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  1. I’ve dotted now 😀
  2. Yes, I remember that horrific time Jari. Really felt for you all in QLD. And recall the insurance problems that came with it. If anyone wants to research what happened in 2011 You will see what Jari meant. From Toowoomba to Brisbane 😢
  3. Tas


  4. Hi Dave north north north north north north and north west coast 😉 Bali holiday missed it by... this much 😂 Here’s a shot of the pool from our room balcony.
  5. Wow! @Gene Howe totally amazing. I’m not sure if Insurance coverd hail damage in Australia
  6. Wow thanks Dave, great video. 1850’s he reckons, I’m not convinced, but really don’t know. I’m still researching the Buffalo it’s tough going
  7. Ahh that’s right, Insurance is compulsory in the US. Not here. We pay registration, covers third party injury only. 2019, well this is on my work bench, (pictured) should I start on it haha? I’d like to clean up some of the old tools hanging on the shed walls, plus other tools I haven’t got to yet.
  8. Hi @Grandpadave52 It wasn’t too bad, my crash cam showed me doing 62kph probably 55kph on impact. Felt like dodgem cars. Unfortunately my car was a write off. Driver had no insurance, he paid me $4k cash. It’s just been hectic trying to find another car, doc appointments paperwork etc etc. You know I had to look twice, the bevel square, truthfully I didn’t realize the numbers until you mentioned it, due to the US having the month first and the date secondly. We have date first and month in the middle. But it’s great owning something slightly older than me 😉 And a very Happy New Year to All.
  9. Hi @Cal ThankYou kindly. Bali, Indonesia. More affordable than holidaying in Aus 😉 We like to spend our money there, because they are less privileged.
  10. 😀 the handsaw is attached by 3 flat screws on the opposite side. U.S.PAT.7-14-08 on the bevel square. And correct, it is Stanley 😉 I agree about the hand brace, I’ve never seen an all steel one either, it has “Tough” stamped into the handle, just love this one, it was a pretty easy restoration too. Now to the hardest part. Vacation in another country for 2 weeks, What to do with myself, try to relax? I don’t think so haha. I’ll do some antique tool shopping 😉 Take all. And ThankYou
  11. ThankYou @Larry Buskirk It really is good fun, Restoration 😀
  12. G’day @Grandpadave52 Sorry to all for the late replies, car accident, not my fault and I’m all ok! Thank God for seatbelts and air bags. That drill bit came with the Post bench drill press. I think it’s 20mm it’s in place with a normal screw bolt Now I believe this may have been red, I know the Dawn company used this color, When I do a restoration I try to leave a small amount of the original paint, in this case it’s on the underside. Bug, well, my Dad in his day collected antiques, bottles etc. I suppose it’s in the blood. These old tools come up so beautifully with restoration. And lasting, say no more about how long tools of yesteryear lasted. ThankYou
  13. G’day @p_toad ThankYou Yes the fence pliers have been real handy over the years.
  14. Good morning Patriots. This small Drill Press was my first machine restoration. It’s a Globe brand, for the information I have sorted, I believe it was made in Geelong Australia, out of the Dawn factory. (I know I will be corrected) Dawn made (vice) etc. I’m not calling them vices, purposely 😉 Looking forward to your comments and questions. It’s 99% original. The person I purchaed it from had the handle made. I had to purchase a bag of vintage brass split pins, for one pin to hold the flywheel on. ThankYou
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