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  1. Interesting to hear about how this evolved. From a hobbyist perspective they just seemed to flood the market with advertising and a lot of deals.
  2. Not all of us are Time Lords and have a Tardis at our disposal.
  3. Take a break!! You can make the murphy bed / dresser combo tomorrow.
  4. I agree, myself I carry this with me. Have since it was given to me in Boot Camp. Has survived through the darkest of hours, the bloodiest days, and been used to give last rites to fellow comrades. No medal I ever received means as much to me as this does. People as me why, my answer is simple. Perspective. Freedom comes at a price, just like salvation blood must be shed. Exactly
  5. I have had a DeWalt for 20 years, works great. Recently had to invest in a new H&L pad. Easy to get, easy to replace, back in business and did not have to buy a new one.
  6. Amen!!!! Worst day in the shop is better than the greatest day ever at work!
  7. Pressure treated, or Cedar is better, if you can get some IPE for the seat that is tough stuff but maybe out of budget. Definitely best way to go if using PT. I use the @Larry Buskirk method, find them on the street, or for cheap and refurb a bit. Matching chairs, eh who needs them. Keep us posted on how the build goes.
  8. Nice haul. Traded some Corian 2 inch square blocks for some cherry. We went from 95f two weeks ago to wet and 50F. What happened?
  9. Man do I feel smarter already. Also why am I exhausted??? Nice set of post lew, great stuff. Very helpful!!
  10. Well this resolves how this is done. I made a jig for pens that is a metal channel, wood glue doesn't stick to it. Just jam all the pieces in it with glue and adjust clamp. Never thought about leaving some wood to keep the assembly as one piece. Pictures are sometimes better to explain than my attempt with words.
  11. I had something else in mind but seeing your solution I am going to use same method. It's simple and more than adequate. When they sleep on the top in summer I can say I have a cat on a hot tin roof!
  12. Ah so more jigs to make, and store. I really need to work 2 days a week for 5 days pay so I have 5 days to be in the shop. Which is where I wanted to be in the first place.
  13. I am with lew on this, just used a fingernail brush. Now the dust thing, I noticed it was much better after I installed a better hook up for the DC right at the machine. Upper wheel. Lower wheel. DC ducting for BS. I know that a 4 inch pipe would be better and if it were possible without major renovations I would have done so. But I was unwilling to tear into the wall and redo a good portion of the DC system so this will have to do. My take is something is better than nothing.
  14. That's a good one, enjoyed a lot!!
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