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  1. Dad, Gene, everyone, Jess has a smartphone (Android, not very expensive). When he takes a picture, it gets backed up to the Google photo’s cloud from his phone and he can see it on his computer. My son Lewis walked me through it and it’s not hard.
  2. I think faceless portraits are interesting and an attainable art. Check out what Pinterest has on Faceless Portraits
  3. What is the latest on these beautiful carved girls, Dad?
  4. Bossman has only shut down the upper school (grades 6-12) including his daughter's senior class and homecoming football game and dance, of which she was on the homecoming court. She has a really great attitude about it. It gave her more time to focus on college applications, the first of which are due today.
  5. Great News! I'm working on the Next Book! Pictures are pretty easy to get off of Patriot Woodworker! This book is all about @Smallpatch Carvings
  6. Hi! I love reading your blogs! You put thought and humor into whatever you write. I am copying the posts to hopefully print into new books. I am so glad you have this place to write. You are very creative. Love you!
  7. Smallpatch Daddy, Is it a sunflower? I love sunflowers.
  8. Welcome to TPW Sherri.

    1. Smallpatch


      Sherri did the Aggies beat Lsu in football yesterday?


      No No burning wood in fire pit. You are supposed to keep the wood and build something with it.. Thats 7 strikes against you.

  9. Welcome to The Patriot Woodworker Sherri! Great to have ya aboard.

  10. Oh I forgot to tell you that to be a member you have to post something new you or Jeff has built from wood once a week...

    1. Sherri


      Really?! Does this count?


    2. Grandpadave52


      Welcome Sherri (& Jeff) to The Patriot Woodworker...Glad you're here and looking forward to your participation.


      Don't pay any attention what-so-ever to that Smallpatch guy:rolleyes:...Well maybe a little so he doesn't forget who you are especially at Christmas & birthdays.:lol:



    3. Smallpatch


      Can't tell from the picture but it looks like you guys were digging in the yard and hit a live volcano.

  11. Hey there Sherri I thought you were already a member.   Just run out of anything else to do huh?

      I think this girl is a dear daughter of mine!

  12. Welcome to The Patriot Woodworker.  Great to have you with us.

    1. Al B

      Al B

      Welcome Sherri & Jeff, to the friendliest woodworking forums anywhere.

  13. Great stories, Dad! Can you tell the story of your boat dock and how it got to its current location?
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