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  1. Had some shop time this afternoon. Managed to put this box back together now that lacquer is dried. Cooked it in the sun for a few hours. Installed and fired up the DC. Works well. My apprentice will be by after school to make a small box to go inside the opening. Said he took my advice and kept his eyes open and found something that might work with some modifications. Should be interesting to see what he has found.
  2. Probably has the Tool catalog and manuals as well.
  3. I should have been more specific. Physical Therapy. As in learning to walk again after she breaks your legs.
  4. Here ya go. $2499.99, explaining how you need this to your spouse, $1299.99 in therapy fee's. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lg-86-class-led-uk6570-series-4k-2160p-smart-4k-uhd-tv-with-hdr/6296532.p?skuId=6296532&ref=06&loc=01&msclkid=3b5dfe3a412f149299e8a2ab5b5cf009&ds_rl=1266837&gclid=CLezj8_RjuECFdgZgQodQEIP8g&gclsrc=ds
  5. Found them here. https://www.amazon.com/Rock-Paper-Scissors-T-Shirt-Funny/dp/B07KVZG388/ref=sr_1_3?hvadid=78477710199543&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=carpenters+shirts&qid=1553010810&s=gateway&sr=8-3&tag=mh0b-20 I do like this one though.
  6. He had one and I vented the shop before during and after. Still can smell the stuff though. Am paying for the venting this morning. Shop was at 500 this morning. Nice mask!!
  7. Welcome, don't be a stranger drop a line show us what you are working on, have finished, or threw in the fire out of frustration. :Laughing:

  8. Any new projects in the works?

  9. 550 and going up. Shop was just at 500 so must have been colder last night. No worries, warmed that puppy right up!
  10. I wonder how much fun I could have if I made a copy of that sign and put in the restroom at Walmart......
  11. Welcome aboard.  Make some sawdust, show some work, ask for help, or maybe give advice on what you know.  And if you have a good laugh, share it!!



  12. We need this sign at work some days....
  13. Looking forward to seeing this. Sounds interesting Only ship I ever made, no plans just went with it. Kids loved it.
  14. Like most tools of this nature you only have so many parts. The chuck can be removed by removing the screw in the bottom. To access open chuck up all the way. Should be a #3 or #2 Philips screwdriver bit. This would allow you to work only on the chuck itself without risk of chemicals getting inside the drill. Diagram that shows parts in question. https://www.ereplacementparts.com/porter-cable-pcl120ddc2-12v-lithium-cordless-drill-parts-c-129_2127_282785.html New chuck if desired is $16.10 Hope this helps.
  15. What model is this? If I had a parts diagram to look at I can figure out how it is put together. Maybe...

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