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  1. Monkey Paws

    Christmas Project For a Friend

    Thank you all for the compliments I love sharing my work with others as I go along. It is like a diary of my work I that I can come back and use as a reference. Now it's off two my next two projects. Restoring my antique bandsaw and a Brown Bess Musket from 1800.
  2. Monkey Paws

    Christmas Project For a Friend

    The telescope I built for a friend is finished and ready to go.😀😀. The only thing you do not see is the mirror cover which I removed prior to taking these pictures. The mirrors lined with no big issues and they perform very well. I star tested the scope last night and enjoyed a very nice view of the Orion Nebula and Mars. Crystal clear images. Now onto my next project.
  3. Monkey Paws

    Learning to use a scroll saw

    I will check out my saw to see if it needs a tune up.
  4. Monkey Paws

    Learning to use a scroll saw

    The wonderful Gal I am married to has been buying Dewalt tools for me for a while. I think I may be able to convince her of the upgrade. Thx
  5. Monkey Paws

    Learning to use a scroll saw

    I will have to check out the Woodcraft store.
  6. Monkey Paws

    Learning to use a scroll saw

    That is some beautiful work. Maybe someday I will be that good. Thank you for the advice. Slow and steady
  7. Monkey Paws

    Christmas Project For a Friend

    Today I reached a milestone with this project, the test build. I put everything together to check fit and function of all of the components. Just about everything fit well with only a couple of hiccups. The mirrors lined up great with only a few adjustments needed. I will need to add some weight to the front end to help the balance and some rubber washers to help hold the altitude bearings. The altitude bearing allows the user to move the telescope up and down The base stability is good with no tendency to tip and the metal bearings make for a smooth rotation. This type of mount for a telescope is called an Altazimuth mount. The scope is about 90% complete with only a few things left to do. I still need to mount the red dot sight that helps aim the scope and the dust cover for the main mirror. I will keep you posted on my progress.
  8. Monkey Paws

    Learning to use a scroll saw

    Thanks guys. I have an older Sears Craftsman 16" 1/6th hp SS. What blades would be best if I am doing fine cuts on wood 1/4 to 1/2 wood on a regular basis? I bought some cheap blades from Amazon a while back and I am wondering which brand is best.
  9. Monkey Paws

    Learning to use a scroll saw

    Hello All, A while back, my wife picked me up a nice little Craftsman scroll saw for $30.00 a a local thrift store. I have manage to cut some thin (1/8th) ply with it but anything thicker I have trouble cutting accurately. Last night I tried cutting a 1/2" piece of spruce and as I was cutting the blade would jump forward about 1/8". This cut would be in an odd angle. It almost seems like I am cutting hard and soft wood at the same time. I can't cut a good circle to save my life. New blade, good tension and the teeth going the right way. I can't figure out why this thing chatters when I cut. I am new to using a scroll saw and it shows
  10. Monkey Paws

    Christmas Project For a Friend

    Thank you for the complements it is appreciated. When building something like this the majority of the time you have to fabricate parts because you can't run to the hardware store and buy what you need. I grew up in Spokane Valley and we were dirt poor so I had to learn to fix and fabricate things if I wanted them. I built my first bicycle from parts I worked for at a local bike shop and the same goes for my first car. I learned a lot of life lessons that I really couldn't appreciate until I got older. I guess this is where I learned to tinker. Now its off to another forum so I can learn how to use a used scroll saw my wife bought me.
  11. Monkey Paws

    Christmas Project For a Friend

    I managed to make more progress this week. Between visiting my wife at the hospital physical rehab and taking care of the household it is mandatory I make time for myself to finish this project. Anyway I have the final coat of spar varnish on the wood and I am waiting for that to dry completely. I completed the main mirror cell and you can see in the photos how I use clear silicone to make a cushioned mount. I start by putting a large dollop of silicone on the wood of the mirror cell and place the mirror on the mount. I put spacers all around to keep the mirror off the wood. I also put silicone in four places around the edge of the mirror. After 24hrs I have a nice cushioned mount. I also finished the secondary mirror mount. When you look at the pictures you can see how the mirror holder is mounted. Everything is going well and my sun catchers will be here tomorrow. These I will incorporate into the mirror dust cover. Not much more to go.
  12. Thank you everyone for all of the positive feedback.  I really like what I do and I will never stop learning. There is so much more to know and I think this forum is going to help a lot. Thank you

  13. Monkey Paws

    Christmas Project For a Friend

    I made more progress on my project this week. Once again I have changed my mind about the finish I am using on the telescope and went with good old fashioned spar varnish. True, spar varnish shows defects in your work that other finishes would hide but I like the warm tone of the varnish. I brushed on the first two coats and then worked on my primary or main mirror holder and secondary mirror holders. Both mirror holders need to be adjustable in order for the telescope to work properly. The aluminum hoop will be attached near the eyepiece holder and it will serve as a mount for the secondary mirror and the round light shade. I still need to make a dust cover for the primary and secondary mirror plus make a mount for the secondary mirror. I am happy with my work so far and hope to do a mirror test next week sometime.
  14. Monkey Paws

    Antique Parks Bandsaw Restoration Project

    Like this one. It may not be the right one but the bandsaw is a collection of different parts so why not.
  15. Monkey Paws

    Sharpening my turning tools

    Simple question. How do I sharpen my wood turning tools? My tools are getting dull and I don't have a clue on how to sharpen them. I sharpen my pocket knives but I don't know how to sharpen these Any help would be great

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