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  1. Will try. Have relatives in Orlando. And I love Perdido beach
  2. I have been sidetracked for awhile. So haven't done much carving. I did build some tables/benches for the greenhouse. We are on our 2nd planting this season. Have been learning, learning, learning.
  3. Thanks, Gene. I've been away for awhile. I enjoyed the presentation.
  4. Thanks GrandpaDave!


  5. Happy Birthday James. Wishing you all the best today...66 is not so bad.:P



  6. I was in Florida for the last week, so am trying to catch up. Thanks again for getting this set up!
  7. No worries...I'll just chip away...and take some time to sharpen my mind as well as my knives.
  8. Yep, that's how we do it as well. We have Hbirds here most of the year. They are still very active.
  9. I enjoyed reading through this. We have several feeders that we just hung a week or so ago. There is a lot of activity at the feeders. And some are very territorial. We watch them throughout the day. Have not seen any nests, but we live by a wooded stream bed. We also have a finch feeder in the same location. They love the Nijer (sp?) feed. My wife works at a local nursery and her boss suggested another food he uses that is very popular with his finches. Ours did not like it..... I did have a local policeman who had pulled over a driver on our street come to the door after giving the ticket. He wanted to know how we were able to attract the number of birds (finches and Hbirds). Whilewriting the ticket, he had watched the feeders and was impressed. For the Hbirds, we use a 1:4 ratio and he was using 1:3 or so...don't know if that helped him our not. I did thank him for keeping us safe.
  10. Maybe someone can ask Confucius?
  11. Well, you've got me there. Where is Katie's kitchen? And, what did you have or do there?
  12. Dave, I couldn't agree more. When I found this site, I thought woodcarving would be a subject topic. There are many out in the world that are carving.
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