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    Good Clean Fun

    Customer came in for a emissions test. Tells me through closed window I need a Hazmat suit and respirator to do her test. Negative. So as usual I asked her to step out so test can be done. Nope she tells me, she is high risk. Doesn't matter I have to link to car computer your legs are in my way. She gets out then tells me do not touch anything in the car. So exactly how do I link to the computer, cycle the key, open fuel door? With my mind? Got her done finally. Told the boss we need to rethink this no drinking on the job rule.
  2. I feel ya. I can make a wish list with the best of them. Paying for it, that is another matter.
  3. I like these https://www.homedepot.com/p/Leviton-15-Amp-Python-Straight-Blade-Plug-Yellow-R50-05256-BVY/205326578
  4. Most extension cords are 16 guage and more than adequate for this application. You are only going 6 ft. I keep a extension cord on hand and some ends for such repairs. Do alot of such repairs for a pawn shop. Lamp wire, sure it would work. But I wouldn't do it. If you know how to tin the ends of the wire with solder do so. This makes it solid at the tip where you run the screw down on. Helps hold better. If not it will still work. Few do this anyway.
  5. Another classic in the making
  6. Then they come up with another new one, it is a vicious circle. And not just for us to see but for you to keep a record of your progress over time.
  7. Well the progress may be slow but the quality of the work = AWESOME!
  8. Some beautiful work, took a minute but well worth it!!
  9. Congrats on the new lathe. As for the cord did the plug break?
  10. ☁️ today with chance of rain all day. Glad I got back doors painted yesterday.
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