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  1. Meh... it was alright. Sold ONE plaque and got a lot of "yea, I want _____. I'll email you". Probably gave out 100-200 business cards. Feeling rather down about it. If I don't get any sales out of this, I'm going to have to find an actual job to pay off what I've already invested instead of continuing to do what I'm loving. Of course it didn't help that Saturday night, the sewers backed up and flooded my bathroom and part of my bedroom. Spent several hours cleaning that up, disinfecting, sterilizing, trying not to vomit... only to go back to the show on Sunday and still not sell anything.
  2. Wall cabinets have a choice between the two... tables... no choice. RFID only.
  3. Already include a hidden magnet lock or an upgraded RFID lock.
  4. I didn't forget last time... but I better put it on my list just in case LOL
  5. Thanks guys. Went through and did my inventory today to make sure I have everything together.
  6. And now I'm getting nervous about the show this weekend. As usual, I can see EVERY flaw in my work (and I know others aren't going to see most of what I can).
  7. I do have the Thin Red Line flags (any of my 2D flags can be used for the Murphy Bar, horizontal cabinets, or coffee tables... don't have any extra flags batched up for the vertical cabinet yet).
  8. Nope, no tape. Its not a political statement, just supporting law enforcement officers.
  9. Yep! Have a booth at a gun show this weekend. A Murphy Bar is the same concept as a Murphy bed. Not at all. It's really just a very shallow cabinet/cupboard with a fold down door.
  10. Well, I turned down the aisle of Lowe's where the legs were.... Absolutely not lol I'm not nearly to that point yet.
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