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  1. Woodbutcherbynight

    duplicate post

  2. Woodbutcherbynight

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! January 14, 2019

    This is starting to turn into the space shuttle project.
  3. Woodbutcherbynight

    Retirement is Hard Work...! ! !

  4. Woodbutcherbynight

    Best drill bit

    I'm with ya on that Stick.
  5. Woodbutcherbynight

    Good Clean Fun

  6. Woodbutcherbynight

    Best drill bit

    They send me coupons, and give me free stuff. Pretty good friend to me. Beats family, you get what a tie or some cologne?.
  7. Woodbutcherbynight

    Advice from an old farmer

  8. Woodbutcherbynight

    Good Clean Fun

  9. Woodbutcherbynight

    Good Clean Fun

  10. Woodbutcherbynight

    Good Clean Fun

  11. Woodbutcherbynight

    Good Clean Fun

  12. Woodbutcherbynight

    Mini Router Table

    Like many I have a router on the one wing of the TS. And yes it gets in the way sometimes but for larger work it works well. Having been given a Bosch 1604 I saw opportunity in the form of a mini router table. Scanning the shop I found a nice place to stow it away, in the form of a drawer. Lost 3 small drawers but they were only 9 inches wide smaller stuff I can displace, albeit remembering where I did so may be an issue. To make the router lift I am using a small Lab Scissor lift. About 4 inch square with more than enough lift for this task. Put in drawer slides to guide the router assembly smoothly up and down. Had to run a 1/4 threaded rod through the front to lock the sled in place after setting the height with the lower adjustment wheel. So far the drawer is made, sits level and has 4 sets of 150lb drawer slides to support it. The sled is made, all the kinks worked out and it now awaits a wheel to attach to the lift and a switch, box and some wiring. While I know 4 inch DC ports and systems are all the rage my shop has 2 1/2 and it works, not going to go through a major refrb at this time. So the port will be for a DC hose but inverted as the side of the drawer has 1/2 clearance so nothing can stick out. Only issue I have not got a working design for is the mechanical locks to keep the drawer from sliding back in while in use. Have two ideas about it that some mock ups will be in order to see how they work. It's coming, but at my typical pace, kinda slow.
  13. Woodbutcherbynight

    Repurposing A Silver Box (New PC Build)

    Take you 3 days a week to keep it all polished.
  14. Woodbutcherbynight

    Army Medics Among The Patriot Woodworkers

    And Never Forget the importance of clean underwear. A radio quote from Iraq, that of course I got yelled at for making: 13. If I am killed someone please tell my mother I had on clean underwear. It is in my right front cargo pocket.
  15. Woodbutcherbynight

    Trains v Snow

    These people with the phones and gotta get the picture mentality. No sense of the danger forthcoming. Unbelievable!
  16. Woodbutcherbynight

    Small corner table

    Really goes well having used the piece from the shower and bathroom.
  17. Woodbutcherbynight

    Best drill bit

    Don't threaten to put me on a cross but I got some Ironton bits from Northern that to my surprise have done rather well. The kit even had extras of common sizes. Got them on sale for $10 last summer, bought 5 sets. Used at work and have yet to break one, or have to sharpen them.
  18. Woodbutcherbynight

    Newest Flag

    Nice work!!! My attempt at work with a Dremel would not be something I would be willing to post.
  19. Woodbutcherbynight

    dogwood id

    I am thinking racoon here. Maybe because one visited a few days ago. Was like wild kingdom that night. I think the cats do it to annoy me, invite all the neighborhood vagrants.
  20. Woodbutcherbynight

    Mobile Base For Floor Model Drill Press

    I made curtains out of two of those blankets for my buddy's basement doors. Added grommets also from HF and put up a piece of electrical conduit and wham, instant, cheap, and good insulating curtains.
  21. Woodbutcherbynight

    1st Project of the year?

    I used to think I got a lot done in a nights work, Steve makes it look like I was standing around shooting the breeze. Okay some nights I do.....
  22. Woodbutcherbynight

    Mini Router Table

    They have now been painted with some Bronze colored hammered metal finish paint. Took a note from Larry Buskirk's recent work.
  23. Woodbutcherbynight

    Assembly table of my dreams

    When done will it be mobile? One picture shows one mobile the other not. Just curious, wondering if you had a preference. Like Grandpadave I don't have the room but you never know might win the lottery.... If I ever bought a ticket.
  24. Woodbutcherbynight

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Its a start anyway.
  25. Woodbutcherbynight

    Tabs on the Weather...

    That is a negative Ghostrider, pattern is full!

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