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  1. Busy week as always at work. Had a technician take Wednesday through Friday off to attend a funeral out of state so we were shorthanded some. They hired a new guy to the general line. This is going well, but he has some catching up to do in the repair side of the industry. Previously he did custom engine work and such. Not the same as general repair side. Managed to get 6 of 9 drawers mounted and moved into this week. Started on the last 3 and should be into the finishing room this weekend. I feel the need for oh, 2 years vacation. Paid even.. I know, keep dreaming....
  2. TPS would affect more than one cylinder. in theory.
  3. Gunny

    such a deal

    Hmm, no.. I use mine.... Well most of them, okay the ones I can find because I labeled the drawer....
  4. As I finished cutting grass and sat down for a cold one my wife brings me a package. Made my day!!! THANKS @HandyDan
  5. This would be my typical use. Saves alot of time and fussing around while doing a glue up.
  6. I use these for several pieces of equipment in shop. Switch Not $130, under $20. It is works, problem solved. If not you still have a good switch for any piece of equipment.
  7. Hmm, seems you can indeed use OSB to make drawers.
  8. Mine is regular mailbox with 1/2 plate steel insert. Few years back some kids came through neighborhood hitting mailboxes, crushing them. They got to mine, yup. Broke that hand and dislocated the shoulder. His mother had the audacity to send me a letter demanding payment for medical bills. I sent her video of the entire event which also showed 4 other mailboxes he hit. Asked if she wanted me to send the video to the Postmaster. Never heard from them again.
  9. I have one of these mounted upside down on a movable trolley in the shop. Low speed most of the time. At high it can blow dust into neighbor's yard. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Commercial-Electric-20-in-3-Speed-High-Velocity-Floor-Fan-SFC1-500B/318152095
  10. How about a fan? Not them dinky ones either. Go big.
  11. Been looking at getting new one last few weeks. After 25 years mine has a small leak and could use an upgrade. Okay, so my buddy told me to get the dinosaur out and join the 21st century.
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