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  1. Today's workbench is outside. The temps are actually getting a little better......if you're in the shade...(0930hrs) Today, I get to enjoy a couple of different woodworking tasks. SWMBO has a few craft projects that need a little TLC, and, as long as I'm out here, why not fire up the stick burner for a Boston Butt. Smoked with a combination of oak, sassafras and hickory.
  2. Pulled a muscle in my arm on Friday trying throw a pallet over the fence so the rest of the weekend was spent bush hogging an overgrown pasture by the pond. Now, I have about two acres of Bahia grass hay to sweep and pile up. Hopefully the goats and chickens will appreciate it.
  3. Who else has temperature problems this time of year? Currently my shop temp is...... And that's with two fans and cross ventilation from windows/doors.
  4. Problem: SWMBO birthday on the first and my bench top looks like this: Thinking about laminated wood rings. And, of course, the restaurant/venue of her choice.
  5. I'm on the Genesis platform in Green Canyon. Deepwater GOM. I live just north of you, though, in South Alabama
  6. This past week and this upcoming week, just hanging out in the Gulf of Mexico making sure these roughnecks keep all their digits! Some pretty cool sunsets, though.
  7. Glad you didn't "chicken" out on making that joke!
  8. Ten years of awesomeness!!!! Keep up the good work!
  9. SWMBO has about five incubators going in the garage. She's been hatching stuff out left and right. Now, we have a bunch of Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks and some Guinea keets in a brooder. They have outgrown the brooder but aee not quite big enough to go in the big coop. Therefore.........grow out pen time!! Not the prettiest, but it is functional and will sit on a pallet that is covered by a sheet of plywood. Then, we will put up a fence around this hutch so they can have a run to get some exercise.
  10. It is a push plow. The cross brace is actually resting on the vise on my bench. It's hard to see in the picture. This one is from Hoss Tools out of Georgia and is awesome to use.
  11. It's definitely eye catching! That is some awesome work. The details really stand out.
  12. Great looking projects and very thoughtful gift.
  13. Excellent work. That looks great.
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