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  1. Not sure, I turn, but don't consider myself to be some pro. Never have seen the tool you posted. I understand how it works but the technique like Dan said may be difficult to master. @lew might have some suggestions. Or someone else that sees this post. Keep commenting and keep it active someone is bound to know something.
  2. Same, I enjoy a homemade tool build. Built a router cabinet / drawer here couple years back. Got lots of good input and suggestions for it.
  3. This is what I use as well. Never tried anything else.
  4. For those that served during this time, Thank You. War is Hell as many of us know first hand. The insult of coming home to a unappreciative and hostile public was further insult to the hell already endured. Never mind the politics of this war, or any war. What is important to me is that those who served and did as they were told, when they were told and survived get recognition for their service. For those that made the ultimate sacrifice and are no longer with us, I salute you this day by lowering my flagpole to half mast and saying a prayer of thanks for your sacrifice.
  5. Just for giggles take a Barbie Doll in bikini and wrap it around the pole, real conversation starter.
  6. Took the frames to the router and made a nice smooth rabbit for the panels to go into. That left me with rounded corners. So I did a @steven newman and broke out the chisel and hammer and slowly made the corners square. Not nearly as skilled as the master, but once done the panels fit tightly and don't fall out when waved around a bit. Good enough for me. Still have to dry fit and set up for hinges. Then apply some finish and this job is just about done.
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