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  1. Building a river table for a gun shop/range’s customer lounge. In my frame I laid wax paper down over my mdf base in an attempt to save the surface of the mdf. That part worked out, but it appears that then resin heated up enough to melt the wax in the paper and then fuse together laminating together to make a super flexible and hard to break sheet. Next time I’ll just tape my mdf and move on.
  2. Mattb0313

    River Table

    Gene, what resin do you use, and where do you get it? TIA
  3. 1/4-20 brass inserts because that’s what was in stock at my local Woodcraft. Used stainless screws.
  4. Grandpadave, it’s not super heavy ~35 pounds with legs I’d guess. Finished size is 45.25x16.25x2x18”. I used threaded inserts to attach the legs so they can be removed to store, move or ship. I actually had this peice left from a slab I’m using to build a river table for a friend so I built it up to sell. The original slab was 10’4” long and ~2.5” thick. I had no plans for it when I bought it last year, but couldn’t beat the price, so it sat in the garage from last May until last month.
  5. I got the legs from eBay from a seller called worldtrade100, I ordered two sets, and out of the two one leg was 1/2” longer than the rest. They ended up giving me a full refund and let me keep them. https://www.ebay.com/itm/8-12-16-28-Hairpin-Coffee-Table-Legs-DIY-Metal-Set-of-4-Home-Furniture-Parts/192664908803?hash=item2cdbb93403:m:m4liL2wtfdwRCNC78N0sQEw
  6. Hi all, I am an intermediate woodworker from Tulsa. I use woodworking as a stress relief technique to deal with my post military life. Unfortunate I am in the process of getting my house on the market so I don’t have any space or time to work on anything. I enjoy all aspects of wood working, and am looking forward to seeing what everyone else makes, and hopefully picking up some tips along the way. Here is a coffee table/bench I just finished from a slab of cherry, coated in Waterlox.
  7. Matt, here’s a big Hoosier welcome for you.  Great to have you here on the Patriot Woodworker. 

    1. lew


      Hi and Welcome! Looking forward to seeing some of the things you make!

    2. Mattb0313


      Thank you all for the welcome and allowing me to join. I can’t wait to learn from everyone and see what others are making. 

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