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    If at first you don't succeed, skydiving isn't for you.

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  1. MaDeuce

    Hi from Tulsa

    Welcome Matt! Love the pictures! You've found a great group here. They are all super friendly.
  2. MaDeuce

    Hi from Memphis

    You've got a deal. But you have to be Pinky and I'll be Brain... we can take over the world!!
  3. MaDeuce

    Hi from Memphis

    Pretty sure I don't need help coming up with ideas. The voices in my head come up with all kinds of good ideas... now, if they could come up with the bail money to go along with those ideas I'd be unstoppable
  4. MaDeuce

    Hi from Memphis

    I don't need one of those! Bwahahahhaha
  5. MaDeuce

    Hi from Memphis

    Thank you Larry <3 I.... ummm..... yea, I got nothing for that comment.
  6. MaDeuce

    Hi from Memphis

    Excuse me?! LOL So these shenanigans are my fault? I don't think so bucko. I've got your "strong female influence" though I'm not sure you'd appreciate it as much as you thing you would ROFL Because I can make the silver bullets look like gourmet coffee compared to what I make if its more than a cup or two
  7. MaDeuce

    Hi from Memphis

    Nu uhhh! I'm not responsible!
  8. MaDeuce

    Hi from Memphis

    I'm not even responsible for what comes out of my mouth... let alone hot coffee
  9. MaDeuce

    Hi from Memphis

    Trust me, you don't want me making the coffee
  10. MaDeuce

    Hi from Memphis

    Butter and some garlic salt please
  11. MaDeuce

    Hi from Memphis

    You didn't read the rest of my sentence... I corrected myself
  12. MaDeuce

    Hi from Memphis

    See... I get myself busy for ONE DAY... and y'all done lost your minds... well, ok... maybe just displaying that you've lost your minds (no telling how long ago). Pass me the popcorn...
  13. MaDeuce

    When your 13 year old is better than you...

    Working on that LOL
  14. MaDeuce

    Hi from Memphis

    Its easier to list what I do have... I have a circular saw, two hand planes, a Dremel, and my pyrography machine
  15. MaDeuce

    Wood question

    I'm curious if seasoned oak firewood (obviously would need to be cut appropriately) would be usable for wood burning (other than camp fires).

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