the wrist. Machinery doesn't give and it's hard to shut it off fast when your hand or clothing gets caught. Gloves are also a problem. If they are thin or fragile enough to break away, you probably aren't getting much protection from them anyway.
  9. Definitely some design changes to be made for the next one. I'm just glad to have finished a project. Lots learned this go round.
  10. Finally finished with the shaping. Then some BLO, drill the hole and set the tool. Looks like crap, off center, not very aesthetically pleasing, but it'll do 'til I build another one (and another.....and another....). Next time, I'll start with better and bigger stock and will have more of a plan for the finished product rather than just "winging it".
  11. First handle roughed out......Now, on to the shaping!
  12. Thanks for the tip. I don't have anything that big right now. The handles will be relatively small so I'm hoping that will cut down on some of the splitting. Thanks for the heads up. I've been around sassafrass a lot. I still enjoy making sassafrass tea occasionally. Also, I use a particulate mask and faceshield when turning. I work as a safety rep for the oil and gas industry, so if any of my guys saw me without the proper PPE, I would never hear the end of it.
  13. Thanks for the tip. I just watched Mike Peace's handle making video and he suggested the copper pipe or even copper couplings. By the way....sassafrass smells AWESOME when you're turning it!
  14. Hey folks! I'm a new turner. Just been making shavings trying to learn the tools but I think I'm ready for my first project. I need some tool handles for some carbide turning tools I picked up. I have quite a bit of sassafrass just lying around so I think that would make some good handles. I'll be posting pics (of course) and I'm open to any and all critiques, tips and general advise. The pieces are about 8", 9" and 10" long by about 2.5" in diameter. My first step will be to shape the handles, then I need to find something to use as ferrules before attempting to mount the tools. Thanks for putting up with "the new guy".
  15. Awesome work and a great tutorial. Love the finished product.

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